Saturday, February 24, 2018

Music Track: DJ Tantari's "Newser 2"

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DJ Tantari's musical salute to the SL Newser, her "Newser 2" track.

"If I tell you a secret, will you promise to keep it keep it close to your heart and never tell a soul? Sometimes why you try, you fail, and you have no choice but to pick yourself up and try again.
I wasn't happy with how the Newser set came out, so I completely rebuilt it. The results are completely different. I think the flow is up to my normal standards at last, but it now has harmonic matching and key shifting. Once again, another set that is on the edge of my skill level. I hope you enjoy!

"I posted this once before, but by the third time I'd performed it, I realized I'd done some things wrong. So I deleted the original and posted this slightly later live set. Nothing but the best for you!

"Recorded live at the Happy Vixen, 8/15/2017"

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