Monday, October 30, 2017

YadNi Monde, Maker of "YadNi's Junkyard," Needs Help to Continue Drawing

By Bixyl Shuftan

For longtime residents of Second Life, one place many visited in their early days was "YadNi's Junkyard," one of the best known and largest freebie places. Up since at least 2004, newcomers and more established residents on a budget could go there for clothes, avatars, jewelry, weapons, textures, animations, gestures, and more. He also had a few newstands of inworld publications, such as our predecessor paper the Second Life Newspaper. Although it's unknown how many people visited the place, YadNi himself felt the number was many thousands. But in June 2015, YadNi reluctantly took the landmark location down after it had been up for eleven years.

Unfortunately, YadNi hasn't been doing that well financially. After he had to put a small business on hold, he announced on his Facebook page via a Patreon site he had put up that he would need help if he was going to continue his hobby of drawing.

As far as I can remember, I am drawing. And I never stopped, using all tools that would fall into my hands, thus learning different techniques and skills (from analogic to digital). Today is the day where I need some support from all my friends from all over the World. I want to keep creating, to go back to my analogic roots and to do it for You Guys.

I had a chat with YadNi over IM. "Everything got a little complicated," he spoke of his troubles, "I had founded my own 3D personal enterprise. (It) lasted quite a good while, until i came onto a client who didn't honor his payments and put me under. I had to close said enterprise (due to a) lack of reserve money, had to move apartment to a single room, and now I'm totally disgusted in 3D and am going back to my first skills, hands and paper. ... I (had) worked for him for two months and I was always on the edge with money. The simple fact that individual didnt pay the bills, my accountant said there was nothing to save me and I had to close. So I'm starting all over from scratch, hoping to gather enough to restart something serious if possible."

When I brought up his past in Second Life, YadNi responded, "I have mostly been a builder, did work in Second Life for Nike, Toyota, Warner Bros, Alcatel, and many groups and (other) people. I built entire sims, even some stuff others refused because they thought it was impossible to do (Intel sim). I then went to InWorlds, a parallel grid where I did over four or five years building there." He pointed out his one page blog at ( that described his beginnings, including where his online name came from. mentioning he had been calling himself in real life as an artist.

Once again, YadNi's Patreon page is at . His goal is to get $500 USD a month, at which he'll start holding raffles monthly to send one artwork to one of his supporters.

Bixyl Shuftan

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