Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Relay Dates Announced, Earlier Season This Year

 In the Relay for Life Volunteers Group, a few of the dates for this year's Relay season were announced. The one for this month is registration for the Relay, which is January 20.

RFL of SL 2019 Registration is January 20th!  Help us get the word out, through your groups, friends, and even social media! This is going to be the best Relay ever! If you would like to arrange a meeting between RFL Leads, yourself, and someone you know who might be interested in forming a team, sponsorship, partnership, etc?. We've attached a notecard to help you with your conversations 

There was also a reminder of last year's announcement that this would be an earlier Relay season, with the Kickoff in February and the Relay Weekend in early June.

There are great things in store for Relay For Life of Second Life! Some of the important dates to remember are listed below. Let's keep those dates fresh in everyone's mind, spread the word around the grid.

Registration-January 20, 2019
Kickoff-February 16, 2019
Five Days of Relay-June 3-7, 2019
Relay Event Weekend, June 8-9. 2019

In September, Stingray stated the decision was made after talking to other volunteers, who felt that more people were logged in earlier in the year, so they would be more likely to get more donations in an earlier season.

For more informantion, message RFL 2019 Season Leads Adam Spark, Ari Spark, and Gem Sunkiller

Bixyl Shuftan

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