Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Back in Ark: Boats In The Sunset

Since last writing about "Ark: Survival Evolved," the survival MMO with dinosaurs, earlier this year, things have continued to move on with the gamers at Nydia Tungsten's server. Eventually, there was a reboot, and we began building all over again. I've been too busy in Second Life lately to describe our adventures, at least so soon after our last time. In short, we started in the southeast and after making rafts made our way to "Herbavore Island" and leveled up in it's relative safety. But a funny thing happened. People found out one could put floors on the rafts and began making boats. These mobile bases became very handy as you could build smelters, smiths, fabricators, etc. on them. One monster ship was a huge "aircraft carrier" many stories high. My own just had a couple storage cabinets.

Eventually, we were looking to make other bases. I made a small base on the island's western peninsula. But a larger one was made further north near the top. Nydia took this screenshot from there.

"I have always enjoyed sunsets, and this is from the balcony of our westridge base built by out tribe's master builder Jaz, you can see our hunting rafts in the protected bay below"

There have been some frustrations of course. One recent update had the "flying nerf" that put big limits on our birds and pterodactyls, and introduced a big fish that would attack boats on sight, smashing them into smithereens. Once that center portion was gone, the rest of even the biggest ships would disintegrate. Needless to say, that made sea travel a lot more complicated. Nydia grumbled this update was the result of the developers giving in to demands by the PvP crowd. And then there's the upcoming update which introduces active volcanoes, and almost certainly wipes out our best source of iron, crystal, and obsidian.

So how will the tribe deal with this new complication? Like with everything else, find a way.

Picture and quote from Nydia Tungsten

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