Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Lunar New Year in the Nisean Realms

On Thursday February 19, The Nisean Realms pony area held it's Lunar New Year event. Although a roleplay event for those in the community, visitors could attend as observers.

We are entering the Lunar New Year of the Ram (Horin: ahem, Ibex). Gather around the Ibexian Commons to take part in the festival, be part of the land's magic, and perhaps even see some fireworks.

 Following the event, I had a few words with the pony playing the part of Emperor Horin. He told me the ceremony went without problems, followed by some fireworks and some unplanned revelry, "The (roleplay) finished out with a snowball fight after the lunar orb was brought through the gates ... one kicked snow at the other, it devolved. It of course is not a night to be too stern. everyone eventually joined in. Even Crim/Stormcloud ... the airforce I must say is quite effective."

Emperor Horin also showed off one of the new NPC pony constructs, to help give the impression of a more populated area when fewer residents are around. They certainly looked like a pony avatar, just completely still. One nearby local commented upon seeing it, "Daw! They look soo cyooot!"

As for the roleplay's plot, "Well, there was a bit of a surprise (for this character). Raikou Hake-sensei, who I've been attempting to catch- erm - speak to for some time now showed up. It wasn't a hitch, but it does move the story further along toward reversing some things and bringing the Spring of Knowledge back. You'd know that character as Amehana." What had happened to the spring? "It's disappearance is linked to the desertification of the area around the Ibexian capital (the desertification isn't shown in sim beyond the stepps looking drier than the coast). During the reign of my father the land became unhappy and started to withdraw the magic around the capital keeping the area more fertile. As time passed it continued. When I won the throne I made some decisions due to grief that further displeased the land. It is my hope that working with Raikou will unlock the key to fixing things."

And so the adventures at the  Nisean Realms continue

Bixyl Shuftan

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