Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Relay Refresh: Spotlight On Rita Mariner

As part of the "Relay Refresh," MamaP Beerbaum and Trager Alter have been going around interviewing various personalities of the Relay for Life in Second Life. Among those they talked to earlier include Stingray Raymaker and Gem Sunkiller. Their most recent interviewee was someone well-known to the Newser: Sunweaver chieftess and Sunbeamer team captain Rita Mariner.

Rita would tell me a couple days ago while the article was still being written that she'd been messaged by MamaP that the article was their longest to date, as well as being the most fun to write. Rita would talk about the fun the Sunweavers have, especially the "pun-ishment" of jokes and the events at our clubs. Of the latter, they got a small taste when Rita invited the two Relayers over to an event at the Happy Vixen.

But those wouldn't be the only things Rita would mention. She talked a little about the Sunbeamer Team, and the various events we have, such as the road rallies and air shows. And of course the "Bid Me" events. And Rita brought up the "Platinum Avatar Challenge" I did last year. One small mistake, they called it a "Bid Me," when the "Bid Me" I had just done was for a human avatar. Oh well.

Mama P and Trager will continue to interview more Relay personalities for a while. No telling who comes up next.

Bixyl Shuftan

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