Saturday, September 20, 2014

Two Anniversary Events, The CDS and Avatar Social Network

Two anniversaries are taking place this weekend. One is the tenth anniversary of the Confederation of Democratic sims, or CDS. The CDS forums (link) List several events there today and one tomorrow.

September 20th, 10:00 AM—Mike Carnell, in Concert.

Mike is a German gentleman, he sings authentic German songs and he sings them well. What a great way to begin any festivity that is to have a German flair, with an authentic German singer. Be there. It’s a little early, but then again we are going to party all day so we have to start early!

September 20th, 11:00 AM—Opening Oktoberfest Ceremony.

Come in your lederhosen as we salute the CDS flag and honor our Germanic history. The opening ceremony will then continue with German Polka music. Dance! Life throws a lot of mayhem our way, even our second life. And we all have the chance to hide from it, to sit it out or we could even dance through it. We hope you dance!

There will be a May Pole there and dance balls for you. Bring your sweetie or come alone. The beer is on CDS.

September 20th, 2:00 PM—In the Amphitheater, Live and in Concert, QUEEN!

Second Life's hottest tribute band company, Thunder Rock Productions once again brings their show to the stages of CDS. This astounding production company was voted the #1 entertainment act in Second Life for the year 2013. They kicked off the SL 11th birthday celebrations awhile back and they were the talk of CDS for awhile after that stage production.

Wayne, Pibbs, Crossfire Ricochet and their crew will be putting on a special performance just for us. This event will showcase the original Queen with Freddie himself. This production will feature an astounding laser light show and will be chock full of effects just for you. If you have to miss any of these fabulous events and performances, QUEEN in Concert is not the one!

September 20th, 4:00 PM—Bandit Eddingham Live From Baveria.

Yes, Bandit will be streaming a concert to us live from Germany.

Bandit is good! He is into American Country music. And just a little research shows he is not unknown in this genre in RL. He is inspired by many country singers that performed in the country music capital, Nashville, TN, USA. He has performed in many famous places himself, such as a performance at the one place all country music professionals seek as their ultimate career goal, the Grand Ole Opry in Nashville, TN. Yes, Bandit is a pro in RL! Enjoy this level of talent presented just for our residents of CDS.

September 21st, 2:00 PM—Religious History Of CDS-Theology Tour and Lecture With Your Host, Gaius Tiberius Curio.

This event will fascinate you, as if you are not into our community theology, it will surprise you at the diversity of religions that exists in our community. We have Baptists, Pagans, Pentecostals, Wiccans, Moslems, Humanists, Buddists and Atheists practicing their faiths or lack thereof right here in our small community. And we all get along famously!

Join Gaius Tiberius Curio as he lectures on world religions and hosts a tour of our Shrines, Churches, Temples and religious icons and teaches the finer theological aspects exhibited in humanity. It will be interesting if you are an intellectual, and if you are a CDSer, you is one.

*Addition* Cleopatra Xigalia informed the Newser September 20 is officially the CDS' birthday. So the reason it's quite a busy day for them.

Neufreistadt (158, 183, 172)

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Earlier SL Newser Posted that the Avatar Social Network, which we reported on last month, was holding an event within Second Life to celebrate it's first anniversary. The Enquirer recently reported that the event will be from 9AM to 11PM at Prim (128/147/412).

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  1. Planning for two events at a same time and place is really difficult. How did you do it? I also plan for events in NYC but planning for just a sing event at a time becomes impossible for me.