Monday, January 7, 2019

Sansar on Steam One Month Later

It was a month ago that Sansar was made available on the Steam gaming service. In it's first day, things were looking good at first with mostly positive reviews, and the statistics were showing up to 72 people users at once, which is up from it's high average several months ago of fifty to ten.

But after a few days, Sansar's numbers began to slip again. A look yesterday showed only 25 had been on at it's peak in the past 24 hours (statistics page). While there were still more positive reviews then negative, numbers were more mixed with 33 of the 79 reviews being negative.

When it was first announced by Linden Lab that Sansar would soon be available on Steam, there were some people who felt that this move was being made too early, that Sansar wasn't ready yet, and that the critics in Steams could be quite "brutal." While a longer time period is needed before a true conclusion can be made, right now, it looks like Linden Lab's move isn't having much of a long term impact on Sansar's numbers.

1 comment:

  1. Sansar offers not the possibilities, like SL did. The Hype around the big VR-glasses is over, for now. What I shall do with Sansar, when I have all possibilities, what i want, in SL?

    Let us see, if Sansar will be at the end of this year with us.