Monday, December 22, 2014

Interview with Brace Coral, Founder of NCI

Not long ago, Wesley Regenbogen interviewed Brace Coral, the founder of New Citizens Incorporated, a helper group aimed at educating newcomers about Second Life. Recently, Brace contacted Wesley again. There were some changes in the group that she wanted to get the word out about.

Read Wesley's article in People.

The Trotsdale Library

Grease Coakes recently took a trip to the Trotsdale Library. One might expect libraries to be more than a little dull. That wasn't quite what Grease had the impression of. There's a schedule covering most of the days of the week, and the library itself boasts some book readings.

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Who Should Be Second Life's "Man of the Year?"

The well-known TIME magazine recently issued it's annual "Man of the Year" edition, as it has for decades, the person whom it feels made the biggest impact in news events for the past year. It's not always a man, as women have won it. It's not always a good guy, as it's been awarded to dictators. Sometimes it's awarded to a group of people, as it was this year collectively to the doctors on the front lines of the Ebola epidemic. And it's not always a human, as one year it was awarded to "The Computer."

So who should be Second Life's "Man of the Year" for 2014?

Second Life has had it's share of newsmakers in the past year. One is Kylie Sabra for her work in addressing the Terms of Service issue which continued to irritate content creators into early this year. Another is Draxtor Despress for his "Drax Files" videos about noteable people across Second Life. And there's Ebbe Linden, the new CEO of Linden Lab.

So which of these deserves the title of Man (or Woman) of the Year, or can you the readers think of someone else?

Bixyl Shuftan

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Saturday, December 20, 2014

SL Video: "Tiny Christmas Carolers At Saranac House - Second Life "

(Click here if the video does not play)

From "Nitwacket" on Dec 26, 2009

Wedding Bells at the Sunweavers

On Wednesday December 17 at the Sunweaver Estates, instead of the usual mid-week bash at Club Cutlass, the community held a wedding that evening. Mark Leewind, known as the local firefighter, partnered with his sweetheart Nana Pelazzi. The ceremony was held at Mouse Hole Manor in Sunlight Bay.

In place of our usual event, we have something special tonight. It's the wedding of Mark Leewind and Nana Pelazzi. Dress up for a wedding and come help celebrate their happy event. Reception follows the ceremony. Remember... That's 5:30 PM.

The event was a little late, but that allowed more of the locals to drop by. Becky "Sha" Shamen was the one whom conducted the ceremony. Rita Mariner was the Maid of Honor, and Skylark LeFavre served as a bridesmaid.

Becky is a longtime friend of Mark, whom she wrote about in September 2013

Congratulations to the newlyweds.

Bixyl Shuftan

Friday, December 19, 2014

Ravenlock's Xmas Zone

Reporter Locke Esgal is back with a Christmas story. This one is with a gaming twist. In his latest article, he writes about the Pokemon-themed Ravenlock sim's own holiday area. So just what does one catch when you mix Christmas with Pokeman?

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Serious Request

Wesley Regenbogen came across an event in a Dutch club that got his attention, "Serious Request." In real life, the event has taken place every year since 2003, raising money for the Red Cross. This year, it's also taking place at the Glass House club. The objective of the event is to bring attention to the issue of women and girls being sexually assaulted in certain war zones, such as Boko Haram's kidnappings for sex slaves in Nigeria. Wesley gives  his review of the Second Life event.

Read Wesley's story in Events.

Christmas and Winter Holiday Village

Next on my’ love to visit for the winter season’ list, is the gorgeous Christmas and Winter Holiday Village. I was thrilled to see it since the owner had moved her prime business elsewhere after the holidays last year. The skating here is on an extensive pond and river area that winds around under bridges and through a crystal lined tunnel. The penguins stand on their island observing the skaters as they pass. On the main pond there are always people using the skate balls. There are several types of skates available for sale too. 

Lots of good parties take place there too. Santa and Mrs Santa appear at the parties however Santa has a lovely home spot where he sits and listens to the requests of visitors and promises them the world! It is lovely and has some of his elves and other helpers sitting taking notes. The shop here offers many choices for decor and clothing for the season. 

A sleigh ride is a must to see the lovely region.  The ride winds through the woods over the bridges and takes you right by the ski lift. Here you have a choice, take the lift high up into the ski area, or, you can tp there from that base point. When you arrive you have another  choice : take an air tour of the sim above and below on Santa’s flight feather , or put on skis and take off. I know you are going to love this sim.

Gemma Cleanslate

Newser Beach Party, Take Two

Okay, the first date for our beach party didn't go so well, the event having to be called off due to technical difficulties. So we rescheduled. If all goes well, the fun starts tomorrow, Saturday December 20, at Noon SL time. DJ Grease will be playing the tunes. The event takes place at the Happy Vixen Beach  club in Sunny Beach, one sim over from the SL Newser main office building.

Sunny Beach (180, 62, 22)

Press Release: Winter Solstice Holiday Party at the National Space Society

5-9pm SL time Sunday 21 December

Come join us in celebrating the Winter Solstice and the holidays with ice skating, spacey conversation, and the winter holiday playlist now playing on our music stream in the National Space Society region.  A poster giving out a notecard with the track listing and lyrics will be set up in the BALLroom in the next day or two.  Happy holidays!

NSS, National Space Society (128, 152, 1260)

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Press Release: Trixie's Magic Show

The Great and Powerful Trixie (none other than Tursilon) will be visiting Exmoor to perform. All are invited to attend. There is a sign placed down to show where the next scheduled show is to be and when. A copy of this is attached which updates with the when and where of each show. The show is expected to run around 20 minutes, so don't be late if you want to catch it all.

Time: 6 PM SLT
Day: Saturday, Dec. 20
Where: Exmoor's Carnival area

Nighthawk (50/217/1021)

Second Life Synagogue

With Hanukkah (also spelled Chanukah) taking place this time of year, a religious friend suggested I could try to find something related to the holiday. As it turns out, there happens to be a synagogue here on the Grid, the Second Life Synagogue.

The place looked colorful, built in the style of the earlier mainland days of the Grid. There were some chuckles, such as a flying fish cake, and a couple cutouts explaining the inspiration for the Vulcan salute. On a more serious note, one could also pick up some notecards explaining about Judaism.

Outside the building was a menorah with three candles lit. So somebody was lighting it as the days went on.

Next to the synagogue was where the "Torah Talk" discussion group met. A sign on the wall read, "Torah Talk is a discussion group made up of a very diverse group of individuals. We come from many countries. We speake many languages, and We observe differently. Some of us have studied for years, and some of us are taking our first baby steps into Torah Education." There was dreidel toy spinning around there.

Hanukkah did not originate in the days of the Old Testament. What happened was several years after Judea was taken over by Syria around 200 BC, it's new ruler began outlawing Judaism and it's practices. When it was ordered that pigs, an animal considered unfit to eat by the Jews, be sacrificed at the Temple of Jerusalem, the result was rebellion. Despite being outnumbered, the rebels succeeded, and the temple was to be cleansed and rededicated. But they needed kosher olive oil to burn throughout the ceremony, and only a day's worth was found. According to belief, somehow the oil burned for eight days, which was the time needed to prepare a fresh supply. To celebrate the miracle, an eight day festival was declared.

The Second Life Synagogue is part of the TMA Jewish Neighborhood , in the sim of Nessus.

Nessus (36, 143, 103)

Bixyl Shuftan

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Cartoon of the Day

Taken at Furry Fashion. One night in Second Life, a few friends and were talking about how clueless some guys seem to be when it comes to getting a girl. I was thinking about that when looking at this picture of a well done candy cane look for a party. I imagine for her, the solution to such cat-calls was quite literally in hand.

By Bixyl Shuftan

Seagull Island Park

Longtime readers from JamesT Juno's Second Life Newspaper may remember several years ago when Bixyl Shuftan wrote about the Germania sims, one of them being Germania Seagull. Recently, he was invited back by one of Seagull's owners. The place has changed much, it's neighbors gone and the place given a whole new look, renamed Seagull Island Park. So what does the place look like now?

Read more in Places

Press Release: Thank You to our Sponsors, Merchants, Performers & Volunteers!

The 2014 Christmas Expo & Winter Breedable Fair planning committee and the  Relay For Life community,  would like to thank each and everyone for your generous support, and for you memorable participation at this year's event!

May you all have a wonderful Holiday season!

Press Release: Talking Science: Capsules and Space Planes II

This week's Talking Science was by request! We are going to pick up where we left off with last week's discussion, talking about capsules and space planes. Last time, we looked back. This time, we'll look forward! What's on the horizon? What is credible? What makes for a credible space design or program?

Come on over on Thursday and let's talk some (more) rocket science!

Thursday, 7 PM PST (SLT), Meridian Cafe

Prism Lila (141, 27, 351)

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Events This Week at the Sunweaver Clubs

Christmas is coming, and it's among the themes for this week in the Sunweaver area clubs. Here's a list of events.

See the list in Events this Week.

Press Release: Bay City Activity Center Gingerbread House Competition

It is believed that the tradition of decorating gingerbread houses started in Germany in the early 1800's and is often attributed to the famous Grimm's fairy tale story of Hansel and Gretel. Join us at Orleans (122/93/26) for a fun holiday tradition!

Dec 15th-20th - Contestant Submissions Accepted
Dec 21st-23rd - Judging
Dec 24th - Reading of "Hansel & Gretel" + Winners Announced!

-Houses cannot be scripted. -Houses must fit into standard prim.
-Houses must be under 15 land impact.
-Texture size must be 512x512, or under.
-Only one entry per avatar.
-Last day to submit house is December 20th.


Three Categories with prizes of L$500 for 1st Place, L$250 for 2nd Place, and L$100 for 3rd place
Most Creative
Most Original
Most Artistic

Best Overall = L$1000

All contestants will receive a special gift from the residents of Bay City!

Send entries to Ayame Kintsugi (Zombiegal Resident) with a notecard specifying the name of your creation to be displayed on an index card alongside it. Please note that this means your entry must be transferable. 

Winning houses will be announced on Christmas Eve, with prizes distributed to the winners following announcement. All contestants must submit their finished Gingerbread Houses before December 20th to be eligible for winning prizes.

Just want to see all of the lovely entries? Stop on by (SLurl)!

More information about the Activity Center can be found in our FB group: