Thursday, June 4, 2020

Announcement: RFL Team Fundrasing Totals, Week Sixteen

Final Fundraising Club Level Report.

We are hugely proud to see and be involved with the progress each of you has made. Because of YOU we have had a wonderful year! Let's have a GREAT RELAY WEEKEND!

Thank you to EVERYONE who has helped to make a difference and helped this year be such a HUGE success.

Congrats to everyone who has hit a Fundraising Club Level!!!! We are definitely saying "Game On, Cancer!"


The Krazy Korner Team, The Red Door, Bonanza Country RFL TEAM, MC - Twisted Torque MC Club, MC - Silent Heathens MC, MC - Death Riderz MC, PawZ! For the Cause!, CastAways, Team Wishing Star, Spirit Walkers, MC - MC ODINS GUNGNIRS, MC - Eternal Wolves MC, Caer Cares, Twisted Hunts & Events For A Cure, MC - Satans Warriors MC, Feed Your Soul, Find A Cure, Slatanic Mechanic, MC - SAVAGE FEW MC, GridPlay, MC - Legion of Veterans MC USA, Mini A Chuu, RFL Ryukyu Warriors, MC - Thunder Demons MC, Secret Desirez, Sweet Genesis, United Artists of SL, Sail For Life, Sisters in SL, Purpose SL Homes, MC - RWA HELLS ANGELS, Jacksonville Friends Unite, ROCKIN REBEL'S BEARS, Quest for a Cure, We are Dragon's, Too Tough To Die, Omega Fleet, Ministry of Dance, RFL Evenstarr's, Midnight Renegade Country Club, MC - Dark Disciples, MC - Littlepaws/Desideria, MC - DARK ANGEL REBELS, Team Core Charities


UFS Metamorphosis, The Original Sinners, SOUL SISTERS n FaMiLy, Team Sol Existence, Circle of Life, One More Light, B - Bellis Blues and Djs, MC - Affliction Rising MC, Cruz4Life, Team Live Wire, Infinite Possibilities RFL Crew, Team Warrior, Burners Without Borders in SL, MC - Legends MC, Secret Garden Productions, MC - Blood Wolfs MC, Steelhead Salmons, MC - Highway to Rock, Foundation For Life, Southern Nights Country Club, Harshlands, MC - Outlaws KY MC, MC - Heaven's Vixens, Bluzsters For Life


Giant Snail Races, Elves Of Hope, MC - Cobras MC World, Little Toes Dancing For Hope, Stay PAWsitive, Team OD, Mieville Steampunks, Sanctuary Rockers, Supernaturals For A Cure, The Purple Nurple Gang, Rocking Sands, Gor - Port Kar, RGF Estates for RFL, Relay for Christ, Nightfall RFL, Team Bobbi Sue, MC - Relay Goes MC


Cancer Gets Stung, SHB Gems, Second Life Cheerleading Squad, Stormy's Stars, MC - Voodoo Rebels MC, MC - HAMC Renegades, MC - SISTERS OF MAYHEM, Attention on Cancer, LOW GEAR AUTO RACING, The Grove Country Club Estates RFL Team, Free Spirit Hippie Brigade, Meli's Maniacs, Esalinus


Spirit of the DragonRFL, The Second Fiddle For RFL, Roos With A Dream, Gull's Wing Sailing Club, Inspired Dreamwalkers, BlueWaters Plaza, Team Shadow, Friends For A Cure, Seekers of Hope, Heroes Helping Heroes, SUNBEAMERS


MC - HeadHunters


Goreans in Relay For Life
Aether Chrononauts Tiny Steps


Bellisseria for RFL


Cure Chasers
Harmony of Hope
MC - The River of Life
Camping for a Cure
Relay Rockers


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