Thursday, April 27, 2017

News and Commentary: Linden Lab Changing From Open Beta to Open Alpha Release

When Linden Labs first gave an estimate in September 2016 of when their next-generation virtual world Sansar would be in open beta, the date given was January 2017. In early Janurary, the date was described as "after March." Later in January, the date given was sometime in "the first half of 2017," meaning as late as June 2017. But when the Irish times wrote about an interview they did of CEO Ebbe Altberg, they reported that Sansar would be in an "open alpha" release sometime this summer 2017. At what point it would go into beta was unexplained.

What this suggests is not only is Sansar currently at "an early stage of development," as Hamlet Au commented, but that they are having more difficulties and delays than anticipated. When Linden Lab placed an ad for Linkedin for a software engineer to help them develop a voxel-based terrain editor, Hamlet was initially quite impressed. But with these delays, he feels they should "have hired someone to build that maybe two years ago." This is on top of existing doubts about Sansar, it beginning to remind him of the old "Blue Mars" virtual world of several years ago, which was fading into obscurity after less than two.

So when will Sansat be complete? Hamlet was thinking that might not be until sometime in 2018. How will users react to an unstable open alpha Sansar that crashes more than Second Life? Probably not very well.

Source: New World Notes 

Bixyl Shuftan

Registration for Raglan Shire Artwork Now Open

Raglan Shire is noted as the location of Second Life's best known communitiy of "Tinies," not to mention the over-the-top antics of it's residents. It has yearly events every month, it's tenth anniversary being last month. But one event attracts many residents from across the Grid: the Raglan Shire Artwalk. This year, the Artwalk runs from May 14 to June 18, and the registration for interested artists has now opened.

Residents of Second Life may show their artwork during this time.  Reproductions of RL artwork (painting, drawing, digital fine art, printmaking that can be imported and put on a prim) are encouraged, along with SL photography, manipulated photography and sculpture. ... Each year we have had over 100 artist participants exhibiting in spaces over several sims. This year, the 12th ArtWalk, we hope for a good turnout and will include space in the newly renovated Raglan Shire, in Heron Shire forest, and in other sims in the cluster if needed. The 2D artwork will be displayed along hedgerows around Raglan Shire, and sculpture in designated areas of the forest on Heron Shire.

Entries opened on Saturday, April 22, and artists and photographers have until May 7 at 9PM until registrations are closed. Those whom resistered in time will be notified of their setup locations starting on Tuesday May 9. Setting up the art runs from 9AM on Friday May 12 and all day Saturday May 13. The Takedown is from one minute after 6PM on June 18 to Tuesday June 20.

For the announcement from Raglan in full, Click here. For a list of the requirements, Click here.

Bixyl Shuftan

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Scenes From The "Bid The Lindens Bald" Party

Last week, the "Bid the Lindens Bald" fundraiser came to an end. The tally of the totals was marked by a party, which saw the Lindens on the third place team present losing their hair, along with a few others. The Newser was there, and took a number of pictures.

See the pictures in Events.

Cartoon of the Day: Head Linden

Taken at the "Lindens Jail and Bail" at the Fantasy Faire. Dropping by there, the lag was so bad, most avatars were only half-rezzed or just nametags. While I wasn't able to get the total amount raised as the kiosk never rezzed to me, someone told me the amount was close to 250,000 Linden dollars.

By Bixyl Shuftan

Update On The Rusty Garter Saloon

A few months ago, we wrote about the "Rusty Garter Saloon," a cowboy-themed venue in the Caledon II sim. Recently, there has been a change in ownership. Blake (Palmerblake), the owner of the saloon, along with the location's Patty Poppy (Autopilotpatty Poppy), will no longer be operating the establishment. The last event under their direction was on Friday April 14. But fans of the saloon need not worry. One of the people coming by to enjoy the place, Soaron Ronin (soaron.fazuku), stepped up to continue to run it.

Chatting with Soaron some, he explained that the transfer had been done, "ll is sorted.. just small details." He had no plans to change anything, "The saloon remains as is.. just a new owner that likes to keep the place running." He would need to find a DJ, but he expected that wouldn't take long. I asked him if he had any role at the saloon before. His answer was, "Wanderer, as most of my SL life." So would it be a problem for him to have to take care of a fixed location? He told me no, "Well I got time, so not a problem." He told me that visitors to the saloon should expect to see him act in-character, "I keep the OOC (talk) to a bare minimu."

The "Rusty Garter Saloon" has events "every other Friday" at 7PM SL time.

Caledon II (112, 69, 22)

Bixyl Shuftan

Steelhead Update

Work on the Steelhead Community's home of Steelhead Bay continues. Besides Club Gearz, they now have a new place to dance, their new theater. On Friday April 21, it had it's first event in the form of a "Mad Scientists' Ball," with Fuzzball Ortega playing the music.

Shortly afterwards, Fuzzball gave a brief announcement for the community, saying that Loki Eliot was helping him with building and touching up the streets, "Bear with us as we get that situated." They were also adding street lamps to help light up the place at night. But there was one other issue at hand.

"Something may or may not be living in the bay," Fuzzball stated, "Apparently, folks have been seeing something surface every three minutes or so." He would later post the picture to the left on Facebook, "I think it's some old log floating in the bay......"

So is it "Swamp Gas" as someone suggested. Or does Steelhead have it's own sea monster? Perhaps time will tell. Or perhaps the "old log" will float away to other shores.

Bixyl Shuftan 

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Events This Week at the Sunweaver and Furry Fashion Clubs

It's a busy week of events with the Sunweaver and Furry Fashion Clubs. This weekend, something new. The Happy Vixen and Club Cutlass will be taking apart in the Relay for Life Club Crawl.

Club Cutlass: Best in 'Q' and 'R,' TBA, Club Crawl

Happy Vixen: Silver and Gold, Heroes and Villains, Fashion Diva, Fandoms, Club Crawl, Club Crawl, CAYA

Furry Fashion: Hip-Hop, Leather, Latex, and Lace, Scalies, Robots, Hats and Headgear, Hippies vs Hipsters, Nocturnal, Cyber, Winged/Flight

Xanadu: TBA, TBA

Read the schedules in SL Clubbin'.

Announcement: First Annual Mad Hatter's Dance For Life

Please join us for fun filled time
May 6,
4-5pm Sophie live blues singer
5-8 DJ Luis
May 7th,
 4-6pm  DJ Mike, Rock and Roll music
6-7pm Ms. Lark , with her gorgeous voice Live

Take the Rabbit Hole to hidden room, walk the maze to the Wonderland. Please Join us and lets Dance for Life for those we know.

Monday, April 24, 2017

Team Sunbeamer "Bid Me" Results

For close to a month, Team Sunbeamers has had a number of "Bid Me" events going. Numbering ten at first, including one that was actually an auction, the number of the fundraisers was soon raised to thirteen. Finally on Friday, April 21, at 8PM, the kiosks for the events were frozen, and the amounts calculated. Team captain made an announcement of the results the following day, in the cases of events involving more than one kiosk only the amount of the winning one announced.

1. BIXYL 1100L goes Tiny Fox
2. VIDEO - 7600L Winner DUSK
3. GREASE - 700L - Goes Original AV
4. SHOCK - 1270L - Stays Wolf
5. GIL - 1250L - Goes JAILBAIT
6. PERRI - 1100L - Chocolate bunny
7. SNOWY - 5800L - Rita
8. BRANDI - 1000L - Little Mouse
9. RITA - 1200L Goes Rat
10. Christine: 1000L - Rita
11. Vicki - 1000L - Rita
12. Kacey - 1000L - Rita
13. Clover - 1000L - Rita

Of the video auction, Dusk Griswold gets to chose the theme of Nydia Tungsten's next video, as well as the dancers or actors. Some, including Rita and myself, are stuck in new avatars for a week. Though as yours truly does some work on journalism, on some occasions such as when doing interviews I'll be temporarily back in my usual avatar.

The Sunbeamer team has been described as "creeping towards Silver." In the past three weeks, the team has raised about twenty thousand Linden dollars, the team total as of when this article was written adding up to 122,700 Lindens (Totals page). .This upcoming weekend, Club Cutlass and the Happy Vixen, two clubs of the Sunweaver and Angel communities, of which most of the members of Team Sunbeamers make their home, will be a part of the Club Crawl. Future planned events include an air show, a road rally, a tribute party for the late Artistic Fimicloud, and others.

Go Relay!

Bixyl Shuftan

Press Release: Relaystock

May 12, 13 and 14, 2017 in Relay dAlliez

It's time to get out the tie-dyes, love beads and 60s outfits once again!  RelayStock is BACK! 

The Relay Rockers announced today plans for the 4th annual gathering of the teams at Relay For Life's favorite multiteam event RelayStock 2017.  Started by the team in 2014, RelayStock is a chance for Relay teams to come together, kick back and Celebrate, Remember and Fight Back before the closing push toward Relay Weekend and the close of Passport To Hope, the 2017 Relay For Life of Second Life season.

"it's been one of the highlights of past Relay seasons, and I fully expect the same for RelayStock 2017" said Arizona Ballinger, 2017 Relay Rockers captain. "I love seeing the entire sim filled with relayers dancing and hanging out.  When you land and see all the team banners flying across Relay dAlliez you can see just how much  Relay means to so many people."

Entertainment stage slots of 90-120 minutes can be reserved by registered Relay Teams, and will feature DJs and Live performances.   Keeba Tammas and The Tiny Maniacs will take the stage Sunday May 14th at 2pm. followed by T1Radio's Relay Rap talk show.

 Teams can reserve either a small tent or VW 'hippie bus' with up to 200 prims for kiosks, vendors or what ever decorations they wish.

Online and Stage Reservation Requests can be made at:

Direct all questions to or
or contact  Arizona Ballinger or Trader1 Whiplash in world.

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Cartoon of the Day

Taken at the Giant Snail Race at Raglan Shire. Although redshirts didn't have such a high death rate in later series, the joke from the original Star Trek series persisted. So one would think survival in itself was the real trophy.

By Bixyl Shuftan

Announcement: This Week At The Seanchai Libraries

**SUNDAY, April 23rd, at 6 pm: MAGICLAND STORYTIME: The Wind in the Willows begins with Caledonia. 

**MONDAY, April 24th, at 7 pm: Alan Dean Foster's A MIRACLE OF SMALL FISHES with Gyro Muggins

**TUESDAY,  April 25th, at 7 pm: Selections from Neil Gaiman's NORSE MYTHOLOGY with Caledonia Skytower.

**WEDNESDAY, April 26th, at 7 pm: TOLKIEN TALES - Selections from The Lord of the Rings Trilogy with Corwyn Allen, Aoife

Lorefield, Kayden Oconnell. (also presented in Kitely)
**THURSDAY, April 27th:

        ~ @7PM: Monster & Myth: THE CHIMERA Concludes with Shandon (also presented in Kitely)

        ~ @ 9PM: SEANCHAI LIATE NIGHT: contemporary Sci-Fi with Finn  Zeddmore (back at Seanchai on Bradley U)


NOTE:  This week we are at Fantasy Faire in SL - benefiting Relay for Life -  except where marked specifically below.  Wednesday and Thursday Sessions will be presented in both Second Life and Kitely.

"We bring stories of all kinds to life, in VIRTUAL WORLDS."

All stories told in open voice. All times SL/PT

Saturday, April 22, 2017

SL Video: "Not Quite Human"

(Click here to see the video)

From Nydia Tungsten on April 18, "This was inspired by "Dream Song" you can find her talent here"

This video is a departure from Nydia's typically happy and fun fare. Humankind no doubt has much to be proud of. Alone among the animals can groups of them change the land as they see fit, to farm the land and store or trade food so lean times do not mean starvation, to understand the universe around them, even to fly and (temporarily) leave the planet. And he has more than intelligence. He is one of the few animals that can see in color, and has among the lowest rates of infanticide of animals.

But ...

The road to modern humans was a bumpy, sometimes perilous one, that involved climate change that turned the land of his ancestors to dry dust, that at one point shrank his numbers to what today would be considered an endangered species. Mankind did survive, but did it come at a cost? While we've become smart enough to cooperate to survive, we've also become ruthless enough to destroy other tribes that we see as being in our way, holding grudges that last for generations, centuries, even millennia.

There are those whom see the ability of humans to get along as having limits that are just too hard-wired to overcome, that we will forever be a species divided among it's tribes that at best can get along only when there's a common enemy, and once again bicker and fight once that enemy has been defeated. And then there are those who say "No," that time again time again, Man has risen past such hate even even there is no advantage, and even disadvantage, to do so, that our future is not one of eternal warfare but of overcoming our differences and channeling our aggression to less destructive activities such as sports.

So who is correct? How do you define what it is to be human?

Comments by Bixyl Shuftan

Friday, April 21, 2017

RFL Fantasy Faire Opens

The Fantasy Faire sims are now open. Fifteen regions of various well-designed landscapes. Although many of the places are essentially shops, the sims are designed so beautifully, the event is a must-see for any resident.

The event describes itself as "The largest fantasy-related event to take place in Second Life, Fantasy Faire brings together fantasy enthusiasts, creators, performers and designers for eleven days of commerce, special events, live music concerts with special emphasis on fund-raising for Relay for Life of Second Life."

Some of the places are more-or-less what one would expect at a Fantasy event, aside from much more detailed. Others are a bit darker, from the dark circus at Anansi, to the post-apocalyptic
San Mora, to the Orcish stronghold of Chaddul Ro. There is a great deal to see.

For a look at what awaits you, here's a video by Whisper Mizin of the sims.

For a list of the events, check out the calendar. Among those today the "Lindens Locked Up" Jail and Bail from 2-4 PM at Egregore (181/178/41) , At Opal Flight (214/59/41) are the following:

11AM – 12PM: The Night Theater
1 – 2 PM: Lady Garden Cabaret
3 – 4 PM: The Monarchs
5 – 6 PM: Misfit Dance & Performance Art

There is also the Literary Festival, the Fairelands Quest, and various roleplay classes and events.

For more information, check out the Fantasy Faire blog at

 Fairelands Junction (91, 125, 60)

Eye On The Blog: Email Verification

For Second Life users, the ability to receive group notices and Instant-Messages in one's email can be a relief as it allows one to keep track of them without having to log in. Plus when one gets more than a few Instant-Messages when offline, email can be the only way to get them as only a few will be stored for one to see when logging back on, the extras capped.

For Linden Lab, having to keep track of the emails of so many accounts can be a daunting task. And if the account of a new user, or alt, is made-up or unused, which has the potential of getting Second Life flagged by an Internet Service Provider as a sender of spam. So recently, Linden Lab recently announced "over the next few months we will be converting all the sources of email in Second Life to not even try to send to an address that has not been verified."

To verify your email address, go to your Account: Change Email Address page. Go to the "verify" link next to it, and click on it. You should then get a verification letter in your email. Click on the link there to verify your email address. After that, and refreshing your page, the word next to your email address should change to "verified."

For more information, check the community notice in full here:

In addition, Inara Pey wrote about the email verification as well.

Bixyl Shuftan

Announcement: This Week at the Science Circle

Saturday, April 22th at 10 AM PDT

"Unsung Women in STEM" by Phil Youngblood, USA
In text and voice.

The contributions of women to science has long been underrepresented or unrecognized. This presentation highlights significant ‘unsung’ accomplishments in the areas of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) by 16 women over the course of the last two centuries, together with the struggles they faced while working in historically male-dominated fields of study and practice.

More information about Phil's presentation at:
Join us at