Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Press Release from Skill Games Maker PI Games Concerning Probable Court Action

Since the decision by PI Games to halt support of it's games starting on September 1st due to Linden Lab's new terms, there's been further developments, as is shown by this group announcement/press release.

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As many have asked, yes it is probable that PI Games will be forced to defend itself versus a group of operators in Second Life, this will be public record when and if it happens.

PI Games acted in reliance upon Linden Lab's policy that for a game to be permissible under the Skill Games policy 1) a Creator had to apply for a game and have it approved on the Creator list - since as the Creator Foxyfurman Kumaki had not applied for a license for these solo games made by Foxyfurman Kumaki, the game(s) cannot be approved, and therefore the games are automatically non-compliant; and 2) the Skill Gaming policy correctly required that games must be skill based and not have a material element of chance which is exactly why a year ago PI Games began revamping his games to a player versus player tournament format. 

Of course, if this goes to court, we are confident in proving that house banked, also known as solo, games are illegal gambling, and, therefore, there can be no basis of recovery - not to mention the other wrinkle in that this lawsuit would be filed in California which has specific regulations and requirements for a skill based game to be legal - none of which these solo games meet; however, we prefer not to go to court.

We have requested the following clarifications of  Linden Lab's TOS and policies:  1) Are games for which the Creator has not applied for a license allowed to be continued to operate in violation of the Skill Gaming Policy? 2) Is illegal per se gambling through house banked games, i.e. solo games where the owner/operator participates in adjusting/receiving the payout, authorized by Linden Lab?

We will keep this group updated on clarifications that Linden Lab makes to us.

We have discontinued our efforts to make updates for PI Games until a time where Linden Lab clarifies it's position on Federal and State laws.

PI Team

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