Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween

From Bixyl and Jasmine Dawn Shuftan

Halloween in Second Life

Today is Halloween, but in the few days beforehand, Second Life's residents have been enjoying the thrills and chills of the season. Bixyl Shuftan checks out two frightfully fun events, plus a Halloween hunt.

Read more in Events.

SL Machinima: "The Twilight Sim - It's a Bloomin' Halloween!"

"When four curious teens decide to enter the spooky house on the hill, is it a frightening dream or a hilarious nightmare? Either way, the eyes have it.

"Running Lady Studios, (RLS) the animation studio that brought you the comedy/thriller "Cruise Control", and Virtual Girl Productions' (VGP) Gameela Wright (AvaJean Westland in Second Life) are teaming up again. Last year they brought you the hilarious 'Coffee Schlock with AJ - Special Guest, Harold Camping.' This year, they have a cooked up a special little treat for your Halloween goodie bags.

"The animated short, filmed on Linden Lab's Second Life game platform, was penned by stage and screen actress Gameela Wright and directed by K. DaVette See (Suzy Q. Yue in Second Life). 'Bloomin' ' pokes gentle fun at Halloween tropes and pop culture icons while following the antics of four teens, a mad scientist, and a trio of precocious little girls. The hills may have eyes, but they are REALLY cute. Ms. Wright narrates, as her Second Life avatar, AvaJean Westland, the alternately amusing and spooky tale."

Click here if the video isn't showing:

 From the SL Enquirer

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Virtual Museum of Architecture Closing It's Sim

The Virtual Museum of Architecture, once known as the Frank Lloyd Wright Virtual Museum, will be closing it's sim tomorrow, Wednesday October 31st. But this will not mean the end of the VMA as an orginization. Grey Lupindo attended the location's last party on Saturday Oct 27th. Grey took a final tour of the place, and talked to some of the people of the VMA about its future in Second Life.

Read Grey's article in Places.

Events This Week in Second Life from Oct 30 to Nov 5

This week marks two big events. The Burn2 festival has been extended another week, so more time to enjoy the art and music, and of course the Burning of the Man and Temple this weekend. And of course it's Halloween, with numerous haunted houses, Halloween hunts, and of course the costume parties. And of course there are the regularly scheduled live and DJ music events, book and poetry readings, talk shows, races, and church services.

See a selection of happenings in Events this Week.

Party at the Zero-G Haunted Woods

From Club Zero Gravity, "Tonight is a special occasion. It is our Halloween celebration, and for the occasion we will be having the festivities away from the space station and planetside in the Haunted Woods. Show up as something frightfully fun, whether it be vampire, zombie, witch, or some other kind of monster such as tax auditor or begging nub. Or take the opportunity to take on an avatar you otherwise wouldn't wear, such as human if you're a furry.

"So get your dark capes, your fangs, your claws. It's our time to scare and scream in this frightfully fun night."

The talented
DJ Jasmine will be playing three hours of spook-tacular tunage, and for tonight is a "Thriller" of a prize: 1000L on the board for the best Halloween look.
Come over and "scare up" some fun.

5 to 8 PM Purrfection Estates (210, 10, 1500)

Press Release: Pumpkin Hunt

The Creation for Parkinsons sim is having a special Halloween-themed hunt, and Halloween party this week.

Only two more days left to find 50 Great Gifts hidden all around the beautiful Creations for Parkinson's sim. Can YOU find them all?????
Search the Highest Towers and the Lowest Crevasses
Don't be afraid to get wet for # 12 & 13

From 4 to 6 on Wednesday Oct 31st will be a Halloween Party from 4-6 at Nature's Glen
Solace Lake (233, 13, 23)

Monday, October 29, 2012

The Art of Mikati Slade in Second Life

Grease Coakes recently met up with Second Life artist Mikati Slade, whose J-Pop influenced art with it's video game colors is quickly recognizable. Recently, her work has once again gotten attention at Burn2 as the designer of it's Guru Guru stage. Grease Coakes talked to her about the stage, and the influences of her style.

Read Grease's story in People.

SL Enquirer: The Perfect Storm to Administer a Smackdown to the Northeast

 A Superstorm named Sandy is being tracked as it makes landfall in Virginia, bringing heavy rain and wind. it is expected to turn back inland overnight towards regions of New York, New jersey, New England and well into Northeastern Pennsylvania; directly in my path!  Ahhhhhhh!
 The perfect storm as it is being called by weather watchers has already prompted New York City to shut down subway and transit systems ahead of the storm. Schools within it’s path have made their cancellations, low level land and coastal regions are also being evacuated at this time.  Electricity outages are estimated to be in the millions during this historical storm! 

Expert Senior Meteorologist Alex Sosnowski, reported, “An extremely rare and dangerous storm will turn in from the Atlantic, affecting 60 million people in its path and could lead to billions of dollars in damage”.“ Hurricane Sandy remains on track to become a historical storm for the mid-Atlantic and southern New England with New Jersey and New York City bracing for very dangerous conditions and catastrophic damage.The impact from Sandy will reach hundreds of miles from the center of landfall, including areas well inland and well ahead of the storm's landfall Monday night”.

Read Lanai's full story Here.

Burn2 Extended Another Week

Some good news for fans of the Burn2 festival, especially those whom might have been unable to come by last week. The event's been extended another week.

Have you had as much fun as I have? What an amazing BURN! We are having so much fun that we have decided not to close! We will keep the Playa open another week. We are going to NOT have formal crazy performance schedules, but camps can host events on their own plot, Center camp, or the stages. We will keep audio streams going and setup an open microphone system. Let’s do some fun things, be relaxed and have fun! You may even see Zombies on the Playa Wednesday the 31st!

We will push our BURNS out until next Saturday and Sunday, so this all fits in with that! I know you were all ready to see The Man and Temple Burn, but you can wait, cantcha? Times will remain the same-  4 AM, Noon and 8 PM Saturday, November 3rd for the Man and Sunday November 4th for the Temple.

Thank you all again for making this the most fun most memorable BURN  ever!

Yours truly dropped in at the Burn last week just in time to see a tour being done by EmCee Widget. "Welcome to Center Camp," he greeted me, "We are broadcasting to Burning Man Headquarters in San Francisico right now. Everyone is getting at tour at Headquarters." Besides EmCee, Burning Man has two other represenatives, M2Danger Ranger and Dusty Udal (formerly Dusty Linden). The tour went to The Man, the Temple, where a few people stopped to meditate, and at least two clubs having events.

Gemma Cleanslate has been too busy with Ranger duties to write much, though others have been keeping an eye on the event. Daniel Voyager has continued to write about the festival, in addition to posting a number of pictures on his Flickr.

Be sure to keep an eye on the Burn2 Schedule for events.

Bixyl Shuftan

Press Release: Areo Pines' Halloween Trail

Ongoing thru Oct 31st - Its our 6th Annual Halloween Trail featuring over 30 interactive spooky displays across 9 connected regions! 

Most fun with friends or a date!  Blog Buzz:  -  Read the notecard invitation and pass on to friends! Its packed with info and landmarks!  -  Start here!

This may be the last time we host the Halloween Trail in Secondlife - So do stay in touch for the launch of Aero Pines Park 2.0 to get your exclusive invitation to our new web-based game-engine platform coming in 2013!

 Aero Pines Park is owned by Cindy Bolero

Saturday, October 27, 2012

The "Frankenstorm"

Just as when the East Coast in the United States is looking forward to Halloween comes a scare from Mother Nature. Usually hurricanes don't come this way after Labor Day, so it was a surprise when Hurricane Sandy began heading this way. To make matters worse, it's expected to merge with a cold front system. This collision of a tropical storm and the cold front has been described as a "perfect storm." Coming so close to Halloween, it was dubbed "The Frankenstorm" by some.

High winds and flooding are expected, and exactly where the worst will be is not clear due to the unpredictable nature of hurricanes. Power could potentially be out for days in places. A few SL Newser writers, including the Editor, are in it's path. So there is the potential of updates being down for a few days.

Check out, or other sources of information on the latest. 

For a look at weather in Second Life, check out NOAA Virtual Weather (2011 article).

Bixyl Shuftan

Press Release: 1st Annual Bombers Competition

All planes must be WW2 era planes

Categories: Level Bombing, Dive Bombing, Anything Goes

Prizes:1st place-1000L 2nd place-500 L 3rd place-250L (this is for each category). Also a raffle in each category event.

Level Bombing Event-
Player must remain above 100m at all times, no loops or dives down to 100m. Must use bombs only, no cannons/rockets/guns/etc. An admin will ride along to make sure the 100m rule is not broken (if not a 2 seater,admin can ride on the wing). 5 attempts given, to kill target or score as many points possible (yes you can kill the target multiple times if you kill it the first time, just give a chance for the damage to be reset).

Dive Bombing Event-
Player is to divebomb (duh). Must use bombs only, no cannons/rockets/guns/etc. May only take 20 hp damage from their own bombs (if you fly too low), after that, you will be considered "too damaged and must return to base". 5 attempts given, same idea as with the Level Bombing for points.

Anything Goes Event-
Use whatever you want (must still be WW2), do what you want, 3 passes instead of 5.

As a reminder, the event will be on Sunday October 28th, 5pm SLT. Sponsored by Skunkette Aviation,Shana Enterprises, BuzzworX, and the JG52.

The location is New Fallout (43, 142, 3590)

See you there!

Jessicabelle Dayafter

Friday, October 26, 2012

Protest and Banning at Burn2

Burn2 calls itself an event of "radical free expression." But on Sunday October 21st, this principle was put to the test when the festival grounds were the scene of a protest. The result was those taking part in the protests, and supposedly even those just watching, were banished from the Burn.

What was the protest about, and why did the Burn staff ban them? Read more in Extra.

SL Video: Steampunk Recycler Burn2 2012

Another of Qwark Allen's videos of Burn2, this one of the "Steampunk Recycler" exhibit.

Submitted by Gemma Cleanslate

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Steelhead Costumed Ball

On Friday October 26th, the Steelhead Ballroom will be having it's Costume Ball. Those attending are asked to wear their best (and worst) Halloween outfits and avatars. The event will be from 7 PM SL time to at least 9 PM, possibly longer. The music will be provided by DJ Fuzzball Ortega, which will be also broadcasted on Krypton Radio.

Steelhead (74, 155, 26

Scam Alert

Be warned!!

There IS a scam going around of people claiming to be from Microsoft Corporation. That your computer is heavily infected and they want to assist you in removing this infection that is hindering or corrupting your computer.

There I was, just in from work and I get a unknown phone call showing a unknown number.

(Red Flag One)

The person introduced themselves as a service tech from Microsoft Corporation. That my computer was reported as one on their list as being heavily infected. 

(How would they know this?  Red Flag two) 

The gentleman, obviously from India with his accent proceeded to walk me through the steps of opening up my computer management window

Steps as Follows:
1)Click Start
2) Hover over my computer option and right click
3)Select “Manage”
The computer management window opens

 (Oh wow, neat. I had wondered where that was)

The gentleman proceeded to have me to look at the left side for the option of “Event Viewer”  once found to click and open that.  He then instructed me to look for an option of “Application”, once found to click it and open it. 

(This guy knows his stuff, ok I’ll play along)

He then had me to scroll down the middle window and look for errors and warnings.  This guy said “If you have more then 5 to 10 of these errors or warnings, that your computer has been compromised.” 

(I at this point was thinking, “Oh sh*t he’s right I got a bug in my system”)

This technician further proceeded to have me to look back to the left side under “Window Logs”  and look for “System”.  That I had to click and open that as well. The middle window populates and the tech again warns me not to click anything here, that I could inadvertently cause damage but to again look for errors and alerts. Again anything over 5 to 10 of these and it is confirmed that my system was compromised. As I scrolled down and looked at all these errors and alerts, I got pissed at myself because I had somehow allowed my computer to be infected.

This computer tech now tells me to minimize the computer management window and open my web browser. He was going to assist me in removing this infection.

(I at this point was like, “Cool, I gets help to rid myself and my computer of these problems”)

I opened my web based browser, Google Chrome and the tech tells me to type, “” in the address bar. I being a na├»ve fool did so and went to the Teamviewer website.  As soon as I seen what this was I stopped. Teamviewer is one those pieces of software that you use to give complete access of your computer to somebody else. 

(Jazzy sense tingling and a HUGE red flag waving in my face)

I immediately opened another tab and googled “people calling from Microsoft claiming to be helping with errors” Now what you think I found there?

“Hoax Microsoft Windows security calls..”
“Beware cold calls from people claiming to be from Microsoft”
Scam Alert..”
I chose the 4rth option on the list “I received a phone call from Microsoft claiming I have a virus”

This window opens:

Oh wow somebody else had the exact type of call and was cautious.  Scrolling down the list of answers I seen one statement that stood out that rang true.

“If you have not opened an incident (ticket for Support) with Microsoft, they do not contact you.”

Good ole Jazzy sense saves my bacon yet again.  I then asked the “tech” why after years of faithful service and all the tickets I’ve filed, that they decided to call and attempt to help now. Why I had to download Teamviewer, and why would I want to give complete  access of my computer to a complete stranger.

He sputtered, mumbled and tried to say again that he had my best interests in mind.  Sure he did.. bastard just wanted access to my computer, these same people have been reported to get access, make unwanted changes and to also leave a virus on your computer that gathers your personal information, your banking information and your browsing history and then send it to wherever in the world so they can steal your life, your funds and your livelihood. 

I was pissed at this point at both this “tech” for leading me on. At myself because I almost bought into his scam. Immediately I hung up and deleted the install file for the Teamviewer software that I had downloaded.  Used the suggestions given at and did a complete scan on my computer

“Run the Microsoft Malicious Removal Tool

Start - type in Search box -> MRT  find at top of list - Right Click on it - RUN AS ADMIN.”

While that scan was running I read down further that I should report this scam to the proper authorities.

Needless to say now the Federal Trade Commission knows that these scammers have targeted my area.

Can go here for more information:
Also while I had the lady on the horn, I had my number put on the National No Call Registry

For an extra kick in the pants, tomorrow I’ll be making a call to my states Attorney General’s office to report this scam. Per the instructions of the lady that I spoke with of the FTC.

Listen folks, these people are good! They make themselves sound like the real deals but know that Microsoft WILL never call your home or place of business. Microsoft will never ask for access to your personal computer or business computer.

Watch for the red flags, unknown numbers, instructions for you to download any type of software that gives them complete access to your computer.  Once you see these, stop the call.. Stop the scam and report it right then.  Report it to your local law enforcement, the Federal Trade Commission.  Just let people know, all your friends and family; let them know to be on the watch for these scammers that would fleece them without thinking.  That scan I did of my malicious software was detected.

Parting words:
Never, never, never, NEVER give a complete stranger access to your computer. Not through software or just sitting in front of it. You don’t know what they might do or leave you.

Jasmine Dawn Shuftan

SL Video: Qwark Allen at Osiris Stage, Burn2 2012

DJ Qwark Allen, partner of SL Newser's Gemma Cleanslate, performs at Burn2's Osiris Stage.

Submitted by Gemma Cleanslate

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Cartoon of the Day

Another good one with Jasmine's help. I forget who came up with the quote, but it's become a Facebook Halloween favorite.

By Bixyl & Jasmine Dawn Shuftan

Luskwood Celebrates Nine Years

Last weekend, the residents of Luskwood, the longest lasting community in Second Life, celebrated their ninth anniversary. And what a celebration it was. With several live performers, and one local favorite DJ, it was a time that the denziens of the Big Tree would fondly remember.

Read more in Events.

Advertise at the Newser

Interested in bringing attentions to your place of business?

Maybe you have a farm with horses that you’d like to get better business?

How would you my friends like to see your businesses improve?

Have you considered a inexpensive ad in a Internet based newspaper?

Well then, stop asking questions, Stop the “I wonder..”  and the “What if’s”

Come talk to the fine folks over at the SL Newser, your source of news about the people, places things, and events across Second Life. You can have one posted right in their Classified Ads section. With three great options, the Advertorial, the Classified and the Sponsorship. You can bring all kinds of attention to your place of business. All you have to do is simply contact the folks at SL Newser.
Check us out at:

There is the option of contacting the Editor & Chief Bixyl Shuftan or any of the Reporters simply by sending them an IM or a notecard. Please note that IM’s are liable to be cut off due to being capped.

Try sending an email to the Editor at

Gemma Cleanslate, Grey Lupindo, Xymbers Slade, Grease Coakes

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Events This Week in Second Life from Oct 23 to Oct 29

It's a week full of events in Second Life. The big event this week is of course the Burn2 festival, going on all week to Sunday night. But there are other happenings, from Halloween parties to a bomber contest. And of course our reguarly scheduled DJ music events, story and poetry readings, church sessions, races, and talk shows.

Read the list in Events this Week.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Shockwave and the Sunweaver Movie Night

It's Sunday night in Second Life, and a few hours left in the weekend before it's off to bed and then getting up for the Monday grind. Perhaps spend it watching a movie with some fellow residents. One such theater is run by Shockwave Yareach in the Sunweaver Estates, open once a week for the Sunday Night Matinee. Grease Coakes had a few words with Shockwave about this, and other activities of his.

Read Grease's story in People.

Going to the Burn

This weekend, the Burn2 art and music festival began, with six sims and eight days of artistic exhibits, DJ events, and live musicians. Bixyl Shuftan wanted to see what the Burners had to offer this year, and dropped in for a look.

Read the article in Events, or if you're in a hurry, head to Burning Man - Deep Hole, (84, 9, 24)

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Cartoon of the Day

At the Luskwood Birthday, Jasmine has a little fun with a "cake hat."

By Bixyl Shuftan, w help from Jasmine Dawn Shuftan

The Zindra Fleshmob Project

Ginnette Pinazzo of Zindra contacted Second Life Newser about an event the adult continent will he having soon, "The Zindra Fleshmob Project." The project is described as "part art installation, part publicity for Zindra, part photography exhibit, all wild fun!"

The location will not be revealed until just before the event. Those interested are asked to keep an eye on the Fleshmob Project Page (link may not be safe for work). For more information, contact Ginnette Pinazzo, and join the Zindra Expo group.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Burn2 Starts Today

Today at 12 Noon, Second Life time, the Burn2 art and music festival finaly begins after months of preparation.

BURN2 is an extension of the Burning Man festival and community into the world of Second Life. It is an officially sanctioned Burning Man regional event, and the only virtual world event out of more than 100 real world Regional groups, and the only Regional to burn the Man!

The BURN2 Team spreads Burning Culture and Burning Man Ten Principles year round in Second Life, culminating in an annual major festival of community, art and fire in the fall - a virtual echo of Burning Man itself.

"BURN2 will again be on the virtual playa! We'll be opening the gates on the 20th of October to six regions full of art, music, and fire!"
For the Burn2 website:
Burning Man - Deep Hole, (84, 9, 24)

Press Relese: Ballet Pixelle's Couleurs De La Danse

"Couleurs De La Danse" will play for the last time this season tomorrow on Sunday, Oct 21, SL time. Following this will be a gala ball.

The performance will be at Quat (43, 14, 10)

SL Video: "Gangnam Furry Style Second Life"

A "Gangnam Style" tribute by Soniccity Fitzroy. The craze it seems keeps going and going.

Friday, October 19, 2012

Burn2 is Ready

It is finally here! The day before the opening of Burn2 in SL!  for those unfamiliar with the burn.  Thursday, the press crowded the playa taking pictures and looking at everything, meeting the main people involved in all  the work that has been going on behind the scenes and on the playa itself. 
Emcee Widget, regional representative was available at the communications area, as were Neeks Karu (left), Buttermilk Panacek, Jeanbaptiste of the Lamplighters, Barbs Kurka of performance, and more. I took some pictures of amazing sights you will see when you arrive at the gate and enter the playa. Ub Yifi has some permanent greeters in place LOL. The real greeters will be there too with information on where to go and what to do. 
I can finally show some of the marvelous creations awaiting you. The Guru Stage is magnificent. The Temple is lovely. The man stands tall. Neeks Karu had a lot to do with the building and overseeing or happenings on the playa every day during the building.  So much work went into the preparation. Everyone is to be thanked when you see them on the playa! 
Get ready to party! 
For more pictures, go to Design.

Also, check out Daniel Voyager's article Here
Gemma Cleanslate

Press Release: Luskwood Turns Nine

Can you believe it? Luskwood is already turning 9! This weekend we're having a party to celebrate!

Come join us starting Friday Night, as we celebrate the 9th anniversary of Second Life's longest running community! There will be DJs, Dancing, blinky lights, and plenty of awesome live music!

Check for the full schedule of events! We keep adding more as we get closer to the date, so keep checking back! See you there!

Remember! All times are in SLT!

Saturday, Oct 20 2012 @ 12:00pm SLT: Keeba Tammas
Saturday, Oct 20 2012 @ 1:00pm SLT: Shannon Oherlihy
Saturday, Oct 20 2012 @ 2:00pm SLT: Alazarin Mondrian
Saturday, Oct 20 2012 @ 4:00pm SLT: Quinton Whitman
Saturday, Oct 20 2012 @ 5:00pm SLT: Frogg and Jaycatt
Saturday, Oct 20 2012 @ 6:00pm SLT: Canon Organiser
Saturday, Oct 20 2012 @ 7:00pm SLT: Guest DJ from the H-Bomb
Sunday, Oct 21 2012 @ 2:00pm SLT: Social Events (Open Mic, etc)

Luskwood, Lusk (215, 169, 61)

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Pets Sanctuary

Looking for a place that has a variety of breedable pets and pet supplies, or at least can tell you where to get the? The Pets Sanctuary at Atlantis World has a number of critters to offer from familiar bunnies to more niche, less common pets. And when you're done with shopping, the nearby SpiritValley Studios club offers DJ music events.

Read more in Places.

Bryn Oh Discusses "Virginia Alone" at Immersiva

Following the tour of Virtual Hallucinations on Sunday, October 14th, Bryn Oh gave a discussion about her "Virginia Alone" Exhibition at Immersiva. Among the residents there were a class brought in by a college teacher, many whom had just joined the Grid. About forty people were in the sim at one point. Unfortunetly due to a number of technical glitches that day, a number crashed. For about an hour, Bryn described what inspired her to do the exhibition, and answered some questions about it, inviting all to explore the house afterwards.

Immersiva (21, 127, 21)

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Cartoon of the Day

Once again, the vampire bat's out to be a pain in the neck. I wonder if garlic bread's ordered a lot more at Halloween.

Bixyl Shuftan

Virtual Hallucinations

Gentle Heron recently gave a few tours of a virtual facility called "Virtual Hallucinations," an exhibition designed to teach residents about Schizophrenia. With it's voices, the exhibit was unique and informative. But some might find it a little too disturbing to experience.

Read more in Places.

Family Fun at Dreams of Hope

 One day I was invited to a fishing contest at Dreams of Hope. It was such a sweet looking sim.  I went back to check it out. Daviano Jack Constantine and Shelby Marie Constantine have created a playland for SL kids and their families. It is a safe place for SL kids and is  bustling with activities to suit all ages, but catering to the SL kids who know how to have fun!  
There are fishing contests, of course, and hiking, horse riding and biking trails through lush greenery. You can take a boat ride if you want. I liked the playground with all the toys to play with. Camp weekends are planned so families can get together.  I attended a story reading time that was great.  Daviano read a cute story to the kids who attended and had lots of comments to make about it. 
One morning I was able to get to a breakfast and met some of the kids. One had the most fun ribbing the others and hoping to avoid getting sent to “time out”!! I did notice that Daviano want off to make coffee while Shelby was left to be the ”bad one,” LOL! There was lots of burping and belching and giggles. 
I asked one of the kids, Brandon, what he liked about the group and told me,”I came on SL back in February. I found the camp purely by accident. It caught my eye right away. I loved the look of it. Holly did such a wonderful job. I started coming regularly. We had camp on the weekend and went on field trips, listen story, dressed up and had dance contest, colored Easter eggs and much more. Its one of my favorite sims and hope it stays around for a long time. Its changed so much but everyone there is very close. Like a family.“ 
The food was good too, bacon and eggs. There are parties several days a week in the amphitheater with live entertainers and also DJs with contests for “best in.“  Everyone who attends has a lot of fun. Take a trip over to see the sim and join the group. If you really like it you can rent a place there.

Gemma Cleanslate

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Events This Week in Second Life from Oct 16 to Oct 22

It's a week of events in Second Life. This Saturday, after a year of preparation, the Burn2 mega-event begins. For over a week, there will be six sims with over a hundred artists & builders with their exhibitions and dozens more live music performers and DJs. The Halloween-themed events continue, with numerous spooky happenings. And of course there are the regularly scheduled live music and DJ events, book and poetry readings, talk shows, church services, and races.

Read more in Events this Week.

"Spooktacular Snapshot Contest" from Linden Lab

Linden Lab announced in the official Second Life forums a Halloween screenshot contest, with 5,000 Lindens for the winner.

Capture your costume in a snapshot and share that with us in the forums for a chance to win L$5000!

Take an inworld image that you feel really captures the spirit of your costume. Get creative — but keep it clean. You could win L$5,000 or L$1000 for your efforts! Read all the contest details and then submit your snapshot.

There will be one grand prize winner (L$5000) and three runners-up (L$1000 each).

Entries can be posted from now through November 12, 2012 (at 11:59 p.m. PT). Take your snapshot, save the image to your computer so you can upload your submission for the contest. Check out the Official Contest Forum.

Votes will start at 12:10 AM PT on November 13, 2012 and last until noon PT on November 20, 2012. To vote for your favorite, simply Kudo the image of your choice. Only one vote per person!

For the complete page, including the rules, Click Here.

To see some of the entries, Click Here

Monday, October 15, 2012

Review of World of Warcraft's "Mists of Pandaria," Part Two

Last week, we had the first half of our review of the latest expansion of World of Warcraft, "Mists of Pandaria," in which we described the new player race and continent. Today, we look at other features in the game, such as the new Pet Battle System. We also look at the response the expansion is getting and how well it's been doing for Blizzard in it's first few days.

Read the second part of the review in Extra.

Haunted Enchantment Isle

The Enchantment Island Haunted, Spooky, Ghosts and Creepy is my third haunted house to visit. Luckily there is a notecard that you will use to help you enjoy all the fun in the house. The visit to the dining room is eye opening. Have a seat! A very spooky skeleton band will entertain you in the music room. 

There are interactive activites if you look for them. Have a seat in the living room and you will see a delightful skeleton who dances just for you.  Watch that fire place in the living room . Climb the stairs to the upper floor and knock on the doors . The master bedroom is full of fun to find. The attic is especially poignant as you listen to the voices of the children and find their toys scattered about. You wonder what happened to them all. 

This house was built by Aragon Sommer with Bambitwice Nightly of the Museum of Illusions and Magic, about which I wrote last year. Hidden places await you, just have to find them. Luckily for us there are clues in the notecard. After you visit the house, outside the gate there is a teleport to the store where you can actually take home some of the parts of the house, or all of it!

Gemma Cleanslate

Happy Anniversary Cova

Covadonga Writer, a longtime friend of SL Newser and a coworker of some of the crew in the days of SL Newspaper, celebrated the five year anniversary of her partnership with Ruffian Offcourse with a party. The bash went on for two hours on Friday October 12th from 7 to 9PM SL time.

Happy Anniversary Cova

Technical Difficulties

Still offline, for whatever reason. Hopefully this will soon change.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Friday, October 12, 2012

Review of World of Warcraft's "Mists of Pandaria," Part One

It's been a couple weeks since the "Mists of Pandaria" expansion came out for World of Warcraft, the most popular multiplayer online game. Bixyl Shuftan had something of a late start due to technical difficulties, but eventually getting in and seeing what was new.

Read more in Extra.

Protest Art at Art India Gallery

Last week I attended the opening of a most entertaining exhibit at Art India Gallery in Shekhawati which is curated by Quan Lavender.  As I entered there was a protest going on performed by Saveme OH that lasted about 15 minutes. I guess it was fitting.  

Many of the famous artists of SL were in attendance to view and vote for their favorite form of protest art. The participating artists are: Betty Tureaud, CaraMia Quan, Corcosman Voom, Eupalinos Ugajin, Hugo Krell, London Junkers, Noni Abeyante, Pol Jarvinen, Queen Bish, Riali Sandalwood, Secret Rage, Silene Christen and Sisi Biederman. Prices will be given in 3 categories: 3D art scripted, 3D art non scripted and 2D art. The winners will be voted by public votings and a jury, consisting of art historian and art blogger Rowan Derryth, artist and curator Ux Hax, and art blogger and curator Quan Lavender. 

I was impressed with all the art and found several favorites. Nomination of winners will be at November 23. Quan told me, ”I am glad that so many great entries are here. I think the exhibition is really interesting.”  When you visit you are allowed to vote for as many of the exhibits as you like and you can pick up a notecard about the artist. You may want to visit more than once to really absorb the meaning of the pieces. I plan to return. 

Public voting closes November 18 so you will have plenty of time to enjoy.   

Gemma Cleanslate

Press Release: Virtual Hallucinations

Discover what it is like to live with Schizophrenia. This clinic was built so people who do not have schizophrenia can experience a bit what life is like for those who do have this form of mental illness. It was built by professors and honors students from the University of California, Davis.

You can go on your own, or we can go as a small group at one of these times:
FRI Oct 12, noon SLT
SAT Oct 13, 4pm SLT
SUN Oct 14 10am SLT

Also, Bryn Oh at Sunday Oct 14 11 AM will give a tour of her "Virginia Along" exhibit about a nearly blind elderly woman with Schizophrenia.

Johnny Cash's Childhood Home in Second Life

Earlier Second Life Newser stated it planned to do an article on a virtual replica of the house Johnny Cash grew up in. Unfortunetly, time constrants and breaking news put those plans aside. Fortunetly Geo Meek did a few snapshots of the place and put them up.

Geo Meek's Virtual Outworlding article can be found Here. The house can be found in ASU Dyess Colony (56, 213, 23).

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Derrick Zane: Self-Proclaimed SL Wrestling God or Just A Man With A Passion?

Charlotte Bombastic, whom earlier sent SL Newser her interview with the Digital Wrestling Round Table's producer, is back with another interview. Here, she interviews Derrick Zane, co-founder of Over the Edge Wrestling. Derrick had a few things to say about the virtual wrestling scene, from how he got involved to certain terms unfamiliar to those new to the sport, and a little of what he does when away from the mat.

Read the interview in People.

Stations of the Cross at Via Dolorosa

 Recently, I heard of a Christian sim named Via Dolorosa. Here, residents are invited to virtually relive Christ's carrying of the cross in his journey to Calvary.

We are all asked by Jesus to carry our cross; this sim is the Via Dolorosa where you re-enact the final steps of our Lord to His crucifixion and the Empty Tomb.  At Station 2 you are given a cross to wear and it follows a track for you through the 14 stations of the cross.  Again, this is a must see.... must experience... and reminder of our own cross that we bear.  Peace & blessings - Pet Karu

Via Dolorosa gets its name from the street in ancient Jerusalem believed to be the path Jesus walked carrying the cross, also called the "Way of Grief." Like the real life Via Dolorosa, there are fourteen Stations of the Cross. In real life, the Stations are shrines to "help the faithful to make a spiritual pilgrimage of prayer, through meditating upon the chief scenes of Christ's sufferings and death." The crosses are picked up at the second Station, with a smaller one available for child avatars.

The journey will take approximately 15 minutes to complete the 14 Stations. Your avatar will be fully animated via a scripted tour as you travel to each Station. Each of the 14 Stations are marked by a gold disk on the ground, a plaque and an artistic representation on the wall. Upon arriving at each Station, simple touch the plaque on the wall to receive the Station description. A local chat message will whisper that you have arrived at each Station.

Via Dolorosa is run by the Sacred Fish Group.

"We hope you are touched by this experience."

Via Dolorosa (90, 182, 23)

Bixyl Shuftan