Friday, May 26, 2017

Announcement: Cross-Sim Giant Snail Race This Saturday

On May 27th, 2017, Giant Snail Racing is having a Relay for Life Cross Country Giant Snail Race across the Rosehaven sims.

The theme for this race is Medieval and you may decorate your snail accordingly. Though encouraged, decorating your snail is not required to be able to participate in the race.

This race is open to anyone wishing to race, it is not limited to just those that normally participate in the weekly Giant Snail race.

The start time for the race is 11:00AM SLT, though it is advisable to get there by 10:30AM SLT.

This is a charity fund raiser for the American Cancer Society.

Any donation is acceptable to be able to participate in the race. The Giant Snail Relay for Life kiosk will be out near the starting line or you can come to the Gullwing Coast…/Gullwing%20Coast%20…/151/99/777 and donate early if you would like. 500L is the suggested donation, but whatever amount you can donate is fine.

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