Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Press Release: No Cottage Bizar

Another magnificent new build of M and M Creations. The story behind this one is very special.

During summer of 2017 the fundamentals of my life were destroyed by a devastating event and nothing but ruin was left over. Instead of mourning, grieving and falling into depression which often is very tempting when you encounter a loveshock, I inspired myself to build again on the old ruins. To build up with new materials and vision and make a balanced connection between what was and what can be. Seven months later, my soulmate is still gone but still deeply connected. But I am proud to show you what can be done if you keep on looking on the bright side. This new building, which isn't a cottage this time, is a symbol of letting old patterns go and to have faith that new ones will arrive.

In my imagination the old parts of the building are the solid base upon which can be constructed anything. The big massive stones will support anything beyond imagination, but will also force you not to move them around to much. Thick walls and tunneled stairs, massive windows and impressive doors radiate the force of eternity. A solid home to live, love and feed the spirit of life, forever it seems. Unfortunately time does not support static events and will always manage to crumble down what once was thought to be there forever.

The soul stays in the stones and new times bring new ideas and new materials. The old parts are reconnected again with modern bricks, the massive windows are replaced with steel frames and all the old rotten wood is removed to make place for concrete beams and supports.

Everything connected again makes a new place to live, love and let the wheel of time rotate again.

Old and new in balance with the present. Bizar isn´t it..................

- footprint 30x24 meter
- landimpact 96
- scripted doors and windows with sound
- handcrafted textures
- the sink can be placed anywhere (1 meshobject)

Isle of Paradise (206/102/22)

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