Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Valentine Dance by the Safe Waters Foundation

With Valentines Day this week, there's been quite a few Valentine parties. But how many can boast being a mermaid party? On Sunday February 11, there was a Valentines Day dance organized by the Safe Waters Foundation, held at Antiquity MarieGalante, at the Water's Edge Merhaven.

Tonight, Antiquity and Safe Waters Foundation present a Valentine Dance!  Bring your special someone, or meet them here!  Music by DJ Cynthia Maine, the Gold Mermaid.  All are welcome!

The party was held over a heart-shaped dance floor underwater on the sea bottom. As the announcement stated, not everyone whom attended had a tail and fins. And some who were, it was for the occasion, "This is a fun event.  And I do not get very often to be a mer." DJ Cynthia played songs like the theme from Titanic, "My Heart Will Go On," and Elvis Presley's "Burning Love."

I was there only a brief time, but was around long enough to hear some of the conversation. "ala everyone." "... how have you been?" "Just as fine as frog hair, how about you?" "Frogs have hair?" "They do but its very very fine." "Only if they grab it from somebody's comb." "They buy little froggy wigs."

The Safe Water Foundation. led by GraceSWF Wrigglesworth, is the largest group of mermaids and mermen, or merfolk as they're sometimes called, in Second Life. For more information about them, check their website: .

Bixyl Shuftan

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