Friday, April 12, 2024

Reader Submitted: Tutu For The Relay

 On Sunday April 7, The Second Life Cheerleading Squad and the Cure Chasers were holding a joint fundraiser. At one point, Alison Flow announced in Relay chat, "Just 3K more at the cheerleaders funday get cure chaser Bill Wheelwright into a tutu for the rest of the day. can we get some remote support for that?!!" To which Bill responded, "ALISON!!"
The Newser was sent a picture and some transcripts from Lady Ren 'Superjinx' Flow (Ren Float) and Alison Flow. See and read in People

EOTB: April 2024 Mobile Viewer Update

 A few days ago, Linden Lab announced it had published new versions of it's mobile viewer, for both Android and IOS. Among the improvements, avatars that used a deformer for their shape and didn't load correctly in earlier versions should show properly now.

New Android and iOS Alpha builds were published Wednesday, April 3rd.

We’ve been working hard for the last two months and are excited to share some major steps forward for the mobile client -- correctly displaying avatars and teleport improvements have been at the top of the list.

If your avatar depends on an avatar shape deformer, you should immediately notice the changes to avatar rendering! Avatars that didn’t render at all before, or didn’t look the way you intended, now render correctly.

Also mentioned was improved teleporting, less likely to get stuck on the loading screen, And if you're in a place with music streaming, you'll be able to use more normal controls to start or stop it.
Teleports are also greatly improved – no more getting stuck on a loading screen! If you’re on a parcel with streaming audio, you’ll now be able to use standard audio controls to stop/start and change the volume (tap main menu > tap the audio metadata at the bottom of the screen).  We also found and fixed some issues with the order of group chat messages.
Currently, the mobile viewer remains in a "private alpha" status, with access limited to Premium Plus residents, who need to apply to be on the list to use it.
For the blog post in full, Click Here

Announcement: Honoring Our Troops Fundraising Hunt

Splintered Creations and Homes For Our Troops proudly presents an Honoring Our Troops Fundraising Hunt.
This runs from April 1, 2024-April 30, 2024
22 Items in the Hunt and all priced at 5L each with the proceeds going directly to Homes For Our Troops.
You are looking for a square Hunt Prim that has the Homes For Our Troops logo on it.

The hunt prims are spread out around the sim.  Check buildings, sides of things, garden, terraces etc.  The goal is to have fun and help raise funds for a worthy cause.  


SinclaireWorthington/Splintered Creations

Addition: The squares need to be paid 5L for you to get the prize

This Saturday at The Science Circle

Saturday April 13

    At 10 AM PST   

    A History of Quantum Mechanics
    By Robert Lawson Brown
    The Science Circle (72,129,30)
    NOTE: Non-members required to register once
    IM Jes Cobalt or Nymf Hathaway

╚══════════════════════════════ The Science Circle (72,129,30) ═╝

Thursday, April 11, 2024

Disney Tribute "Magicland" About to Close

 Some sad news for Disney fans in Second Life. Two days ago on Tuesday April 9, the owners of Magicland Park, a tribute to Disneyland, announced the place would soon be closing. 

Every good thing comes to an end and it's unfortunately time for us to say goodbye to Magicland Park. THANK YOU to everyone who has supported us over the last 15 years. This has been an amazing incredible journey that we were fortunate to be able to share with all of you. Magicland Park was a labor of love and we enjoyed this journey we were on.

 It was with a heavy heart that we came to this decision, but our lives have moved us into a different direction.

 We hope that you enjoyed the moments you had here with us on this amazing journey. Magicland Park's last day of operation will be Sunday, April 14, 2024. So grab your friends and family, come on down and take a last spin on the teacups or a final trip back through time on the Carousel of Progress. We have our favorite attractions and know that you do too.

Thank you for all your support and encouragement over all these years.
So there are just a few more days for visitors to come by. Besides walking around, one can check out the rides. There's a "Star Tours" attraction in which riders go on a ship supposedly piloted by R2D2. There's the "Captain EO" ride which is around a Michael Jackson music video. There's the "Carousel of Progress" which shows how households have progressed through the 20th century. And more. 

Once again, the last day the park will be scheduled to be up is Sunday April 14.

Bixyl Shuftan

Wednesday, April 10, 2024

Cartoon of The Day: Don't Laugh

 Taken at the shopping event. Not sure what inspired that fashion statement, but my imagination came up with a few things.

By Bixyl Shuftan


Bellisseria Anniversary Grounds And Bubbles

Gemma Cleanslate has been busy. With Bellisseria celebrating it's anniversary, she was at the Fairgrounds checking the sights and the tours and other activities. She also checked out Cica Ghost's newest art exhibition, "Bubbles," featuring creatures under the sea.

Read Gemma's story in Places.

EOTB: New Last Names For Second Life Residents

 Yesterday, Tuesday April 9, Linden Lab announced twelve new last names as options for residents to change to.

Happy spring! Thank you for all the suggestions sent in for future last names through our Last Name Suggestion Form

Today we are doing another big last name refresh by removing some of the older last name options and adding the following new ones from your suggestions:

The new names are Firehart, Ravenwood, Zennor, Whisperwind, Starforge, Xochitl, Finchfield, Azalea, Seabrink, Pawprint, Morehead, and Osbourn.

 As a reminder, changing one's last name isn't free, but requires a fee, which can range from $49.99 to $14.99 USD, depending on the level of one's account membership.

Tuesday, April 9, 2024

Events This Week at the Sunweaver and Montecito Bay Clubs, and Club Scorn

Here's what's going on at the Sunweaver and Montecito Bay clubs.

Club Cutlass: Good or Bad, Light Colors, Fantasy and Medieval

Happy Vixen: DJ Malit, DJ Arooo, DJ Snowy, DJ Mattie, DJ Kasi, DJ Squeaks, DJ Khyra

Club Zero Gravity: Deer, Rabbits, and Skunks

Bouncing Bunny Beach Club: Glow

Xanadu: DJ Jesse  

Moon Dance: DJ Cynthia 

Club Squeaks: DJ Squeaks
Montecito Bay:  CAYA, After Dark

Club Scorn: DJ Charlee, Morning Show, Breakfast Show, DJ Aldi, DJ Poison, DJ Charlee, DJ Malit, DJ Gwen
Read the schedules in SL Clubbin'

Announcement: Bellisseria Swagginator Hunt

 Those crazy Moles did it again! A Swaginator hunt! YAY!

Prizes: 5 prizes for this hunt
Dates: April 2nd - April 30th
Prize Locations: All over Bellisseria

Starting point: Get your Swaginator HUD here!

How to play: Put on your Swaginator HUD and pay attention to local chat! In local it will give your hints on where to go to search for each prize! You must be wearing your HUD to collect the prizes!

Please do not give out exact locations to each prize. If you are having trouble please note that on Thursday April 11th at 5 pm slt the Drivers of SL will be holding a Rally which will drive you to each location of the Swagniator hunt. After the Rally they will host a party with the SLCS Cheerleaders at the Bellisseria 5th Anniversary Regions. You will be able to find more information about this tour and party on the forums.


Monday, April 8, 2024

Veterans Isle Raises Over 115,000 Lindens at Bennefit

 On Sunday April 7, Veterans Isle had it's monthly fundraising concert. The event, which took place high above the sim, was to benefit the Homes For Our Troops charity. The benefit ran for four hours from 12 to 4PM SL time. It was organized in part by SL musician Frets Nirvana.
Today is the day of our monthly benefit for Homes For Our Troops folks ...come out for a great afternoon of music for a great cause. 
DJ Zack (Zack221 Filler) started things up at Noon SL time with his selection of tunes. At 1PM SL time, it was Nina Rose Setner's turn on stage. Frets himself started up his guitar at 2PM. Last but not least was Roxy Chronotis, who at 3PM started playing for the final hour. 
As the performers did their music, the audience danced away, donating Lindens to two house-shaped kiosks on either side of the stage, "Thanks for the kind donation for Homes For Our Troops, rest assured your donation will go directly to HFOT to help our severely injured veterans." There were also people matching larger donations, "Someone put 250 linden in that left kiosk and I will match it. ... Someone put 150 in right kiosk ...I will put in 350 in right kiosk."

At the end of the event, a total of 115,060 Linden dollars had been raised in both kiosks.

To learn more about Homes for Our Troops check

Bixyl Shuftan

Press Release: Fantasy Faire 2024 - April 18 to May 5

Celebrating its sixteenth year, Fantasy Faire 2024 is the largest gathering of fantasy designers, enthusiasts, roleplayers and performers in the virtual world. From Thursday, April 18 to Sunday May 5, treat yourself to shopping, dance and theater performances, DJ parties, auctions, questing, our Literary Festival, fantasy art, events and roleplaying as thousands of Second Life residents and creators bring their own visions together to support the American Cancer Society’s vision of a world without cancer.

You’ll find fantasy avatars, clothing, furnishings, gadgets and exclusive items available from over 300 of Second Life’s top Fantasy Creators across 20 stunning regions designed by the visionary artists behind many of the most adored spots on the Second Life destination guide.

In addition to the sixteen shopping regions there will also be Faireland realms that take us beyond commerce and give us places to celebrate together as a community.  Party with fairies, demons and tinies at the Fairechylde. Adventure with the Bard Queen as you complete the Fairelands Quest. Explore the Fairelands on the Litfest Tours. Immerse yourself in a world of stories with the Litfest, Roleplay and Performance events. Remember loved ones with the Memorial Garden and embrace new dreams with the Worldling Cradle.

Fantasy Faire 2024 will be open to the public April 18 – May 5, full eighteen days. The SLurl to the event will be found on the website on our opening day. We welcome you to come and join the story.

Fantasy Faire 2024 is made possible by the generous support of our Region and Event Sponsors, all of whom you can learn more about on the Faire’s website. For more information please contact one of the Faire coordinators:

Are you or a loved one battling cancer? Find out how many ways the American Cancer Society is there to help. Visit or call (US) 800-227-2345.

Sunday, April 7, 2024

Cartoon of The Day: A Mystery How To Get Paid

 Taken at Club Scorn. It was never revealed where Shaggy & Scooby got their money. And they never seem to run out of Scooby Snacks. So might they try on occasionally bartering the latter for things?

By Bixyl Shuftan


Friday, April 5, 2024

VWBPE - Virtual Worlds Education Roundtable

The Virtual Worlds Best Practices in Education conference took place from Thursday March 14 to March 16. But not everyone could be there, and some who were could see only a little. But there were smaller events after the conference was officially over. One was a "roundtable" on Thursday March 21. Editor Bixyl Shuftan happened to be available, and dropped by.

Read Bixyl's story in Events.

SL21B Theme Chosen, Lab Announces Applications For Exhibitors Being Accepted


This year’s Birthday theme is Elements. This theme invites us to explore the fundamental components that make up our vast virtual landscape and the diverse communities within it. From the fiery passion of creators and artists to the fluid adaptability of our social environments, from the solid bonds within our communities to the fresh breezes of innovation that propel us forward, "Elements" is a celebration of the core forces that shape our experiences in Second Life.

As in the past few SLB events, exhibits are not required to be in theme. There will also be a separate adult-themed exhibition area apart from the main general-audience rated area. In the application form exhibitors need to fill out, it was stated exhibits cannot be commercial, "this is a party, not a mall or sales fair," gifts were okay, tip jars are not, bots are not allowed, political themes and what the Lab considered "hate material" are not allowed, and more. 

Applications need to be turned in by Sunday May 12. The event itself lasts from June 21st to July 21st, a full month of "fun-filled days of live music, performances, shopping, and amazing community exhibits!"

Stay tuned for more details.

Bixyl Shuftan

Flickr Pictures of Burnal Equinox

For those who couldn't make the Burnal Equinox last month, Rui Costa had some pictures on her Flickr. Click here to check out the album page.

"Eclipse Timer" On Sale In Marketplace

 There's been more than a little talk about the "Great Solar Eclipse." As it turns out, there's an "Eclipse Timer" that says it will allow owners to have their own eclipse in their sim. 
The Eclipse Timer brings the celestial dance of the moon and sun to your virtual world, culminating in a total eclipse at intervals you choose. Now featuring, garden dome and wearable, versions in the box, this elegant and realistic timepiece doubles as a decorative masterpiece and an interactive gadget. Control rotation, lighting (Basic, Local, Advanced, or Off), and timing with simple chat commands. Enjoy this cosmic display as a static piece on your land or a wearable accessory for on-the-go fascination.
There's no reviews yet, so not sure yet how good the product is. 

This Saturday at The Science Circle

 Saturday April 6

    At 10 AM PST   

    Swimming With The (Pep)tides
    By Stephen L. Gassior
    The Science Circle (72,129,30)
    NOTE: Non-members required to register once
    IM Jes Cobalt or Nymf Hathaway

╚══════════════════════════════ The Science Circle (72,129,30) ═╝

Thursday, April 4, 2024

Reader Submitted: April Fool At Club Cutlass

 Pictures from Rita Mariner (top two) and Cynthia Farshore (second two). At the party at Club Cutlass on Wednesday April 3, there was a surprise for community leader Rita Mariner and the others. The club had been painted pink.

 April Fool's Day might have been Monday, but for the club, it had to wait a couple of days.

 Rita remarked, "I see someone was ill, at cutlass, they spilled 'pepto bismol' everywhere," then gagged at the color.

 Cynthia's response was to say the movie at Feral Theater on Sunday would be Operation Petticoat. 
Club Cutlass is at Sunweaver Bay (114/117/757), and has events Wednesday, Fridays, and Saturdays 6 to 8PM. SL time. 

Wednesday, April 3, 2024

EOTB: Linden Lab Lowers Weight of Mesh, Increasing Land Impact Limit

 Some good news for those who like to get the most of what their Second Life land can hold. Yesterday, Tuesday April 2, Linden Lab announced it had lowered the "download weight" of mesh items by fifteen percent, which indirectly increases the Land Impact allowance of sims.

As promised in our PBR Materials announcement last year -- as of this morning’s Second Life server grid roll, we have increased the allowance of Land Impact by lowering mesh Download Weight by 15% for all of Second Life! Since much of Second Life today consists of mesh content, anyone who owns or rents land will see more land impact available on their parcels. 

To see if an item's weight has changed, right click and select "Edit" on it, then check the "More Info" link on the popup (illustration on left).

To read the blogpost in full, Click Here


Cartoon of The Day: Red Faced

 A bakes on mesh error led to my avatar's head turning red. Which made for a picture, and punch line. 

By Bixyl Shuftan

Announcement: HFOT April 2024 Benefit This Sunday


 Frets Nirvana, longtime supporter and contact for Homes For Our Troops in Second Life in conjunction with the US Military Veterans Group, announces the April 2024 benefit for the Veterans Support Organization Home For Our Troops at Veteran’s Isle .

Frets Nirvana states:  “HFOT is a privately funded 501(c) (3) nonprofit organization building specially adapted, mortgage-free homes nationwide for the most severely injured Veterans from Iraq and Afghanistan. Most of these Veterans are multiple amputees, paraplegic, quadriplegic or suffered severe traumatic brain injury (TBI).  Since its inception in 2004, nearly 90 cents of every dollar spent by Homes for Our Troop has gone to directly support Veterans. DURING THAT TIME HFOT HAS BUILT 376 SPECIALLY ADAPTED HOMES NATIONWIDE FOR EXTREMELY INJURED VETERANS.”

Home for Our Troops benefit concerts feature premier Second Life talent monthly at Veteran’s Isle. The April 7, 2024 concert is scheduled from 12-5 pm PST.  Featured artists will be DJ Zack Friller and performers Nina Rose Setner, Frets Nirvana and Noma Falta.

Sponsored by Frets Nirvana and the U.S. Military Veteran’s Group of Second Life.  To learn more about Homes for Our Troops visit

Tuesday, April 2, 2024

Events This Week at the Sunweaver and Montecito Bay Clubs

Here's what's going on at the Sunweaver and Montecito Bay clubs.

Club Cutlass: Lost 60s, Black and White, Purple and Gold

Happy Vixen: TBA, DJ Arooo, DJ Snowy, DJ Mattie, DJ Kasi, DJ Squeaks, DJ Khyra

Club Zero Gravity: Wild or Domestic

Bouncing Bunny Beach Club: Plushies

Xanadu: DJ Jesse  

Moon Dance: DJ Cynthia 

Club Squeaks: DJ Squeaks
Montecito Bay:  CAYA, After Dark
Read the schedules in SL Clubbin'

Announcement: April Fools At Grendels

APRIL FOOLS ~ Touch everything, trust nothing!! 
** April 1 - 31, 2024 **
Take the rockets from the store!  
Brought to you for mostly the 12th time 
by Frog-n-Cat Productions! 

Monday, April 1, 2024

Scenes From the Bellisseria Anniversary Grounds

Bellisseria, the Linden Home continent, turns five years old this month. And there's a month of celebrations planned. Much of them will be taking place at a special Fairgrounds created just for the occasion, one that's been in the works for some time. Gemma Cleanslate went and checked out the place.
Read Gemma's article in Design


Breaking News: PBR Mirror Bug Results in Mirrors Breaking, Seven Days of Bad Luck

 Update: April Fool's!
Linden Lab just announced there's a glitch in the PBR (Physical Based Rendering) code that affects mirrors in Second Life. Part of the glitch is that bumping into mirrors, touching them with an object, or dropping a mirror onto the ground can result in them breaking. 
And when the mirrors break, the person who caused it will go through a number of glitches, such as trouble rezzing, teleporting failures, crashing at sim crossings, difficulties in shopping at Marketplace, and more, for a period of several days. 
Supposedly for most involved, the period of time is seven days. Then the issues all clear up. 

To see Linden Lab's statement, Click Here.

Sunday, March 31, 2024

Reader Submitted: "Happy Easter"

 From DeniseUnicorn Toonie, "Happy Easter from Bunnycorn Denise in Second Life." 


Cartoon of The Day: Happy Easter

 Taken at the Sunbeamer Team HQ in Sunweaver Bay. Bunnies, chocolate and regular, are a part of Easter. But being an animated choco bunny would have some definite disadvantages.

By Bixyl Shuftan

SL Video: "Bellisseria 5th Anniversary Celebration

From Pring Productions on March 29 , "Celebrate 5 years of Bellisseria with us. Bellisseria's 5th Anniversary : April 15th, 2019 - 2024. Celebration runs from April 2nd - April 30th, 2024 @ Bellisseria Fairgrounds."

Saturday, March 30, 2024

Wedcot Center Is Back


Disney Epcot tribute - Celebrate the season with Nightmare Before Christmas, and Haunted Mansion Holiday! Festival of the Holidays, Spaceship Earth, Test Track, with access to mini golf.

The place is still under Trevor Sleydon and is still in the Real Dreams sim. A look at the park's group showed no announcement's in the past month, so it's safe to assume the place came back before the first of the month. The place isn't quite perfect. The "Spaceship Earth" attraction isn't quite working. But some things such as the monorail are. 

The landing location is at

Bixyl Shuftan

SL Video: "Fox On The Beach"


 From Who on May 2016, "Foxy Foxy Foxy"

Friday, March 29, 2024

RFL Sunbeamers: "Bid Me Purple"

The Relay for Life's Sunbeamer team has another "Bid Me" fundraiser going. Liska has joined Bixyl and Charlee Shuftan in putting her appearance on the line with her "Bid Me Purple"

Like the first Bid Me, this fundraiser is taking place at Club Cutlass in Sunweaver Bay (114/117/757), in the room behind the dance floor. Like other Bid Me events, there are two kiosks. To keep Liska a red fox, donate to the default one on the left. To Bid Liska Purple, donate to the kiosk on the right. For every 3000 Linden dollars, rounded down, assuming the change kiosk is higher than the default one, Liska will be purple for a week. A total of 5999 Lindens would mean one week. 6000 L would mean two weeks.

The event ends on Sunday April 21, at which the totals will be made final. The bids are continuing for the other fundraiser "Bid Us Squirrels."
So come and show Liska a "grape" time. 

Sunweaver Bay (114/117/757)
Bixyl Shuftan

In Passing: Arabella Cinquetti, Kei Haru Paws

Sadly, just as death is a part of life, there comes a day when residents of this virtual world go on to "Third Life." And the Newser recently heard about two residents who sadly met their end.
A reliable source recently told the Newser that Arabella Cinquetti, the owner of Lightening Video, had recently passed away. She had gotten the news via a notecard next to her store.

It is with sad news that I share with you all the passing of Arabella Cinquetti, owner of Lightening Video. Ara passes awat surrounded by family. She had been sick for a long time, but her heart couldn't take it any more. She will be missed here in Second Life.
The store and the sim were closed on March 15. As to what this means for the store's videos, the servers remain up, but only for a little longer. They are due to close on April 10. For theaters and home theaters with her products, it is unclear what will happen. They may no longer work, or continue to do so until they eventually break. 

*  *  *  *  *

The Newser was also informed Kei Haru Paws (dante184) had passed away. The cause of death was cancer. He was 31 years old.

*  *  *  *  *

Earlier this month, the Newser reported on the passing of Sylys Sable. He would have a memorial service done in real life, a video of which was made available (click here).

*  *  *  *  *

While not a Second Life resident, Draxtor Despress mentioned the passing of someone who had been on SL media. He recently stated that science-fiction writer Vernor Vinge had passed away. Vinge had appeared on Drax's radio show "The Drax Files" in March 2016 to discuss his sci-fi novel "Rainbow's End," in which cyperspace and virtual reality figure prominently. 
 Rest in peace

Bixyl Shuftan

SL Video: "Bellisseria is turning 5 on April 15, 2024!"


From Pring Productions (and Linden Lab) on March 28, Punky, Magellan Linden, and "Announcer Guy" riff a movie trailer about Bellisseria's upcoming anniversary. 

This Saturday at The Science Circle

 Saturday March 30

    At 10 AM PST   

    Organizer: Chantal Jager
    Discussion: Which Invention Do You Appreciate Most?
    The Lighthouse Cafe
    The Science Circle (225,230,28)
    NOTE: Non-members required to register once
    IM Jes Cobalt or Nymf Hathaway

╚══════════════════════════════ The Science Circle (72,129,30) ═╝

Thursday, March 28, 2024

Announcement: Bellisseria's Fifth Anniversary

"Get ready everyone. We're going to celebrate Bellisseria turning 5 and we're going BIG"
For most of the month of April, the Linden Home continent of Bellisseria will be celebrating it's fifth anniversary. From Tuesday April 2 to Tuesday April 30, Bellisseria Fairgrounds (and a special area) will be the scene of DJ music parties, live singers, dance performances, hunts, art shows, races, special family day events, and of course prizes and gifts

Do YOU Have A Story?


On occasion, Second Life Newser will print an article or picture submitted to us by one of you, the readers.

Have you seen a particularly well-detailed sim? Went to a great event? Found yourself in a hilarious "only in SL" predicament? We're very interested in what you the readers have to say. Send us a story or funny picture, and if we like it, we'll post it as a Reader Submitted. For pictures, jpg format is preferred.
This is where you the readers come in.  On occasion, Second Life Newser will print an article or picture submitted to us by one of you. We're very interested in what you the readers have to say. Send us a story or funny picture, and if we like it, we'll post it as a Reader Submitted. For pictures, jpg format is preferred.

Mail submissions to bixylshuftan(at)

PLEASE include your SL user name and tell us if you wish it to appear with your story.

SL-Newser reserves the right to post in the appropriate section, edit,  and to investigate any names used in submitted stories (please ask permission before using anyone's name or picture that's clearly someone or use an alias for them).

Wednesday, March 27, 2024

Reader Submitted: Goth Unicorn

 From DeniseUnicorn Toonie, "Over at the Happy Vixen at a goth event.  Explains how Denise is goth at the moment (grin) "

RFL Team Sunbeamer Meeting

On Sunday, March, 24 at Noon SL time, members of the Relay for Life's Sunbeamer team held a meeting inworld. The meeting, headed by team captain Rita Mariner, was about reminding people of upcoming events, notably the annual Air Show, on Saturday May the 4rth (which got a couple 'May the Fourth be with you' jokes), and other events such as participating in the Relaystock and the Ren-Faire. We also talked about other possibilities for events.

The "Sunnies" have one weekly event, the Moon Dance, every Thursday at 6 SL time. Head to Sunweaver Space at  (108/113/50) and look for the Moon Cannon.

Bixyl Shuftan

Angels Beach Land Rentals

At the Angels Beach Land Rental Agency, you can find a great new home in Second Life. With many sims to choose from, in the Sunweaver Estates, Hidden Valley, and Purrfection, you can choose from a variety of environments.

We offer places with friendly and interesting neighbors. Some places have a tropical island look, others more temperate. Some of the sims have access to enough water to boat around in. And there are plans later on for an open water sim for even more water activities. The sims are home to a number of quality clubs, such as Cutlass, Zero Gravity, Xanadu, the BBBC, and the Happy Vixen Beach Club. In one sim alone there are two quality clubs that work together so there is no lag from them. There are also some small shopping areas available.

The sims range from Mature to Adult, but the purpose of the adult rating is for a relaxed atmosphere in which couples can relax. The places do not allow for harassment, and while there are vendors that cater to mature tastes they are discreet about it. Spaces available range from small plots to a full homestead that will rent out for only $30,000L's per month. Most of the sims break the parcels down into 512 Sqm parcels and and most have a sliding rent scale, so the more you rent the cheaper it gets. Our prices are VERY competitive here in Second Life.

And if you bring a friend to an Angels Beach area, you get more than just a good neighbor. Anyone that refers a renter to us and they rent land, they will receive 10% of the first months rent. And if someone you know needs help renting out land on his/her sim, bring them to us. Renters who bring in a sim owner needing administration, we will give 10% of our first check.

To learn more, please contact Nydia Tungsten, Brandi Streusel, Jasmine Dawn (Jasmine Knickers), or Matoazma Kazyanenko.

"We pride ourselves on on not just renting land but renting our customers the land you want. We listen to what you tell us on what you are looking for." 

Tuesday, March 26, 2024

Events This Week at the Sunweaver and Montecito Bay Clubs, and Furry Fashion Lounge

Here's what's going on at the Sunweaver and Montecito Bay clubs, and the Furry Fashion Lounge.

Club Cutlass: Out to Sea, Good vs Evil, Easter

Happy Vixen: TBA, DJ Arooo, DJ Snowy, DJ Mattie, DJ Kasi, DJ Squeaks, DJ Khyra

Club Zero Gravity: TBA

Bouncing Bunny Beach Club: Easter?

Xanadu: DJ Jesse  

Moon Dance: DJ Cynthia 

Club Squeaks: DJ Squeaks
Montecito Bay:  CAYA, After Dark

Furry Fashion Lounge: Cute, Fantasy, Pool Party, Katurday, Bunnies
Read the schedules in SL Clubbin'