Monday, May 29, 2017

SL14B Update: The Second Life Newser Gets Its Exhibit Plot

On Friday May 26, those accepted as exhibitors at the Second Life Birthday celebration were invited to begin claiming their plots. Some did so right away after 12 Noon when the volunteers were ready to do so. Others due to real life or a desire to avoid the rush waited until later. Among those was the Second Life Newser. Right after being assigned a plot at SL14B Electrify, we were to claim it with a dropped object. Many did so with the Cake slice in their exhibitor packets. Yours truly chose something else, quite literally "throwing our hat in the ring," or in this case on the plot.

But the hat didn't stay there for long, at least the way it was shown above. Silvia Ametza, the builder of this year's Newser exhibit, was soon on the scene. And what took the place of "The Hat?" We'll have a sneak peek or two soon.

Bixyl Shuftan

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