Wednesday, October 10, 2012

"Welcome to Hell" at Challenges

 Now that I have recovered from  my visit to The Corner Haunted House ( link to story), I can tell you about another one you will not want to miss! This one created by Hotnwildinnc Solo and Felgood812 is at Challenges. 

The sign at the door is a warning! Welcome to Hell.  If you enter, be prepared for the worst.  There are bloody footprints to follow as your guide through the maze of rooms, each filled with disaster. Every step becomes an adventure as you weave your way through the darkness. Strange images appear as well as torture machines that give more than goose bumps. 

Be wary! Things appear and disappear. The descent into Hell is rapid and unexpected. Fortunately there is a way out! But, it is not over yet. The maze continues. 

For lovers of Halloween this is a real treat!!  Get ready for it! Don’t miss the outside ghouls either!  

Gemma Cleanslate

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