Friday, September 21, 2012

Free Still at Yadni’s Junkyard

While I was on the playa at Burn2 this morning I came across a build that looked familiar. I clicked the build to see the creator and had a fit of nostalgia. It was a vehicle from Yadni’s Junkyard! This is a place where I spent a lot of time my first year because it is one of the best places for newbies to go to collect all the junk you need for Second Life. 

So I took a trip over to the check out the junkyard. It has changed a lot since 2007. But there were the familiar boxes full of treasures for a newbie: Gadgets, clothes,  jewels , avatars , weapons,  textures, animations! I could not stop myself from buying a few of the old boxes. What fun! There are also some new contributions and I did collect a couple of new boxes to inspect. 

You can read the history of the yard on the wall. Across the road you will find Le Monde de Yadni where he has set a ”museum” of all his builds on the walls, showing those alive and working, and all those that have been extinguished. It is a remarkable number of builds that have been and still are in Second Life. 

Another very nostalgic moment! I glanced up at a row of media boxes where you can pick a newspaper or magazine and lo and behold there was our old SL Newspaper box. I clicked and it still took me to the page that announced the closing. 

If you have never been to Yadni’s Junkyard you should make a visit just to look around a bit. It is amazing to find a freebie place that has been here in Second Life for such a long time. It's still helping newbies and oldies looking for fun bargains. 

Gemma Cleanslate

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