Tuesday, February 24, 2015

"Lundi Gras" Boat Parade at New Toulouse

Besides the "Samedi Gras" parade in the city streets, it seems the 1920s New Orleans themed community of New Toulouse held a "Lundi Gras" parade in the waters of the bayou. Several boats, rafts, and other things that floated took part in this aquatic version of the Mardi Grads parade. The proclaimed "King of the Carnival" King Blake proclaimed:

It is commanded that the residents of New Toulouse and all who visit her adhere to the following decree:
… that the residents and observers of the capital city shall embrace this evening’s riverine pageantry and put forth their great determination in attending the magnificent spectacle of maritime craft that shall sail upon the great Missedabracket River;
… that a local priest shall preside over the ceremony at its commencement for the blessing of the fleet and to ensure our entrusted fishers, trawlers, piscators, and those with rod and reel a safe and bountiful season;
… that those in gracious attendance shall show no tolerance and put forth their licentious efforts in the bountiful spirits, grandeur, and pleasures that await following the evening ceremony.

Nikita Weymann of the community newsletter "The Tattler" described the event:

This old bird has seen a lot of odd things floating in the waters of New Toulouse, but on Lundi Gras there was a new addition to the flood of Carnival activity: the Krewe du Canard held a little bayou regatta. The vessels were varied, ranging from Blake Palmer’s fishing boat, to Henri Godenot’s float-styled pirogue, to whatever sort of Jules Verne-type craft the Whitefalcons were piloting. Admiral Callidus Waydelich showed up in an inner tube; one would suspect the Mondragons had more impressive naval technology than that, especially after seeing that flying elephant float they made for Samedi Gras. 

The parade sailed along the river, amusing the spectators on the deck of the Mama Cree. Then the Duck Armada sailed back to its home pond, and the krewe members went to the Toulouse Caboose, where they proceeded to get polluted. DJ Q got them dancing, Doc Avalon got them drinking, and Lundi Gras may never be the same, especially if the boat parade becomes a regular Carnival event.

More pictures can be seen in Maggie Hawksby's Flickr page (here). 

Source: The Tattler

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