Monday, May 8, 2017

SL14B Update: Exhibitor Applications To Close May 10, Performers And Volunteers May 17

Last month on April 14, it was announced that the applications for exhibitors, performers, and volunteers for the Second Life Fourteenth Birthday Celebration were being accepted. Earlier today,
Doctor Gascoigne announced that there would be only two more days for anyone interested to fill out one and file it.

Applications will be available till Wed May 10
This give you time if you pu it off till today
So don't rush but HURRY.
ALL APPLICATIONS will be open till Wed May 10
please pass the word and if you want to apply do it SOONISH

It would be noted that applications are not just placeholders. Exhibitors will have to have thought of at least the basics of their build as they have to explain how it will fit the theme of "Carnivalesque."

Performers and volunteers have a little more time. The Timeline states they have an additional week to file their applications. Exhibitors will be notified between May 24 and May 26 if they've been accepted and where their plot will be. May 26 at Noon SL time is when the sims are open to exhibitors. June 10 is when emails are sent to accepted performers. The sims over to everyone at Noon SL time on June 18.

Among those applying is the Second Life Newser. Last year, we had a riverboat exhibit, designed by the talented Silvia Ametza, for their "Shared Adventure" theme. Just as we show you what's going on, a riverboat took many a cowboy to their adventures in the Wild West. What will we have this year? Well, you'll see.

 Since coming online in February, the SLB sims have continued to take shape. By the looks of the map, much has been built over the past couple months. But with forty-one days left until "The Birthday," there is still much left to be done.

Stay tuned for more updates

Bixyl Shuftan

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