Monday, September 8, 2014

Still More Ice Bucket Challenge Pictures

There's been fewer Ice Bucket Challenge videos coming out on Facebook and Second Life chat, so it seems the fundraiser for ALS funding turned social phenomena may be finally running it's course. So here's a few more pictures which just might be our last ones.

C-Wing, who'd I'd known to come by Club Zero Gravity sometimes, decided to take up the challenge if I took a picture. So I did. Unfortunately, there was a catch. Among the three people he nominated was me, which I did, though there was a twist.

Someone else C-Wing would nominate was a pony avatar with a number instead of a name. He reffered to him as "forty-eight."

And the result was one shivering pony.

And finally came this picture of my neighbor from the now gone Woodlin community, Ekedo Phang. Being in a microfox avatar, his options for the Ice Bucket Challenge were somewhat limited. He sent this picture over, saying for him the challenge was not a dunking, but a freezing-cold bath.

And so goodbye to the Ice Bucket Challenge, at least we think this is the last of the pictures and videos. You're provided many entertaining moments, albeit at the expense of a little dignity, and provided millions in money for ALS research.

Bixyl Shuftan

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