Friday, July 20, 2018

Scenes From The "Raze The Relay" Party

"All good things must come to an end." And so after a few days so would the campsites on the track sims that the Relay Weekend took place on. But before the teardown, there would be one more party: the Flood Party. A Relay tradition in one form or another since 2010, a number of the Relayers gathered once again for a little fun in the water before, one last chance to have fun before the sad task of taking down the campsites.

Read the article in Events.

The Relay Winds Down

Despite the lag on Saturday, it was a good Relay Weekend on July 14 and July 15. Most of the team campsites were up for a few more days, a few being picked up early for whatever reason. After the "Raze the Relay" party, a number of teams moved fast. Rather than simply pick everything up, the Sunbeamers had their Hope Lodge go up in a blaze of glory (image credit Cynthia Farshore).

When I walked the track that night, it looked like half the campsites were gone or mostly gone.

But there were still others up which I explored. Among them, Stingray's designer sim which included a twin-tower roller coaster.

A few people left a final message on their plots.

And so, with the Relay track all but down, the sun is setting on another Relay season. I have heard a handful of complaints, and at least one Relayer told me she will be taking a break next year. But all in all, it was a great season, and for my home community, it's team the Sunbeamers had their best year ever. For me personally, this means the "busy season" is winding down and after a few more articles about the Relay, I'll be able to relax a little. But only a little as the news never stops for long around here.

I'll try to have more pictures up soon. For now, one can check the Relay's Flickr page. Wildstar and Ishtarkiss took a lot of screenshots.

Bixyl Shuftan

Announcement: Final Weekend of the 2017-18 Season at Theatre On The Hill

As we approach the Final weekend of our fantastically successful 2017-18 season, Theatre On The Hill will say good-bye until September with 2 great shows for you.

On Friday, our weekly Cabaret will be Iasfy Zepp's Cuban-inspired "HABANA FIESTA" Come listen - and dance - to the infectious Latin rhythms

On SUNDAY: the spectacular Fantasy Dreams Dance Show Group returns with its latest "FLIGHT IN THE WORLD OF FANTASY"

What a way to close our season!

Crew Meeting

 Saturday July 7 was the day of the Newser's crew meeting. Attending from right to left were Jamiethefoxy, Klaus Bereznyak, Deaflegacy, and Bixyl Shuftan (myself). We traded ideas about what to write about, such as the upcoming Relay Weekend (which was the reason this pictures weren't posted last week), and other subjects.

At the end up the meeting when we all stood up, I noticed something about Klaus. He was shoeless. "Oh yes - it's the summer," he told me, "I have been hoboing." I reminded him with a grin, "Bare feet for a fur is one thing, for a human avatar, a bit more watch where you walk." "Hee hee - I will."

Getting to the foot of the matter, I guess

Bixyl Shuftan

Thursday, July 19, 2018

Reader Submitted: "Love Is In The Air"

From Jessicabelle Dayafter, "I saw someone wearing this shirt awhile back, and had to have it, as how fitting for it to be worn on a skunk. (big grin) I am pleased with the pics for a super quicky shoot."

Brandi Streusel Back Online, "Two Vixens And A Wolf" At Cutlass, Other Sunweaver News

Early this month, it was announced that Brandi Streusel had taken an indefinite break from Second Life. The Newser is happy to report that the little mousegirl of the Sunweaver/Angel community is back, and doing some music DJing, " I've missed both so much." She is currently playing at Python's Dance Club on Wednesdays.

Also, the "Two Vixens and a Wolf" radio show, which the Newser reported on recently, is getting a new location to listen in from inworld besides their studio in Rabbit Valley: the Sunweaver's main club and hangout of Club Cutlass. Svetlana Snowpaw (Sarah Golem) made the following announcement on Tuesday July 17.

Hello I just wanted to let everyone know about our fairly new Radio show "2 Vixens and a Wolf" we are going live at 5PM SL Time (27 Minutes) you can listen in at for our 3 hour furry talk show which we do EVERY MONDAY (Today is exception due to technical difficulties) from 5PM-8PM SL TIME

Unfortunately, not all the news from the Sunweaver community has been good. On Monday or Tuesday this week, community leader Rita Mariner was taken to the hospital due to an infection. She was released Wednesday. Also Dusk Griswold's real-life spouse has been in the hospital for several days. Her condition was initially serious, but she has been recovering and will hopefully be home again soon.

Bixyl Shuftan

Announcement: Moon Landing Day Celebration! Friday, 20 July 2018

Join the National Space Society in SL on July 20th at our Tranquility Base venue as we celebrate the anniversary of mankind’s first lunar landing.

We will gather there at 1pm SL time ahead of the landing time, and again at 7:30pm in advance of the first steps on the Moon to watch the videos and discuss the past, present and future of space exploration and development.

Ad astra (“to the stars”)!

Also, check out the Apollo 11 historical tour here:

Pick up a free Apollo 11spacesuit here:

Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Cartoon of the Day

Taken at the Happy Vixen
By Bixyl Shuftan

Private Region Numbers Grows For Second Week In A Row

It's been about two weeks since Linden Lab put into effect their reduction in what they charge for land tiers (for non-grandfathered sims), while raising the fee to buy Linden dollars. While the Lab gave no clear reason for their move beyond "to keep Second Life a vibrant world," it's strongly believed the reason for this move was to stop the overall long slow decline in the number of sims. A recent report by Tyche Shepard, who keeps track of new sims and sim numbers in Second Life showed something promising. Total numbers of private estates show growth for two weeks in a row, 35 the past week and 34 the one before for a total growth of 69 sims.

We are now two weeks into the new pricing regime for Private Estates and this is now the 2nd week of positive growth of the grid
Net Growth stands at 35 regions this week (last week was 34) All this week's net growth was among private Estates .

Overall , taking into account last weeks closure of the 24 Temporary SL15B regions , Net Change in Private Estates since the new prices stands at 94 New or Returned Regions

I've no record of Region type at the moment, and therefore no estimate of overall change in revenue for the Lab, but the initial change in demand doesn't seem enough to increase overall revenue at this stage.

Two weeks is obviously too short a time to declare the slump over, but it does raise hopes that the long slow decline, from over 25,000 in June 2010 to just over 16,000 now, might, just might, be over. We'll need at least another two weeks or so before we can say so.

Source: SL Universe 

Hat Tip: Daniel Voyager.

Bixyl Shuftan

Checking the Relay Track

Been doing more checking the Relay Track than writing tonight, as today is the last day most of the camps will be up. So be sure to check out these great builds, such as this tower in the Second Life Cheerleading Squad's campsite at North America Reflection. When someone clicks on it, a piece is added to it. So over time it's gotten quite tall.

This afternoon is the Flood Party, or the "Razz the Sims Party" as it's being called this time. It's from 4-7PM, though which sim it will be on has yet to be announced. Get your free inner tube in the Relay for Life Volunteer's group.

Bixyl Shuftan

SL Video: "Relay or Life in Second Life 2018 - A Round Around The Relay Track"

(Click here if the video fails to play)

From Jara Lowel on July 15, "The relay for life 2018 track, running a round on it ~ Enjoy the camp sites as they swoosh."

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Events This Week at the Sunweaver, Montecito Bay, and Furry Fashion Clubs

Here's what's going on at the Sunweaver and Montecito Bay clubs and the Furry Fashion Lounge.

Club Cutlass: Best in 'S', Monochrome, Cartoon Time

Happy Vixen: Comedy, School Colors, Bare, TBA, Sock Hop, Ponies, Circus, Magic, Beach, TBA

Club Zero Gravity: Best in Blue, TBA, Best in Sports

Momtecito Bay: Rock, Plushies, Pony

Furry Fashion Lounge: Disney, Small Animals, Monsters, Leather vs Lace, Nature vs Tech, Summer of Love, Sea Life, Sexy

Read the schedules in SL Clubbin'

Updated 9 PM

Party At The Relay Track

At the Africa Cure sim on the Relay Track on Monday July 16, there was an impromptu party by a number of the Relayers. Among them was Steelheader Eugenia "Genie" Ortega whom I hadn't seen in a while. And of course, Fuzzball Ortega was in "The Hair."

We laughed and joked for the short time I was there, congratulating each others' teams' efforts. I also heard the day the Flood Party will take place, sometime on Wednesday July 18. But what's unknown is when it will take place, or how deep the water will be. Yours truly can't tell you whether to bring an inner tube, or just rubber rubber boots. So keep an eye on Relay group notices that day.

Bixyl Shuftan

Monday, July 16, 2018

The Relay Weekend Closes

 In contrast to the laggy first half on Saturday, Sunday at the Relay Weekend went smoother. There were much fewer comments about lag and crashing in chat, and the only time yours truly did was in the closing ceremony, which Jara Lowel filmed. Following that was the victory lap with fireworks in places. And after that, things wound down, with those who pulled all-nighters logging off to get some rest and people either going about the camps and designer sims at their own pace,stopping by the stages to listen to music, or going about other activities elsewhere in the Grid.

The sims will still be up several more days, and the camps and designer sims offer a number of great builds to see, such as the Sunbeamer team's camp, and that of Meli's Maniacs (pictured left) whose builds reflected the theme "United We Relay." The weekend was a great boost to many teams, Team Bonanza and the Steelhead Salmons for instance making it to Platinum rank, and Team Sunbeamer making it to Emerald. Awards were given out to several teams, to both repeat performers and some getting an award only for the first or second time. The total amount raised by the RFL in SL in general also topped the forty million mark, as of the writing of this article now at a little over 40,400,000 Lindens.

But it's not over yet. Besides the "flood party" at the Relay track later this week, some teams are still planning one last party for the season. And then there's the "Relay Wrap-Up," the final event of the season. While the event calendar has it scheduled for July 28, other sources say it will be in August. Stay tuned for more details.

Go Relay!

Image Credit: Jara Lowel

Bixyl Shuftan

The Formosa

Klaus is back from another of his explorations across Second Life. In his article today, he tells about Second Life's replica of The Formosa. If the same sounds familiar, it was a popular restaurant in Hollywood for many decades with a number of movie stars and others in the film industry eating there through the years until it's closure in 2016 (may reopen). Recreated by Gardenia Malheur high above the Scheveningen sim, Klaus took a look around and had a few words with the owner

Read Klaus' article in Places.

Team Sunbeamers Reach Emerald

It was just a few days ago in which Rita Mariner, the captain of the Relay for Life's Sunbeamers, challenged the team to get them to Emerald rank fundraising status. And once again, the team pulled through. Late Saturday night, Rita announced that the team had crossed the 625,000 Linden dollar mark. And for the third time this season, the team achieved a level it never had before.

Thanks to generous donations from Cynthia, Royce and myself.  we are now Emerald.  I have gone GREEN for a month.  Sweet!

And of course, Rita lived up to her promise of changing to her appearance. So for a month, she'll be a glowing-green bunny avatar.

In the meantime, the Relay season goes on. The "Bid Me Buck" fundraiser is still going on. And there are several more days to enjoy the Relay track sims before they fade away. The Relay Wrap-Up, the final day of the Relay season, is scheduled for the last weekend of the month on Saturday July 28.

Bixyl Shuftan

SL Video: "My Green Tamborine"

(Click here if the video fails to play)

From Nydia Tungsten, "Rita Mariner's SunBeamer Relay for Life team has raised over 625,000 Linden dollars, or $2,500 USD, which is a new record for how much the team has raised in a season. This video is to congratulate the entire time and to thank them for their dedication and all their hard work. As a survivor, I thank you all."

Announcement: Relay Weekend Awards Final

Awards were presented this morning during the Relay Weekend Closing Ceremony. Congratulations to all recipients and job well done to all the Relayers who spent so much time to build camps and provide this Relay with an amazing track. Remaining awards will be presented at the Wrap Up Party in August.

Cancer Education Awareness Award

1st Place - Relay Rockers
2nd Place - Harmony of Hope
3rd Place - Goreans in Relay For Life
Favorite Walk Through - Elves of Hope
Favorite Ride - Harmony of Hope
Favorite Abstract Build - Heroes Helping Heroes
Favorite Realism - Inspired Dreamwalkers

Theme Decorated Campsite Award

1st Place tie - The Goreans in Relay For Life and Harmony of Hope
2nd Place - Bonanza Country RFL Team
3rd Place - Touched by Angel
Favorite Walk Through - Relay Rockers
Favorite Ride - Harmony of Hope
Favorite Abstract Build - Team Livewire
Favorite Realism Build - Fly For Life

Designer Region Award

1st Place - Null Aries (Mac Pierce) - South America Hero
2nd Place - Cassie Eldemar- Europe Dedication
3rd Place - Cuddly Waffle - Survivor Caregiver

Epic Outreach Award

1st Place - Fantasy Faire
2nd Place - Home and Garden Expo
3rd Place - Christmas Expo

Rising Star Award

1st Place - Ritz New York
2nd Place - Relay for Christ
3rd Place - GTFO 4 Life

All-Star Award

1st Place Tie - Harmony of Hope and Fighting Sunflowers
2nd Place - Relay Rockers
3rd Place - Bonanza Country RFL Team

Sunday, July 15, 2018

Cartoon of the Day

From the Team Sunbeamers campsite on RFL North America Hope

By Bixyl Shuftan

A Crashy Relay

There's been more than a few comments about the lag at the Relay Weekend. Among them, "Is it just me, or is this the laggiest Relay ever?" And there are the jokes "It ain't Relay until you crash a couple dozen times," "Every time you crash, make a donation at a kiosk."

For me personally, I can't recall a time when it was this bad. I was crashing about every second sim crossing most of the time. It was much the same for others, who were continuing to find the sim ahead of them gone (like in the picture above). One friend told me among the luminaria on the side of the roads, one had been named, "In honor of the sim ahead."

Fortunately, there were options, such as dialing back on one's viewer. Though if one wants to take pictures, such as myself, one can do that only so much. And there are the music events one could stay at and not cross sims, which on my map were well-attended. And of course there was sticking to their team campsite. But if one wanted to go about the sims and take pictures, not much else one could do but restart the viewer a lot. As one friend put it, the Relay Weekend simply stretches the Second Life hardware to it's limits and only so much can be done about it.

Hopefully the lag will be better today.

Bixyl Shuftan

Announcement: Corsica International Air Show 2018 Today

Since 2016 the Blue Angels have had the unique privilege of demonstrating to the Second Life public the precision techniques of Naval Aviation, hoping to inspire a culture of excellence and service to country. We are honored to make a quick detour from our FIRST SECOND WORLD TOUR in progress and jump to Corsica from France where we currently are located for this unprecedented Blue Angels event (see here for the first stop of the BLUE ANGELS FIRST SECOND WORLD TOUR!). 

The CORSICA INTERNATIONAL AIR SHOW is part of the Cannery Cove grand opening and this program is air show centered. For complete details of all that is happening at Cannery Cove for the grand opening please contact Tealcie Annibles! ( Profile here! ) areal

DAY TWO - Sunday, July 22

 Start 10:30 hours (10:00 am) - End 18:00 hours (06:00 pm)
Please arrive early and use the AUDIENCE assigned locations! 

Day Two Events:

10:30 hours (10:30 am)
U.S. Navy Blue Angels #7 VIP Ride
Centerpoint - Rooney w/ incursions into Xobite

11:00 hours (11:00 am)
Anemone Wing Walking Team
Centerpoint - Rooney w/ incursions into Xobite

11:45 hours (11:45 am)
U.S. Navy Blue Angels Fat Albert Airlines
Centerpoint - Rooney w/ incursions into Xobite

12:15 hours (12:15 pm)
U.S. Navy Blue Angels Jet Team
Centerpoint - Rooney

13:10 hours (01:10 pm)
Armée de l'Air Patrouille de France en SL
Centerpoint - Rooney

14:10 hours (02:10 pm)
Hawks Aerobatic Team
Centerpoint - Rooney

15:10 hours (03:10 pm)
Air show ends.

15:30 hours (03:30 pm)
After show party with LIVE concert.
16:00 hours (04:00 pm) Lexus Melodie sings live.

Concert location: Cannery Cove Town Square






McRITCHIE (off SLCI open water) - ONLY on DAY TWO
U.S.Navy Self-Sustained Platform U.S.S. Hoover