Friday, October 20, 2017

Burn2 Starts Tomorrow

The largest and longest running yearly art and music festival, Burn2, will be starting tomorrow. Originally called Burning Life, Burn2 is the inworld version of the Burning Man festival that takes place every year in the Black Rock Desert in Nevada. It's notable that while coming up with Second Life, members of the early Linden Lab attended Burning Man, and the event was a partial inspiration for the virtual world's development. In recent years, the popularity of the event has resulted in smaller spinnoff events throughout the year, though the "Octoburn" as it's come to be called remains the main one.

This year's festival will take place from Saturday October 21 to Sunday October 29. The theme, which always reflects the real-life Burning Man, will be "Radical Ritual." There are five sims of artistic exhibits and music events: Burning Man - Mirage, Burning Man - Limbo, Burning Man - Alkali, Burning Man - Black Rock, and Burning Man - Deep Hole.

Sadly, the real-life Burning Man festival was marked by tragedy this year when one man ran into the flames of the "Burning of The Man," and later died of his injuries. While no harm will come to your avatar in the virtual event, all visitors are asked to comply with the requests of the volunteer staff.

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Pictures: (Closed until October 21)

Image from Daark Gothly

Bixyl Shuftan

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