CDS is 15 years young!

The Confederation of Democratic Simulators celebrates our democratic origins in 2004 on the mainland Anzere sim. We will celebrate from September 7 to OKTOBERFEST on October 5-6.
Our first event will be the popular performer, Winston Ackland, 12-1pm SLT, September 7 on Locus Amoenus. Check us out on Facebook for event updates:
Come join the celebration!

More prims, less per prim!

Yes you heard that right. Parcels in CDS sims, Locus Amoenus and Alpine Meadows are now double prim sims, with a lower cost per LI than before. Take a look at our 6 beautiful sims of The Confederation of Democratic Simulators. Become a Citizen of the oldest SL democracy. We're turning 15 years young on Sept 20!

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Narrator Teresa Garcia’s (SL legacy Amehana Ishtari) narration of The Ian’s Realm Saga (part 1) went live on author D.L. Gardner’s Gumroad website. Currently the narration is only available from D.L. Gardner with parts 2 and 3 being available for pre-order.

Author Teresa Garcia’s volumes 2 and 3 of her poetry, short story and art anthology project “Mythical Minstrelsy” also recently became available to purchase on Amazon. Teresa started a podcast revolving around flash fiction, book reviews, and publishing industry interviews. She still reads and curates for the Trotsdale Library.


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Eugene Rodgers (Adolphe Menjou in SL) has written an intriguing new mystery novel, “Femme Fatale Online,” featuring a virtual world much like SL. The subject of articles in the SL Enquirer and SL Newser, it centers on a provocative question: if a friend in a virtual world is totally anonymous and your life depends on identifying them, what do you do? “Femme Fatale Online,” now sold exclusively on Amazon, goes on sale at Barnes & Noble, iBooks, Kobo and other ebook stores on Wednesday, July 11. Until then, it may be pre-ordered on those sites at a 33% discount.

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Nature’s Touch Photography provides RL photographs that I have taken and put into my exclusive frames that allow you to change the size of your photograph via a menu from one that will fit on your coffee table to one that will cover the entire wall of your home or business.

Because of the ability to change the size of every photograph you purchase, they are all priced at 200L$.

I look forward to seeing you at my gallery.  

Ricardo Avalira
Natures touch Photography

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Want a short, inexpensive ad in the paper. You can have one posted here in the Classifieds.
Check on our Advertise page to find out how.


    Wanted:   Do you  like wolves and other endangered species?   A new group is forming to  support them.  For more information, contact Timber Wolf.


     Wanted:    I need berry bushes for my land.   Blueberry, saskatoon, razzleberry preferred, but all berries considered  Do you make them or know where I can purchase them?    Contact Farmer Brown.