Monday, August 31, 2015

Interview with Tuna Oddfellow

Tuna Oddfellow is known for a number of things, such as having won the "Second Life's Got Talent" show by NBC in 2007, and being part of the content creator rights movement that rallied against Linden Lab's changing the terms of service at their expense in 2013. But what he is best known for is his unique performance in Second Life, the Odd Ball. Just before his tenth rezzday on August 15, Second Life Newser had a chance to interview him. He would talk about his early days on the Grid, his partner Shava Suntzu, and more.

Read more in People.

The Arena Men's Event

It seems many gachas which have a number of clothes and outfits are aimed at women. So when BloodyKitty heard about "The Arena Men's Event," a Fantasy gacha in Acerbus Silva, she decided to take a look to see what it had. So what did she think?

Read BloodyKitty's review in Fashion.

A Busy Weekend

This weekend saw a number of events. Saturday had the Burn2 "Crazy 8" Races." Sunday saw a few.Virtual Ability had ir's celebration of it's 1000th member signing up. There was the monthly "Homes For Our Troops" fundraiser at Veterans Isle by Frets Nirvana. And for the Sunweaver Estates where the Newser makes it's home, there was a more local event with Dusk Griswold holding her housewarming party.

Details on these, and more later on.

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Cartoon of the Day

For those not in the know, gnolls are fantasy creatures resembling hyenas used in games like "Dungeons and Dragons" and "World of Warcraft." Usually hostile NPCs, they can occasionally be neutrals, allies, or player characters.

By Bixyl Shuftan

Virtual Ability Now at 1000 Members

 Virtual Ability recently reached a milestone. The group recently had it's 1000th member join up.

Virtual Ability, which has been in Second Life since 2007, is aimed at aiding the disabled in and outside of the Grid. On occasion, they host lectures and discussions at their Sojourner Auditorium, though hold events on a regular basis for those in the group. Gentle Heron heads the group and location.

To get to the auditorium, head to Virtual Ability (54,169, 22). A teleporter is not too far away which will take one to other important places in the two sim area.

For more information on Virtual Ability, check .

Saturday, August 29, 2015

Debbe Latte at Prim Economy Music Park

Longtime readers may remember Debie Latte, the singer whom performed regularly at the Queen of Hearts club at Mystery. Since her days there, she's performed at a number of other venues and a few benefits. She's still singing away, with her coffee cup tip jar, such as Wednesday August 26 when she performed at Prim Economy Music Park.

SL Video: "Pop That Lock"

(Click here if the video does not play)

From Catrin, June 2012

Friday, August 28, 2015

Classic SLN Cartoons

From April 2008. I've been a reader of the "Freefall" online comic since coming across it in August 1999, about sixteen years ago this month. This screenshot cartoon of mine shows a reoccurring "Freefall" pun.

By Bixyl Shuftan

Eye on the Blog: Premium Membership Cut to $9.50 Per Month, VAT Charges to End

Since September 2007, Linden Lab has charged a VAT or Value Added Tax from residents outside the United States from those countries whose tax system includes it. This has particularly been an annoyance to European residents, some of whom have complained it puts them at a business disadvantage with Americans. But in a move that will mean relief to these users of Second Life, Linden Lab announced in their latest blog entry that they will no longer be charging VAT.

Premium members will also have reason to cheer. Linden Lab has reduced the monthly fee for premium accounts to $9.50 US dollars a month.

... we’re reducing the standard cost of a monthly Premium subscription to just $9.50 a month. Enjoy all the benefits of Premium Membership for less!
We will also no longer charge VAT for Premium subscriptions. If you live in a region where VAT applies, this means an effective savings in some countries of more than 20% below what you would have previously paid!

Several residents have expressed opinions in threads in the official forums and SL Universe. Not everyone was pleased with the decision to end the VAT. Some Americans complained the Lab was effectively giving Europeans a discount.

For the complete blog post: Click Here.

Do You Have a Story?

On occasion, Second Life Newspaper will print an article or picture submitted to us by one of you, the readers.

Have you seen a particularly well-detailed sim? Went to a great event? Found yourself in a hilarious "only in SL" predicament? We're very interested in what you the readers have to say. Send us a story or funny picture, and if we like it, we'll post it as a Reader Submitted. For pictures, jpg format is preferred.

Mail submissions to bixylshuftan(at)

PLEASE include your SL user name and tell us if you wish it to appear with your story.

SL-Newser reserves the right to post in the appropriate section and to investigate any names used in submitted stories (please ask permission before using anyones name or picture or use an alias for them).

A Week at the Office Alone

For the first time in over a year, it's just been the me the editor and head writer at the paper this week. No, nobody's been slacking. The others had to take care of some real life matters. But don't worry, the rest of the team will soon have some stories. Until then, I'll hold down the fort the best I can.

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Madpea Looking For "High Profile Residents" For Charity Auction

A month from now on September 27 2015, Madpea will be doing a charity auction for "Feed a Smile." Part of a larger organization, "Live and Learn," they are "currently in the process of building a school in Nakuru. The first classroom and staff office were opened in January but there is a long way to go with each classroom costing around 19,000 USD to complete." More information about the project can be found on Live and Learn's website.

Madpea stated that last year, their SL Celeberty Auction for Feed a Smile raised 1.1 million Lindens, "and this year, we want to help complete one of those classrooms and get those kids into education."

But we need your help

Most ‘Celebrity’ SL Residents don’t actually consider themselves celebs but if you are a well-known resident on any scaled and think other residents would place a L$ value on spending some time with you then we want and NEED you to take part in this project. Maybe you’re a photographer that could offer a portrait or a one-to-one tutorial of your work? A prolific blogger who could share your knowledge with another resident? A store owner or creator willing to give a demonstration or create a unique product. Maybe you’re a DJ or Live musician willing to give an hour show to a winning bidder. The options are endless and you get to choose what you give.

The Celebrity Auction will take place on the 25-27th September with a weekend full of live music and entertainment and will culminate with a live auction on the 27th September at a specially built area at !Exodus! Rock Club.

We’ve seen recently with The Lexi Project just how phenomenal the generosity of SL’rs can be and how we can make RL changes to people’s lives when we work together. Please nudge your favourite SL Residents to join us ... We’re also looking for live singers, bands and DJ’s to take part in the weekend events. 

Volunteers are asked to complete the Celebrity SL Auction Joining Form for the event.

For more information, one can contact Kess Crystal inworld or by email:

Source: Madpea, Modem World

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Cartoon of the Day

Taken at Club Cutlass. Looks like one needs to forget the paleotologist and call "Ghostbusters."

By Bixyl Shuftan

"Crazy 8 Races" at Burn2

While Burn2 is still weeks away, fans of the event can still have some Burner fun with a spinoff event, in which you can go for a spin. The "Burn2 DMV Crazy 8 Races." On Saturday August 29, Residents are "are invited to participate - by watching, playing, driving, and just generally adding to the fun! The races will be all day, anytime."

The brilliant Burner brains at BURN2's DMV have concocted another fun day of racing for you, coming up on Saturday the 29th of August!
The DMV has constructed a figure 8 track on the Playa and has loaded up the rezzer with about 25 different vehicles to choose from! We will have some goofy feature races throughout the day and finish the event off with a dance party and fireworks!
You're invited to participate as a driver or passenger, or just sit and watch the hilarity ensue.

 Heading over to Burning Man Deep Hole, the track and vehicle rezzer were already ready for anyone wanting to practice for the event. And as advertised, there were plenty of crazy vehicles to choose from. One thing that wasn't mentioned was the "Crash" circle in the middle of the track, sending cars running over it into the air.

There's a trophy there anyone can pick up, but those at the event will really know who won.

The schedule for Saturday is as follows:

10:00am -OPEN RACING
11:15am -Mother Clucker -12 Laps
11:30am -OPEN RACING
12:45pm -Chariot Challenge -12 Laps
2:15pm -Licker'd Up Limited -12 Laps
3:45pm -Costume Feature -12 Laps (Race in a favorite costume!)
5:15pm -Barnyard Bonanza -12 Laps
5:30pm -BurnerBus Blitzkrieg -12 Laps
6:30pm -Costume Feature -12 Laps
6:45pm -Dance Party & Fireworks

There was already a race last week on August 22, so some racers may already have had some practice.

Details about this and other Burn2 related events can be read at the Burn2 website:

Hat Tip: Daniel Voyager

Burning Man-Deep Hole (223/104/24)

SL Video: "Relay for Life 2015: Interview with Cuddly Waffle"

(Click here if the video fails to play)

From July 27, 2015, Pooky Amsterdam talks to Cuddly Waffle of Team Strange Journeys.

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Press Release: Formation of Team Diabetes of Second Life


In World Location:

We are pleased to announce the formation of Team Diabetes of Second Life! Team Diabetes of Second Life is an official and authorized team of The American Diabetes Association. The mission of Team Diabetes of Second Life is to raise awareness, tolerance, and funds for diabetes in the virtual world of Second Life.

According to the World Health Organization, in 2014, diabetes was estimated to be among 9% of all adults (18 and up) worldwide and by 2030, diabetes will be the 7th leading cause of death.
Team Diabetes of Second Life was founded by Jessii2009 Warrhol and Johannes1977 Resident. The organization will function in the form of an advisory board, with a coordinator leading the Team Diabetes of Second Life effort. The 2015 Team Diabetes of Second Life Coordinator is Jessii2009 Warrhol and the 2015 Team Diabetes of Second Life Advisory Board Members are: Johannes1977 Resident, Emma Portilo, Veruca Tammas, Sandie Loxingly, Rob Fenwitch, and Earth Nirvana. Saiyge Lotus is a special advisor to the advisory board.

The official Team Diabetes of Second Life season will take place from November 2015 to February 2016, with the following events planned:

Off Season Event – October 1 to October 15, 2015 – Fall Second Life Showcase
Official Season – November 1 2015 to February 15, 2015
November 1 – Team Diabetes of Second Life Season Begins
Entire Month of November – National Diabetes Month
Entire Month of November – Team Diabetes Red Hunt
November 4 to 14 – Art in Hats
December 1 to 15 – Winter Second Life Showcase
December 1 to 30 – Windlight Magazine’s Art Showcase
January 2016 – TBD – Tour de SL Bike Race
February 2016 – Team Diabetes Heart Ball

In addition to the events mentioned above, individuals, businesses, and organizations are encouraged to hold fundraising events in support of Team Diabetes of Second Life! An official fundraising toolkit will be available to the Second Life Public on September 1, 2015 at the organization’s office in Nonprofit Commons.

About The American Diabetes Association:

The American Diabetes Association’s mission is to prevent and cure diabetes and to improve the lives of all people affected by diabetes. The American Diabetes Association leads the fight against the deadly consequences of diabetes and fights for those affected by diabetes by funding research to prevent, cure, and manage diabetes.

The American Diabetes Association delivers services to hundreds of communities and provides objective and credible information and resources about diabetes.

Free resources are available in English and Spanish at and 1-800-DIABETES (1-800-342-2383).

The American Diabetes Association is currently celebrating its 75th year in existence! For the 75th anniversary, the American Diabetes Association is honoring decades of progress in diabetes treatment, management and quality of life, and our role in these advancements.

– See more at:

For More Information: (Official Team Diabetes of SL American Diabetes Association Online Page) (website to find international assistance with diabetes research, prevention, and general information)