Thursday, May 4, 2017

Club Crawl Raises Over 274,000 Lindens

Over the weekend of April 29 to April 30, the Relay for Life "Club Crawl" took place. Organized by team "Go The Distance," twelve clubs and several teams took part. This included Club Amaratha of Mel's Maniacs, and Club Cutlass, the Happy Vixen, and Xanadu for Team Sunbeamers. The donations went into a special two-team kiosk with half going to "Go the Distance."

The Maniacs, whom have been getting help from Dusk Griswold, whom is also with the Sunbeamers, did very well, going from several thousand raised to the Rising Star mark of 25,000. They have since continued to climb to a total of 48,000 as of the writing of this article. Team Sunbeamer also did well. Of the three clubs, the Happy Vixen raised 6000 Lindens, Xanadu raised 9000, and Club Cutlass raised 18,100 for a total of 33,100 raised between the three clubs. With half going to the Sunbeamers, their total went up to 146,300, continuing their "inching towards Silver," only three other teams between them and the next level of fundraising.

The club that brought in the most was Club Bonanza, for the Conanza Country RFL Team, which raised 61,000 Lindens, and getting the Team to Gold status. Team Go The Distance reached Platinum rank during the event.

What a great event!  Thank you to all 12 Clubs and teams that came together for One Cause!  You all brought in over 274 Thousand Lindens!   It was a great success!  Congratulations to BONANZA COUNTRY RFL TEAM for bringing in 61,000L!!!!
It was a great time of outreach and coming together. Team GO THE DISTANCE thanks you all!

This upcoming weekend are more Relay events, such as the Mad Hatter's Dance For Life, and the Halfway There Fair, which takes place from tomorrow Friday May 5 to Sunday May 7 at the American Cancer Society sim.

By Bixyl Shuftan

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