Sunday, July 2, 2017

SL14B: "One Last Hurrah"

Even though the SL14B officially ended on Sunday night at Midnight SL time, as the time before the sims are closed grows short, people are showing up for a little more fun while they remain open. yesterday, Saturday July1, had a number of impromptu music events, such as Stage Left.

There were smaller events in other places too, such as this trippy dance area at Mediamagic. Thefloor and walls were display screens, showing videos that gave the place quite an effect. making the place look hues of red, blue, green, mixed, and images of people at times. That's Mikati Slade on the left.

But there were other things to do, notably look at the various exhibits around.

So today's the last day. Don't forget to drop by at 4PM for the "Cake Explosion" when the Cake Stage gets blown up in a public event, followed by a party at Stage Left that promises to go on to Midnight.

One last party will be held July 2nd from 8am SLT to Midnight SLT with live performers and DJ's.  It will start at the Cake Stage until Mikati blows it up at 4pm.  The party will continue at Stage Left once you climb out of the rubble.  Don't miss it!

See you there.

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