Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Announcement: Why I Relay Recordings

We all have reasons for participating in Relay For Life..  Maybe its in honor of a survivor you know, or in memory of a beloved family member or friend. Perhaps you are a survivor or caregiver wishing to 'give back' or maybe you just want to meet cute guys or gals.

What ever the reason, RFL of SL wants to know why you have decided to join us.

Please make a short recording ( 30-60 seconds Maximum) using the Sounds Recorder on your computer.  Don t worry about quality and Please don't Be shy!

In Conjunction with T1Radio ( http://t1radio.serverroom.us:8242),   we will be playing these recordings on Relay Weekend. The archive of both old and new W-I-R mp3 will be provided to our media partners and other streams and djs and to help us introduce RFL to people all around SL..

Please help us!  Make a recording.  Tell your story!  Help Us Save a Life Today!

Don't worry about quality. Don't Be Shy.  T1Radio's staff will make you sound like a superstar voice talent!  We just need your Recordings!

A Couple of hints to Improve Recording Quality

~ Try to do it in a quiet environment.. its hard to edit out barking dogs, crying kids and begging spouses!
~ Use a headset & Mic if possible
~ Try NOT to Breathe into mic - Keep it just even with lower lip. Cover with a foam ball or Cotton Puff.
~ Turn off SL Sounds and Music
~ Rehearse your words
~ Emotions are fine..  We Encourage them.. For Many, Relay For Life is an Emotional Experience. SHARE THAT!

Everyone can Record from their computers:

Save as wav, WMA, mp3 or AAC,  we can convert it to what we need

Downloadable Apps: Audacity, GoldWave

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