Monday, February 26, 2018

Marianne McCann's Twelfth Rezzday

On Thursday February 22, Bay City had a rezzday party for it's most noted resident: Marianne McCann. She turned twelve, "but only in rezz years" as the invitations she handed out stated. The party took place at "The Pen," a small diner in the Mashpee sim, at 8PM SL time.

I didn't count the number of people there, but it's safe to assume there were a few dozen. Besides some Bay City notables such as Uccello Poultry, there were also two Lindens: Evie Linden and Tommy Linden, whom had been at the Isle of View event just days earlier. There was a music performance by Erika Ordinary.

Besides the numerous "Happy Rezzday Marie" well-wishes, there was talk about the next big event in Bay City. April 1 will be the second annual "Everfest," named after the late Ever Dreamscape whom was known for her pyromania. Uccello stated, "A fire for her always burns at the Arboretum. Frankly, we have no idea how to put it out."

One resident stated before leaving, "I want to send a big thank you and happy rez day to Marianne McCann and all those at The Pen for having us today. and a special thank you to Vian.. it's a treat working in such a lovely place. Thank you everyone that made this show possible, thank you for loving music and thank you for being here."

Bixyl Shuftan

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