Monday, November 19, 2018

The Broken Dreams Project

Second Life is often a place to celebrate. But sometimes it can be a place to mourn as well. The Newser recently found out about a memorial area, The Broken Dreams Project. There are monuments here to young and old whose lives ended too soon. Deaflegacy went to the memorial, and gave a report on the place.

Read Deaflegacy's article in Places.

Paradise Fire Benefit Party

Last week was a busy one with the Linden Town Halland the CDS Election. But there were other stories such as a fundraiser for a Relay team captain whom was among those whom lost their homes and possessions in the wildfire that burned the town of Paradise California to ashes. So to help her get back on her feet, the Relayers held a fundraiser party at The Golden Tambourine. Not only was the original goal met, but so was the next one set.

Read the story in Events.

Kyoko Wins CDS Election For Chancellor

Last week, the Confederation of Democratic Simulators held it's biannual elections. The polls were closed Saturday November 17. That night, the results for the top position, the office of Chancellor, were announced. The winner was 恭子 Kyoko (Samara Barzane).

There are 2 candidates competing for 1 seats. The number of voters is 25 and there were 24 valid votes and 1 empty votes.

Drewski Northman       8
Kyoko (samara.barzane)      16

 Winner is Kyoko (samara.barzane).

Congratulations Kyoko
and thank you both candidates for standing

Out of 27 CDS voters, 25 cast their ballots, with 24 going to the two declared candidates.

The Newser contacted Kyoko briefly. She thanked the Newser for it's coverage of the election, and the CDS, as well as Drewski for being a worthy opponent in the race.

Sunday, November 18, 2018

Saturday, November 17, 2018

Press Release: Homes For Our Troops Fundraiser Concert at Veterans Isle

Frets Nirvana and US Military Veterans Group announce the 2018 November benefit for Homes For Our Troops in Second Life! 

Frets Nirvana, the premier guitar artist in the virtual world Second Life and the US Military Veterans Group announce the 2018 November benefit on November 18, 2018 in Second Life for the Veterans Support Organization  Home For Our Troops . 

Frets Nirvana states:  “HFOT is a privately funded 501(c) (3) nonprofit organization building specially adapted, mortgage-free homes nationwide for the most severely injured Veterans from Iraq and Afghanistan. Most of these Veterans are multiple amputees, paraplegic, quadriplegic or suffered severe traumatic brain injury (TBI).  Since its inception in 2004, over 90 cents of every dollar spent by Homes for Our Troop has gone to directly support Veterans. DURING THAT TIME HFOT HAS BUILT OVER 240 SPECIALLY ADAPTED HOMES NATIONWIDE FOR WOUNDED VETERANS.”

In 2017 the community in Second Life sent over $10,000 to Homes For Our Troops, thanks to many kind hearts and great Second Life performers. 

Home for Our Troops benefit concerts feature premier Second Life talent monthly at Veteran’s Isle.  The concert on November 18, 2018 is scheduled from 10AM to 2 PM PST.  Featured artists will be DJ Waya Snowpaw, Savannah Rain, Lark Bowen, Winston Ackland and Keeba Tammas.

Sponsored by Frets Nirvana and the U.S. Military Veteran’s Group of Second Life.  To learn more about Homes for Our Troops visit

SL Video: "Mad at Myself"

(Click here if the video fails to play)

By Furry Alex on November 4

Friday, November 16, 2018

Linden Town Hall, Last Names Date Pushed Back To Spring 2019

Yesterday, November 15 at 10 AM, was the time of the Town Hall. Oz, Patch, and Grumpity Linden were joined by Xiola on stage as they talked to the residents in the audience. They answered a number of questions that had been posted in the forums. At the end was a short Q and A taking some additional questions from the crowd.

There were a number of question answered. Will there be resident to resident auctions? Not until next year. Will Premium residents have some choice in their style of Linden Home? Yes. What does the SSP in the new mystery continent stand for? "Super Secret Project."

On the issue of bringing back last names as an option for new residents and allowing those who don't have them to get one, "As with many things in Second Life, it's complicated. A lot of things in the background we need to upgrade." They stated that it was looking like last names would not be back until sometime in " the second quarter of next year" at least. As for how much the fee would be, one stated, "on the order of a few months of premium membership" or close to $30 USD, "not impossible, but not throwaway money."

The Newser will try to have more about the Town Hall later. For now, here's a video of the event courtesy of Luca.

Bixyl Shuftan

Addition: I've been hearing from others that getting a last name or changing one's last name for an account may be limited to Premium Residents. So for a free player looking to get a last name could be spending about $40 USD.

InWorldz' Sucessor Islandz Comes Online

On July 27, the virtual world on Inworldz shut down. Beth Reischl (Elenia Llewellyn) had promised that a new grid would arise. After almost four months, it arrived. The Islandz virtual grid was open to the former residents of the virtual world on November 14 at 3PM. Elenia had a message for the former residents of the closed virtual world whom had anxiously awaited the new one.

Well, it's taken a while, but we've finally managed to get to the point where we can open our doors to show our residents that we are indeed alive and well! 

First, let me thank everyone for their hard work, their patience and their determination to help us see this through. Without you, we would never have gotten this far! I've watched our community be absolutely amazing, stunning, graceful, patient and so helpful to the myriad of questions from so many.

To begin with, former Inworldz residents should not start new accounts, but login with their old account names and passwords at Once they successfully log in on the website, then they can try logging in the virtual world via the viewer, which can be downloaded at

For those expecting to appear as what they looked like in Inworldz, they will be in for a disappointment as they appear in the Welcome Area. With inventories completely empty, they won't have so much as a "Ruth" avatar, appearing as a cloud. There are some freebie avatars, clothes, and accessories nearby, so you can at least have a newbie look. But the OARS, or the items residents left at sandboxes to save, are not around yet. There's also only a few sims accessible for most residents.

And so, the success to Inworldz is finally online. How well it does at making the residents of it's predecessor happy, and how successful it is as a virtual world, will take many weeks, probably months, to figure out.

Bixyl Shuftan

Animesh Arrives in Second Life

On Wednesday, Linden Lab announced that their "Project Animesh" was now part of the main Grid. For those whom are unfamiliar with Animesh, it offers content creators to allow "independent objects," or NPC creatures that are not "bots" or accounts left along by their owners and controlled by scripts, to be fitted with mesh and animations.

Animesh, first announced a year ago (!), allows independent objects to use rigged mesh and animations, just as you see today with mesh avatars. This means that you can now have wild animals, pets, vehicles, hair, zombies …. The possibilities are in your hands! We’ve created a Wiki which outlines how you can begin playing with Animesh. If you are a Premium Account, you will be able to attach two Animesh attachments instead of one.  Note: You will need to be on an Animesh Enabled Viewer to see Animesh objects work correctly; if you are using a third party viewer they can let you know when support will be available.

Linden Lab does have a User Guide page for Animesh. It also mentions five locations where you see and test it, four Moderate sims, Animesh1, Animesh2, Animesh3and Animesh4, and one adult sim, Animesh Adult. They have an "Animesh Freebie Package," with three moving characters (with pathfinder scripts), a human named "Aditya," a teddy bear, and a raptor. When rezzed on the sims, they will move about, sometimes heading back to where they were rezzed. If someone wears the "raptor steak hat" included in the package, any raptors nearby may become curious and try to pounce.

There's also a new category on Marketplace intended for Animesh objects, though not limited to them: Animated Objects.

Comments in VirtualVerse (the successor to SL Universe) are somewhat light, at least at the time of the writing of this article. In the SL forums, there's nothing in the General Discussion threads yet (though that  may soon change), but there is an Animesh category with several threads.

Inara Pey stated one advantage of Animesh was for the ability to make moving objects without "alpha flipping," or a series of objects combined and scripted so only one is visible at a time to give the appearance of movement, "like a set of flip book drawings." As alpha flipping "can be render intensive, impacting viewer performance," it is hoped that Animesh objects will be a way to make objects that will be less laggy for residents.

Hamlet Au found this video by Medue about animesh in action. He commented that he'd been told by builders that they haven't been selling as much as they've been in the past and thought "Animesh is just the thing to boost the virtual world marketplace." He also commented on what it would likely lead to, "Multiplayer FPS games in SL where enemies no longer look like herky jerky puppets, mini-RPGs with highly detailed character interactions.... and, of course, inevitably, much virtual sex with NPCs."

What do you the readers think Animesh will lead to? Feel free to leave comments.

Source: Linden Lab, Modem World, New World Notes

Bixyl Shuftan

Thursday, November 15, 2018

Announcement: Linden Town Hall Today At 10AM

Another Linden Lab Town Hall, this time with Director of Product Grumpity Linden, Technical Director Oz Linden, and Senior Director of Product Operations Patch Linden.

THURS Nov 15, 10am SLT

Arrive early for good seating:

Picture from Destinations Guide

Cartoon of the Day: Moth Avatar

Found at an accidental encounter at a "Safe Zone." I don't see insect avatars often. Hopefully there aren't any "bugs" with them.

by Bixyl Shuftan

Announcement: Thanksgiving Writing Contest

Write a story about what Thanksgiving means to you. It would be about the historical based thanksgiving or the actual act of giving thanks. Show me in your story what it's all about to you!

Deadline: November 30 2018
Word count: Less than 2,000 (firm)

I will endeavor to announce winners by Dec 7 2018. Hopefully nothing happens to slow looking over the entries.

This time there will be only 1 winner, so I am sorry that there will not be time to do both Judge's Choice and People's Choice.

Please use the following template on your card and remember to name it before you place it in the dropbox at one of the below sites or by posting it as a reply to this thread!

* * * * *

Card name: (Your Legacy Name): Thanksgiving 2018 Template

Display Name:
Legacy Name:
Preferred Pen Name:

Put your story below here:

* * * * *

Alphabetical Locations
* Forum:
* Dreaming Twilight Library (Nisa and Ibexia) -
* Luskwood Social Platform -
* Saddlewood: -
* Star City and Astral Sector Alpha -
* Trotsdale -


All entries will go into the library archives. Additionally they will be read for the library program and streamed, as well as being archived onto my Youtube channel in the library playlist.

~Amehana Arashi (Ishtari)

Wednesday, November 14, 2018

CDS Election Campaigning: 恭子 Kyoko (Samara Barzane)

It's election time in the Confederation of Democratic Simulators. For the job of Chancellor in the community, two people threw their hat in the ring for the position: Drewski Northman and 恭子 Kyoko (Samara Barzane). On Sunday, Kyoko held a discussion about her case to be the community's leader, which could be summarized as "Respect, Responsibility, and Resourcefulness," and what she would do if elected.

Read more in People.

Reader Submitted: The SL DJ And Host Hall Of Fame

One of the most frequent senders of reader submitted articles is back with another. Alysabelle Resident recently wrote about "The SL DJ and Host Hall of Fame." Owned by DJ Chris and DJ 3D/DJ Dia, the place demonstrates a love of music and those who play it.

Read Alysabelle's reader submission in Places

Scammers Using Fake Firestorm Website

Firestorm has become the most popular of Second Life viewers. Unfortunately, according to an article by Inara Pey, someone is taking advantage of it's popularity for the purposes of doing harm.

Inara's article stated someone is using accounts in Second Life to message residents about fake websites that appear to promote a "pro version of the Firestorm viewer." But there is no "pro version" of Firestorm. The link instead leads to a "scam site that is particularly nasty, as the Windows download link is infected."

Linden Lab has asked those who get these messages to please file an abuse report.

When filing a report, make sure you take a screen shot showing the message / notice displayed in your viewer – the abuse report screen shot feature will automatically capture open IM windows, etc. Reports can be filed under the Harassment category.

Source: Modem World

Sci-Fi Expo and the Stan Lee Memorial

The Sci-Fi Expo is in town. Located in the Solaris Station sim, this is an event for science-fiction and fantasy fans inworld. One can enjoy the exhibits, do some shopping, find out more about some roleplay groups looking to expand their numbers, and more. The event raises funds for the Relay for Life in Second Life.

While science fiction is usually pretty fun, not all is well at the Expo. Stan Lee, the artistic genius whom help redefine superheroes, passed away on Monday November 12. Unlike the characters of other hero comics at the time which were often as two-dimensional as the paper their stories were printed on, Stan Lee's characters had more personality and had problems their readers could relate to. Spider-Man for instance could whomp the bad guys, but dealt with acne and girl trouble. Eventually, other studios would follow his lead and make their superhuman characters a little more human.

At the Expo, a memorial to Stan Lee was set up. A fitting tribute to an artist whom entertained many in their childhoods, as well as their adulthoods.

Bixyl Shuftan

Reminder: Town Hall With Oz, Grumpity, and Patch Linden Tomorrow

Just a reminder, the Town Hall with Oz Linden, Grumpity Linden, and Patch Linden is tomorrow, November 15. As of the writing of this brief, Linden Lab has yet to give the location of the Town Hall, but they have given a time: 10 AM to 11 AM SL time.

Keep an eye on the Linden Blog for where it will be.

Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Events This Week at the Sunweaver, Montecito Bay, and Furry Fashion Clubs

It's another week at the Sunweaver and Montecito Bay clubs and the Furry Fashion Lounge.

Club Cutlass: Best in "M"?. TBA, TBA

The Happy Vixen: Pajama Party, Veterans Day, Sexy, Rainbow, Cartoons and Anime, Superheroes, Sports, Red and Black, Noob Party, Beach Party, TBA

Club Zero Gravity: TBA

Club Xanadu:Master and Servant, Dog and Pony Show, Sci-Fi/Fantasy, Topless

 Montecito Bay:Taco Tuesday, Bounce at the Beach, Lem n' Em Show, Fast Food Day, After Dark, Rave Night

Furry Fashion Lounge: Sci-Fi, Video Games, Sexy, Funky, Black and White, Goth, PJ Party, Steampunk

Read the schedules in SL Clubbin'

"Unscheduled Maintenance" Leads to Avatar Glitches Inworld

If you had trouble with your avatar loading properly yesterday, or not loading at all, you weren't alone. In Discord and Facebook, residents were saying their avatars wouldn't fully rezz. As it turned out, Second Life was having "Unscheduled Maintenance" at the time.

At this time we are undergoing unscheduled maintenance that may cause some avatars to appear as a cloud for an extended period of time. We expect this issue to clear up gradually over the next hour or two, and inventory is not affected by this maintenance. Please note that at this time relogging will not resolve an avatar appearing as a cloud and mass relogging may extend the timeline for resolution. We thank you for your patience, and apologize for the inconvenience. Please follow this blog for more updates. 

At 12:14PM SL time, Linden Lab declared the problem resolved.

It was two weeks ago that the Grid had a number of times in which avatars would crash and be unable to login for a while. Sunday the 28th was the worst day, blamed on DDoS attacks, but not the only day.

Image Credit: Brandi Streusel

Bixyl Shuftan