Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Griefers Strike at Sunweaver Estates

On Saturday night, the Sunweaver Estates were the target of griefers. The incident took place at Club Cutlass after the party in which those still around were pummeled by flying drumsticks, which continued to chase them if they retreated. There was also a huge chicken bucket seen at the club, and something was uttering a racial slur.

Sunweaver Space suffered a griefer attack with self-replicating "chicken drumstick" noisemakers  multiplying all over the sim.  Their owners, ... , have been banned from the sims and the objects returned.  I *think* I got 'em all, but everyone check your parcels for unwanted/unknown objects, and I strongly suggest making sure your parcels are set to "group only" for object rezzing.

The objects were delt with by several locals with estate powers to clean up such objects.

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