Monday, October 9, 2017

Businesswoman Banned From Second Life Without Clear Explanation

As Furry Fashion gets ready for Halloween, a dark shadow has fallen over their celebratory mood. Not from their themed exhibits, but from one of the team, Luna Pawpad, expelled from Second Life by Linden Lab. No reason was given other than an undefined "violation of the terms of service." Talking to her, she says the cause might have been her Mother giving her money from her credit card in the past, but she thought that matter was cleared up with the Lab months ago. She has appealed to Linden Lab, but they have refused to listen to her. Friends of hers have come forward, saying the ban was not deserved, and the message the Lab is sending is not to behave, but that thousands of hours and dollars invested here can be gone in an instant.

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  1. um i have no sympathy for people who get banned for breaking the TOS. you can print them and read them. If you are going to invest in this game you should. If you get caught, those are the consequences. So sick of people playing the victim.

  2. Okay, but they can't just ban some and not tell them. They really need to be more specific, by stating an undefined violation. How is this person to know what to do to try and fix the problem. I have no sympathy either, but they need to be a bit more clearer to why people get banned.

  3. RIP LUNA, if you mess up with TOS, you deserve the ban. YOu can tell whatever you want, 4 Shure Linden does NOT BAN without Prooved REASONS

  4. For what I heard, banned over suspicious actions which may or may not violates ToS... which means Linden does not have proof. If they have proof.... why not clearly state the violation instead of the generic "banned due violating ToS"? Aside from the MAJOR known violations, their plenty small ones that entitles Linden to ban your account (like anyone read the whole thing)

  5. Linden doesn't need to give an explanation. It's even stated in the TOS. They can ban you because they are in a bad mood and nothing you can do about it. So think twice before reporting things. You might get someone who is in a bad mood and pissed you just increased their work load.

  6. Linden labs operate like a ponsie scheme, getting people to pay for a service, invest into the world, then when they feel they got enough from you, they perma ban every account you ever spent money on, my opinion, bunch of legalised theft, and as for not telling you what happened, its bullshit, because it means you cannot do anything, you cannot go to the police, fbi, etc because of a potential cyber crime, because you do not know the times and dates of the alleged incidents, the message you get when you try to log in states they wish to talk and discuss this with you, yet they refuse to do this and just act and judge everyone as guilty.

    1. D Phoenix, then delete you account and stop logging in. Simple. Then you don't have to deal with Linden Labs. I personally LOVE Linden Labs - and I love Second Life. If you don't like it, then why do you spend all your time there?