Monday, October 23, 2017

"Welcome Home Rangers" Ceremony at Burn2

With everything that was happening on Saturday, I only had a short time to visit Burn2. And most of what I saw, Klaus Bereznyak described in his story. I did notice a few out of the ordinary avatars, such as a nine-tailed kitsune. Hopefully that was an omen of good luck. But I also stumbled across a ceremony conducted amongst the Rangers of Burn2.

 "Welcome Rangers," Leondra Larsson told the others, "I first want to say how much I enjoyed training and learning with each of you. I first want to say how much I enjoyed training and learning with each of you. You are special. You have answered the call. You have trained and you are ready. This past year at Burning Man marked the 25th anniversary of the Rebar Ceremony. In mirroring that ritual, I am honoring the Black Rock Rangers and the BURN2 Rangers". 

"I am going to draw a line on the Playa," Leondra told them. "On the other side of this line, everything will be different. I am going to do that now. ... See it?" People hesitated to answer at first, then were saying they could. Leondra continued, "All step up to that line. Magic of SL, it can be bigger (smile). What you serve is the community. Please, Rangers of the class of 2017 cross this line." And they did, "Rangers stepping up."

Leondra went on, "Now brother and sister Rangers of former years, cross this line with me,  and join our new Rangers. ... What we make out of this is up to us. May we serve with kindness, empathy, and helpfulness. May we be the embodiment of the 10 Principles and be viewed as helpers of the community." "And do a whole lot of nothing this week," Miss Suzanne Super Sweet (SuperSuz Resident) quipped.
"Welcome home Rangers" 

After that and a few more lines, and a picture taken, the rangers split up to go to different places around the Burn2 grounds. 

Bixyl Shuftan

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