Sunday, September 16, 2012

Two Contests

For those interested in contests involving art and photography, there are a couple contests on the Grid. One is the "Avalon Fall Festival Autumn Art Contest."

Avalon Town invites all SL artists to enter the Fall Festival Autumn Art Competition. For this competition we will do two categories; flat works (paintings, photos, etc.) and 3D (sculptures, ect.). The work must be created by the submitting artist and obey all copyright and DMCA laws. The theme of the artwork should be autumn, fall, or the colors associated with the season.

We will be accepting submissions from now until September 16th at midnight SLT. Artwork will be on display and open for public voting through the Fall Festival from September 17th through the 29th. Winners will be announced at the Harvest Ball on Saturday, September 29th.

First place for both sculptures and 2D artwork is 1000 Lindens. Second place is 750L. Third place is 300 for 3D work, 500 for "flat works.

Those interested contact Tricia Aferdita or Rowan Derryth.

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The second contest is for photos, held by the S.S. Enigmatic sim and RP group.

From now until Oct 7, 2012 the SS Enigmatic will be holding a photo contest. All images must be taken on the SS Enigmatic Sim. Images may or may not include avatars. A variety of styles of shots is encouraged, scenery, action, romance (keep it clean!) depicting life and the environment on the sim. The winner will be awarded L$5000 Linden dollars.

For more information, contact Sonrisa Seminari or check out the contest page on the S.S. Enigmatic website.

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