Tuesday, November 30, 2010

16 Day Womens' Rights Festival in Second Life

Any1 Gynoid takes on a dual role of reporter and activist for a womens' rights event in Second Life. For 16 days, there will be a number of happenings from lectures to music, a few which will be headed by Any1 herself.

Read the schedule in Events.

Podex Exchange

Podex is Linden Lab affiliated company specializing in the exchange of virtual currency (lindens) in the world of Second Life.

We have been successfully operating on Second Life market since May 2007 gradually widening our services by helping avatars to find their own land without registration Premium Account , offering virtual credit card to our best customers and the affiliate program

We are registered as an official Linden Lab reseller and Risk Api operator in Second Life, and we can guarantee the absolute legality of all transactions.

All personal data processing is done outside of Podex by Dotpay, international money transfer company Dotpay. This makes Podex one of the safest services of lindens exchange in Second Life.

We are glad to help you in all cases regarding our services, and in general Second Life matter . Feel free to contact us via our Support page or in Second Life.

Try out our service – thousands of our satisfied customers can not be wrong.

Jacek Shuftan – Podex Exchane CEO

The Podex office is located in the Moonberry sim at (26, 223, 34)

Monday, November 29, 2010

JessicaBelle Aeronautic Projects’ Focke-Wulf Fw 190 "Butcher Bird"

A new maker of Second Life aircraft, JessicaBelle Aeronautic Projects, recently began marketing its first plane, the Focke-Wulf Fw 190 fighter. Easy to fly and versatile, the airplane is very good for both dogfighting and casual flying.

Read the article in Design

Second Life “National Anthem” Contest

After hearing Philip Rosedale declare that, with Second Life, “I’m not building a game; I’m building a country,” Grammy Award-winning songwriter Richard Gilbert [Second Life name: Griffith Parx] was inspired to create a contest to compose a “national anthem” for the popular virtual platform.

To help make the project a reality Gilbert enlisted the aid of his songwriting partner, and fellow Grammy Award-winner, Doug Cotler [Second Life name: Gambe Citron].

Cotler and Gilbert comprised the songwriting team that composed “Manhunt,” which was featured in the movie “Flashdance,” earning the duo a Grammy in 1984.

Cotler, who wrote “The Golem” which was performed by the Seattle Philharmonic Orchestra, performs more than 100 concerts a year. He tours and performs in a full range of music venues, and has appeared with such recognizable artists such as John Denver, Jerry Jeff Walker and Mason Williams.

Gilbert, who co-wrote “Manhunt” with Cotler while on sabbatical from his career in academia, is a professor of psychology and head of the P.R.O.S.E. Project (Psychological Research on Synthetic Environments) at Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles.

Bringing his work at the university into Second Life in 2008, Gilbert has been published for his works on personality, identity, and relationships developed in virtual platforms.

Over the last several years, Gilbert has been instrumental in bringing other LMU departments into Second Life. Four university departments now form what is known as LMVU, or Loyola Marymount Virtual University, within Second Life.

Utilizing resources at their personal disposal, Gilbert and Cotler will award prizes for the contest that include Linden “cash” ranging from L$50,000 to L$10,000. More importantly, the Grand Prize winning song will be recorded at a studio in Los Angeles and posted on iTunes.

The winning song will also be performed at a live Second Life event on July 4, 2011, with a full HD machinima production being created and posted on YouTube.com.

The only rule for the contest is that entries for consideration must use the fully copyrighted lyrics created by Gilbert, which are posted on the contest website. A panel of judges will select 10 finalists and public voting through the contest website will determine the Grand Prize, Second and Third Place winners.

Gilbert and Cotler are the primary sponsors of the contest. Co-sponsors are Pulse Point Marketing, LLC, Mamachinima, and Pixel Labs, while all companies and venues that conduct business within Second Life and participate are also considered co-sponsors through their efforts.

Linden Lab was fully informed about the contest before it began and offered its consent and encouragement to initiate the project. While Linden Lab opted not to officially participate in the contest at the time of inception, Gilbert is hopeful that attention to the project will garner formal interest over time.

Questions may be directed to Griffith Parx in-world or via e-mail at griffithparx@gmail.com

More information at http://www.slanthem.com/

Press Release by Pixel Labs

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Sunday Cartoon

By Bixyl Shuftan

Three Years of “Fox News”

Earlier this month was three years since I took on the job of reporter in Second Life. For me, it was a happy time, with a long “newbie” period behind me and having a couple hangouts and a good group of friends. Looking up websites about Second Life to learn more, I came across Second Life Newspaper, and it’s call for reader submissions. And after sending over a few, its owner and editor, JamesT Juno and Dana Vanmoer, invited me to join them.

It’s been an interesting time, of good moments, and not so good. For me, it was my first job in Second Life, and at doing something I loved: writing. I made a number of friends there, and we had a lot of fun with the workplace parties, and my work getting an audience. I proudly wore the title of “reporter,” considering it an honor here. Although a few people looked at me suspiciously, more than one being mindful of the Grid’s tabloid “The Herald,” most were happy to have me around. And when Dana made me the office manager of Second Life, technically third in charge behind her and James, I felt proud, and happy.

For a long time Second Life Newspaper thrived. We made a deal with a noted land baron, moved to a roomy location, and had a couple classy offices, the second one there quite large. But the land baron went bankrupt, and the owner and manager had to deal with some real life-trouble. Dana’s skill kept the paper afloat, and making a profit for a while longer, but real-life pressures were just to much, and she had to leave.

And so, my perspective changed, from reporter to owner and editor. Not just writing stories, but having the responsibility for owning and running a paper, paying staff, cutting deals and negotiating. While I had done some negotiations before with advertorials under SLN, there was more of that at SL Newser. But with the much-needed help of my staff, and people willing to sponsor and otherwise help out, I persisted. December will mark six months of us under a new name, and as long as my friends keep writing (believe me, without them the paper wouldn't be around) and real-life allows I’ll be continuing to run it and write as long as there’s a grid under my avatar’s virtual fox feet.

Second Life has also changed. When I started, it was still relatively new and shiny in the eyes of the media, articles appearing regularly on the BBC news website and elsewhere. It was even on some broadcast television shows, such as CSI. And it’s population grew steadily. We didn’t have the numbers of “World of Warcraft,” but there was a good deal of optimism, and Philip and Linden Labs, despite their blunders, still had their dreams of a world of possibilities for residents, “Our World, Your Rules,” and plans for the Grid being an ideal place for business meetings and education.

Today, Second Life has demonstrated time and time again it’s possibilities. But seldom does it make headline news any more, usually an occasional mention in computer journals. The Lindens seem to be putting more distance between themselves and the residents, a number of popular ones gone and Philip himself departing (twice) to other pastures. Their plans for Second Life being a place for business meetings has been shelved, and as a place for education put on the back burner. “Our World, Your Rules” is no longer the slogan, but a reminder of simpler times.

But Second Life’s epitaph has been written time and time before. And despite the setbacks it continues to go on, even prosper. Not because of the Lindens, but the residents whom have demonstrated time and time again how creative they can be.

And it’s my pleasure to keep on spreading the word about it, now not just my own accounts, but the reports of trusted friends.

Bixyl Shuftan

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Linden Labs Cracks Down on "Battlestar Galactica" Sims After Universal Studios Complaints

For the past few days, Linden Labs has been going after items and sims connected to the “Battlestar Galactica” television show. Linden Labs is doing so on request from Universal Studios, which owns the copyright to the show.

Linden Labs passed out a notecard to those whose content they took down, stating they were doing so because of complaints by Universal, “Linden Lab respects the rights of both Second Life residents and intellectual property owners. Accordingly, we ask that you discontinue any use of Battlestar Galactica intellectual property in Second Life. You must not use the intellectual property of others unless you have their permission to use it.”

Upon hearing this, Second Life Newser did a search for Battlestar Galactica-themed places. We found a few roleplaying sims still up. One, BSG-47, was reported the next day by New World Notes to have been shut down. But a check showed it was still up, at least the welcome area.

To get some answers from someone directly involved, Second Life Newser contacted Angelica Nephilim, one of the coordinators of “The Colonial Fleet” Battlestat roleplay group.
She stated, “Linden Lab has examined BSG roleplay sims to comply with a Universal Studios request to remove illegal IP violations from the grid. Some regions were deprived of functionality for the time being, others still largely functional. The one I administer, for example, has a request to change the name of the regions and groups as to not use the term "BSG". We have complied with that, awaiting Linden Lab’s approval to change them and are reviewing the sim for other issues.”

Angelica felt trouble with Linden Lab, at least with her group, was resolved, although would be more certain after the holiday weekend. Of other groups, she had heard they had “varying degrees of ... functionality impaired,” depending on the supposed violation. Some had sims taken offline. Some took themselves offline after things like vehicle rezzers being shut down or removed, “Others, like mine are still there, just not appearing on the map due to temporary renaming.” The renaming was all she felt her roleplay needed, though there was other “minor work” being done to make sure there would be no further problems.

Asked if this would cause some Battlestar fans to loose interest, Angelica answered, “Some may, but not all.” She felt this was a legal matter that could be easily complied with, “other genres have the tacit approval of the movies and intellectual properties they portray, making it not an issue for them.” She went on to say Battlestar sim owners were talking things over during the weekend “how we can address things,” and should have some answers from Linden Lab on Monday.

This hasn’t been the first time roleplay groups have come under the crosshairs by the company owning the show they’ve based themselves on. In April 2009, the estate of Frank Herbert, the writer of the Dune novels, went after the roleplayers in Second Life whom had set up a Dune sim and roleplay. The incident left others, such as the numerous Star Trek groups, wondering if they might be next. But nothing else happened since, until now.

For now, the Battlestar groups are making their changes, talking to one, another, and waiting.

Bixyl Shuftan

Sources: Harrisburg Examiner, Tateru Nino

Loco Pocos Up For Sale, Island to Close

After running the sucessful Loco Pocos tiny avatar brand for over two years with the help of his real-life wife Washu Zebrastripe, Damien Fate has decided to put it up for sale and close its sim Loco Pocos Island.

For over two years, Loco Pocos has been a presence in Second Life, as the makers of one of the most popular brands of Tiny avatar, as well as a fun sim filled with things to do. In his blog, Damien Fate states, “Loco Pocos has sold over 10,000 avatars and over 50,000 accessories – and that doesn’t even include all the free stuff!” Hamlet Au calculated, “With (Loco Pocos) avatars selling for L$350 a piece and accessories going for L$100, that translates to a very impressive US$35,000 gross.”

But in Damien’s words, “Those of you who have been following Loco Pocos over the years have probably noticed that lately, I haven’t been around. My career has taken a different direction as of 2010, each new job I take is moving me further and further away from Second Life, which means I have less and less time to devote to the products I love, like Loco Pocos.”

“Loco Pocos is a fantastic brand, very popular and appealing, it has a lot going for it – the only downside is my lack of involvement to keep things fresh. I don’t want to neglect it anymore, yet I don’t have the time to give it the care it truly deserves. So, with several months of thinking this through, I have decided to do what is best and move on completely. Loco Pocos, as a business, is for sale.”

Damien goes on to say, “Loco Pocos has a large existing consumer base in Second Life, all just waiting for the next accessory or avatar to hit the shelves, it also has a development kit available for budding creators to release their own line of Loco Pocos compatible accessories. ”

Hamlet Au describes Damien’s main effort these days on Circ.us, “a social media advertising house which now employs a number of staffers from the Electric Sheep Company, the metaverse development studio which had its heyday during Second Life's 2007 boom times.”

Of Loco Poco Island, it “was not just the home of the Loco Pocos mainstore, it was also host to lots of secrets and a compelling island adventure based on a fantastic storyline following visitors to the island. This experience was offered for free to residents of Second Life, with lots of games and free items to win. However, regrettably, the Island Adventure must come to a close. Loco Pocos Island will shut down on November 27th, 2010.”

Damien has asked those interested in buying Loco Pocos to email him at contact@damienfate.com.

“Many thanks to all the visitors and customers that made the island adventure available for over 2 years, now it’s time to move on. ... It’s time to give Loco Pocos the life it deserves!”

Bixyl Shuftan

Sources: New World Notes, “Damien’s Fate” Blog

Friday, November 26, 2010

PAD! Not So Common

Reporter Gemma Cleanslate recently attended the opening of a large showing of pop art at Solaris Island. Ten stories of the work of various artists in Second Life. Not only is some of the art in 3-D, some invite audience members to become part of the display.

Read her story about the art exhibit opening in Events.

Get Ready for Winterfest 2010 (Dec 10-18)

Are you ready for the best (and busiest) time of the year? Be sure to mark your calendars for some fun this holiday season at Winterfest 2010: Friday, December 10 through Saturday, December 18.

Hosted on the Global Online Hockey Association’s (GOHA) six wintry regions, and featuring activities and events put on by numerous communities from around Second Life, Winterfest offers plenty to do, see, and pummel with snowballs. Whether you like snowboarding, playing hockey, ski jumping, cross-country skiing, ice skating, scavenger hunts, winter carnival rides or simply listening to some live music, we think you’ll find just what you’re looking for to get you in the spirit of the season.

By popular demand, we’ll be bringing back the annual Lindens vs. Residents snowball fights. If you’ve ever had the desire to throw something at a Linden, this is the event for you. Bring it on, everyone. We’ll be ready!

Need a new pair of ski pants? Got some for sale? The Winterfest category on the Second Life Marketplace is a great spot to look for new items to help you get outfitted for the season. Merchants with winter-themed content are welcome to post their wares to the appropriate sub-category for gift-giving and retail therapy enjoyment. We’re offering 13 different sub-categories under Winterfest for easy searching:

* Apparel (clothing and accessories, avatars, tattoos, costumes)
* Decorations (tree decorations, candles, menorahs, kinaras, bells, party decorations, fireplace stockings, snowman building, etc.)
* Greenery (trees, garlands, flowers, plants)
* Textures (snow, ice, gift wrap, etc.)
* Gestures
* Food & Drink
* Cards & Invitations
* Music
* Sets (environments for land, parties, indoor scenes, etc.)
* Scripts (AOs, HUDs)
* Sports (skiing, sledding, ice skating, hockey, etc.)
* Other

Curious about what else is going on in Second Life to celebrate the season? Take a look at the Winter events channel on the Destination Guide. If you’ve got some ideas for more wintry fun to add to the channel, then take a look at our call for submissions blog post for winter activities.

We’ll be announcing the full schedule of Winterfest 2010 events very soon. So, until then, bundle up, lace up your skates, and get ready for a full-fledged winter extravaganza!

From Delby Linden on the Official Blog.

Video from the Second Life Destination Guide

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving from Second Life Newser

Bryn Oh’s “Standby”

Noted Second Life artist Bryn Oh recently completed another one of her artistic builds, "Standby." Part sculpture, part story by poem, the exhibition is very well detailed. It is the third and final part of Bryn's "Rabbicorn" story.

Read about the art exhibit in Extra.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

In Memory of Delinda Dyrrsen

By Robert69 Little, a recording of a tribute to Delinda, with a number of pictures of her.

By Mozy Pera, a candle set to sea for Delinda.

OhMy Kidd sung this song in Delinda's honor.

Sail On Delinda Sail On
Sail On Delinda Sail On
Though we’ll miss you now you’re gone
We’ll keep singing ‘cos it’s all that we can do
And we’ll smile whenever we remember you

The kindness in your heart
Bought us all together from world’s apart
In our shared grief our friendship links us more
Than it ever did before

Sail On Delinda Sail On
Though we’ll miss you now you’re gone
We’ll keep singing ‘cos it’s all that we can do
And we’ll smile whenever we remember you

You saw everything so clear
It was always fun when you were here
Now those good times are our treasure
In our memory forever

Sail On Delinda Sail On
Though we’ll miss you now you’re gone
We’ll keep singing ‘cos it’s all that we can do
And we’ll smile whenever we remember you

Still I can’t believe you’re gone
Not sure how to carry on
So for now I’ll sing for you
And remember while I do

Sail On Delinda Sail On
Though we’ll miss you now you’re gone
We’ll keep singing ‘cos it’s all that we can do
And we smile whenever we remember you

Located at http://www.thesixtyone.com/#/s/9nkiMknlYSP/

Cap Estel Natural Lake Park

Grey Lupindo has been doing more exploring. Today, we look at Cap Estel. A well detailed wilderness area, the area has trails that a nature lover would enjoy treking on.

Read Grey's account in Places.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

SL Video: Morning Sail

From Toxic Menges: "Delinda asked me to do a machinima on one of the things she enjoyed very much in Second Life,sailing. I've been in two minds about whether it would be the right thing to do to release this, but this feels like the appropriate thing to do in the circumstances."

Music by OhMy Kidd. Machinima filmed and edited by Toxic Menges

TLE Educational Network Closes

The TLE Educational Network closed its sim earlier today, November 22, 2010. Its founder, Kitviel Silberberg, sent out the following message:

To All TLE Group Members:

To my sorrow, the TLE Educational Network will be closing today. I just wish to take this opportunity to thank each and every one of you, for helping to create a free educational environment in Second Life. This has proved that there is indeed a future for free, accredited education in the world of tomorrow. Future plans are in the works, but for now, since they cannot be implemented on a scale that I feel does the idea justice, the TLE Sim in Second Life must close its doors. I personally wish to thank Shay Blaisdale, aelwyn Fields, Eagle Himmel, AmandaLyn Donogal & Alas Zerbino for their incredible work at great sacrifice to themselves and their respective families. If anyone wishes to contact us please contact me in IM or @ kitviel@gmail.com. Perhaps in a few months, the TLE Educational Network will reappear in a much more "official" format to be able to grant free and real education for all.

As of today, Monday, Nov. 22, 2010 the SIM will be closed to all and no more classes will take place, nor will the sandbox be available.

Again I thank all of you for helping to turn a small experiment begun almost 3 years ago into a reality that according to all has proven itself many times over.

Kitviel Silberberg

The sim had re-opened last year in November, 2009, after having closed for reorganization. It had been located at http://slurl.com/secondlife/Raziel/128/130/24. This reporter attempted to immediately teleport there after receiving the message from Silberberg, but the sim was already closed to the public.

The sim had been an experiment in providing free education in a variety of subjects. At the re-opening last year, Silberberg had said, “TLE Educational Network has gone from an experimental beta project, where we paid close attention to our successes and even closer attention to our failures. The motto of TLE Educational Network remains "Where Knowledge and Education Are Always Free."

Grey Lupindo

(pictures by Bixyl Shuftan)

Monday, November 22, 2010

Syzygy Celebrates Thanksgiving

Residents and friends of the Syzygy community celebrated Thanksgiving with a party at Grey Lupindo’s house

Bringing Teens to Second Life’s Main Grid and Work on Search

Last week, Terrace Linden gave an update on Linden Labs plans to merge the under-18 population of the Teen Grid with the Main. “Today, I’m happy share our plan to create rich and enjoyable Second Life experiences for teens, while keeping in mind their security and safety when joining the Main Grid. ... Our goal is to provide a safe, secure, and rewarding experience to all Second Life Residents, no matter their age.”

For those from age 13 to 15, they would be limited to places owned by a “sponsoring institution,” and would not be able to use ether the “Search” function or the Marketplace on the Internet. For residents of ages 16 and 17, they would have access to all land rated General/PG, both mainland and private sims. Moderate/Mature and Adult regions would be off-limits. But, they would be able to communicate (open chat and instant-message) and friend older users.

With nearly 5,000 General-rated regions in Second Life, the area that will be accessible to our 16- and 17-year-old Residents will dwarf the 100 regions currently available on Teen Second Life, giving them far more space to create, explore, and experience their online environment and what they can do there.

Our 16- and 17-year-old account holders will also be able to communicate fully with all other users on the Main Grid (unless they have been muted or otherwise restricted). This was an important decision for us, and one we think will make Second Life richer for all Residents.

Beginning in January, “13- to 15-year-olds will no longer be able to register for Second Life unless they are brought in through an affiliated organization.” Teens 16 and 17 can register on the Main Grid. Teen Grid residents will have their inventories transferred over, except for those under 16 not in any group moving to the Main Grid. Teen Grid residents ages 13 to 15 who cannot get on the Main Grid will have their accounts inactive until they reach the age of 16.

... the experience of teens in Second Life is only just beginning. We strongly believe that teens have as much to contribute to the Second Life community as their adult counterparts, and we do not want to restrict the flow of ideas and information between the two groups. We all have much to learn from each other.

Residents commenting below generally were skeptical to opposed. “You are opening up a tremendous black hole of legal jeopardy here,” one commented, pointing out a proposed JIRA to keep minors from looking into or interacting in any way sims with higher ratings than they could move about in. More than one resident expressed fear of arrest by police, branded as child molesters for the rest of their lives. Someone suggested that the best solution was probably the simplest, create a new General/PG continent the minors would be restricted to, or just freeze their accounts altogether until they turned 18. “How many teens are we talking about? 500? 1000?” one asked, “Was it really worth causing so much frustration for so many residents for the sake of 1000 kids?” A few commented that teens already had de-facto access, if they lied about their age. And there were those open to Linden Labs plans, but wary, "Do this, but please do it right. I don't want Cindy's dad knocking on my door carrying a baseball bat."

To read the complete Linden blog post and comments: Click Here.

Jack Linden stated Linden Labs has been making improvements to the Search function, “the SL Search team has been working hard to make Search results more accurate and prepare for the Teen Second Life migration to the Main Grid.” He stated there were new filters for Search to differentate General/PG and Moderate/Mature ratings of places, classified ads getting “content filtering to provide another level of rating validation,” “more sophisticated filters to identify spam,” and changes to the destination guide.

The coments below were generally skeptical to critical, one stating “Viewer 2 search is painfully slow compared to 1.x viewer search,” and another commenting Linden Labs was causing numbers of merchants hardship “just so a few hundred kids can come on the grid.”

For the complete post and comments, Click Here.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Looking Back at Delinda Dyrssen

It’s hard to believe when a friend passes away, especially when she’s young. Delinda Dyrssen was one whom had done so much, and had promise to do much more.

When I signed up with Second Life Newspaper in late 2007, Delinda (Denise WIlliams in real life) was one of the other freelance reporters. She did a variety of articles, notably ones related to music. As a freelancer, she could still work with other media. And she took a position as one of the staff at Paisley Beebe’s “Tonight Live” show. Over time in 2008, she became more involved with the show, as well as becoming part-owner of a music and dance club, “The Pocket,” and the articles we got from her few. But she and I remained friends. She was part of the reason I would drop by the set of “Tonight Live” time to time.

In 2009, with Paisley’s help, she began hosting a show of her own: Live ‘n Kickin, what Paisley called Delinda’s “baby.” Having a love of music, the show allowed her to put new talent in the spotlight. “I want ... the artists we showcase to get to as many avatars as possible,” Delinda explained, “to sell their albums, and to get booked for gigs, both real-life and Second Life, and to get offers and good deals from being exposed on our show. I hope that happens. They deserve it.” Live n Kickn would play for over a year, showcasing many artists and locations, until the show was finally canceled in October 2010.

Delinda ended up on dialysis in May 2009. her kidneys failing. Months later, she was able to get a transplant through a donor exchange program. She considered herself lucky, as those under dialysis develop complications as time passes, her doctor explaining, “of the 450 or so renal patient load he carries about about 70 of them die each year after an average of 6 to 10 years on dialysis.” After her recovery, she decided to take “a little trip (of a lifetime,” going around the world. Besides sightseeing and running into a few of her online friends, “I needed to take advantage of an opportunity to do some good in the world. ... Yes I know, I am just as important as a grain of sand on a beach, But I also know that just one person can make a difference, and even if I fail, at least I will know that I tried.”

She continued to go online between flights and sightseeing, updating her blogs, helping out with Treet.TV and the Pocket, and keeping in touch with friends. In one post, she described one experience in Tunisia in which the doctors were uninterested in new treatments for kidney disease, appearing to prefer their dialysis patients remain sick. Her last entries were on November 13, her Twitter stating she was “feeling a tiny bit under the weather.” I didn’t think much, until when I heard on Saturday November 20th that she had fallen into a coma. Before lapsing, she had thought she would be only be in the hospital briefly, and asked friends not to worry. Still, her friends at the Pocket gathered, and arranged for music to be played in her hospital room the night of the 19th. It was told that she was close to being awake and tears came to her eyes. So everyone was hopeful, including the doctors.

But to everyone’s shock, her heart gave out and she died. She was 32 years old.

As word got around, people gathered at The Pocket, talking about her and what she had done. Musicians, media personalities, and regular fans, we were all united in remembering our now departed friend, whom had given so much of herself so others could shine. Chesnut Rau created an SL group, Delinda Dyrssen Memorial, for updates ,"This group is to organize a memorial concert to benefit her favorite charity and to honor her endless enthusiasm." Her family has stated they will post information on real-life services on the old DWkidneyupdate blog.

Let the musicians she has helped throughout her time in Second Life be her memorial.

"It does not do to dwell on dreams and forget to live, remember that." -- Albus Dumbledore, Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone (tweeted by Delinda Dyrssen on Oct 29).

Bixyl Shuftan

Sources: Delinda's brb blog, Delinda's afk blog, Delinda's Twitter, Tonight Live blog, New World Notes,

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Delinda's Friends Gather at The Pocket

After news of Delinda Dyrssen's dying spread, people from around Second Life stopped by the Pocket to pay their respects, and talk about the good she had done.

Rest in peace, Delinda.

BREAKING NEWS: Delinda Dyrrsen Passes Away

We had only just heard Delinda Dyrrsen had fallen into a coma, when worse news came in.

It is with a broken heart I write this note. I was to meet Dan (her RL friend) this morning to take him to more events so Delinda could hear the music she loves so much. He contacted me this this morning to inform me that we lost her. He did not provide a lot of details, I don't think he had them but he did say her heart stopped and they could not get it started again. I know this will hit very hard since we thought she was improving but I would like for you to join me in continuing to pray for Delinda's family as they process this and grieve. Her cousin will try to keep us informed of any RL memorial services via her twitter thread at http://twitter.com/DWkidneyupdate.

Tangle Giano

If you care to gather the Pocket has opened it's doors for everyone.

Later on, came a more official buliten:

I regret to have to tell you, Denise passed away this morning at 8:05 am from cardiac arrest.

Her Dr said that her kidney illness had taken a toll on her heart and unfortunately she could not hold on. Last night we all saw how much people on Secondlife loved her and they now consider them a part of their extended family. They want to thank them from the bottom of their hearts for bringing so much love to her last few hours on this earth. Her doctor told us that the tears we saw in her eyes were probably a reaction to hearing her friends who got to talk to her.. and the music that brought her so much joy.

Her family is requesting In lieu of flowers, people may send a donation in her name (Denise Williams) to http://kdigo.org/ and / or Shay kelly of Project 50/50 http://www.shaykelley.com/ who inspired her more than she (Shay Kelly) would ever know.

Denise was 32 years old. She had so much she wanted to do in this world. We will miss her.

God takes the good ones early.

The Pocket is at Freestar Bay Isle (242, 22, 22)

Delinda got her start at Second Life Newspaper, later getting a job at Treet.tv and Tonight Live, and becoming part owner of "The Pocket" dance club. She ran the Live n Kickin music show on Treet until it was recently canceled.

SL Fiction: Real Memories Brought to Virtual Life

What a wonderful thing it would be to relive old memories again ... or would it? FoxM Ember explores some of the possibilities in his series of "creative fiction" stories about Second Life's possible future as people deal with seeing what was once lost to time before their eyes again. Are they always prepared?

Read the "creative fiction" piece by FoxM Ember in Extra.

Friday, November 19, 2010

The Afghanistan Museum

Today, Gemma reports on a place in Second Life devoted to a country in real life we read about regularly in the news, but often know little about: Afghanistan. Here, Gemma learns some about the geography and culture of this diverse country, and about the organization there devoted to improving the lives of the women there.

Read Gemma's article in Places.

Thursday, November 18, 2010


I was recently contacted about a new sport in Second Life, Simball. Currently under development by Sean Martin's Vetox Project, it's being practiced as a beta. I had a chance to see a game for myself.

Read about the Simball in Design.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Postcard from Breezes

Visit Big Isle (229, 49, 233)

Rockin Horse Ranch owner Wickman Gibbs of Famous Stage One Productions has created a magnificent ranch. So special to me is he has a pink mare. A Limited Edition Breast Cancer mare. Hopefully she will be come preggie today, 11/17-2010. I don't know, but this must be a 1st for SL.

I am always searching for something,

Breezes Babii

Cartoon of the Day

By Bixyl Shuftan

Eye on the Blog: the SL Web Viewer Beta

After being talked about for some time, Kim Linden announced Linden Labs had made a limited release of their web-based viewer.

Yesterday, we quietly launched a beta test of a new technology that opens up Second Life to new users like never before: Second Life on the Web! The SL Web Viewer allows new users to become Second Life “guests” through the Web and enjoy basic SL functionality while exploring exciting destinations in Second Life -- all without downloading a Viewer.

Linden Labs is asking residents to test their viewer. However, not everyone who tries will get the chance. Residents are asked to click on http://interest.secondlife.com/beta , where they sit through a video lasting a bit less than a minutes, and then are given either an “Explore Now” button, which means they can proceed, or a “Join now” button, which means they can’t. I myself tried several times with no luck. Those who are successful can create a temporary guest account to use the viewer.

Wallace Linden stated, “The test won't be available to everyone, based on a number of variables, including bandwidth, system setup details, and other factors. I don't think cookies or repeated logins will make a difference. I don't have more information that that at the moment, though.”

In the comments below, most residents, at least those who could get in, were pleased with the viewer. Inksky Jedburg has one of the more detailed comments, “The first thing I noted was how very simplified the viewer was, obviously not going to be a tool for builders and creators, but rather a tool for socializing (on a limited scale compared to the SL viewer), and exploring. I could not go into mouselook to look up and down from my POV, though camera controls were available as was ‘camming.’ The beta only allows you to go to a select few locations, less than 100 I believe, and I understand having it that way for the beta. Though textures were gray for a while, what struck me was how smooth movement was. As I thought of first time user experience, the dumbed down controls like sound on/off, pick from a palette of locations to visit, and a palette of available avatars, and a very basic help window describing around a dozen available functions, seemed to be very complimentary controls for someone visiting for the first time, or even coming in on business for the first time. Simple and stupid, and yet showing SL as it mostly is seen on the viewer (minus windlight!). “

Inksky was “favorably impressed” with the viewer, “I think it has potential to be much better, and I believe it could be a major win if developed with greater care than LL has given past developments. So please, proceed with caution LL and use some common sense to make this extremely useful development pay off.”

New World Notes also has an article on the Web Viewer Beta, which included a review by Alicia Chenaux, and a video from Metaverse TV.

Vryl Valkyrie also has a few pictures of her experiences of the Web Viewer in her Flicker account.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Veterans’ Tribute Finishes

Saturday November 13th was the last day of events at the Second Life Veterans Tribute. There were no demonstrations of helicopters and planes as Wednesday had, only music. At 6 PM SL time, there was SkyRider Siding. At 8 PM there was JimmyT49 Dukes. at 9 PM SL time, there was lady DJ Luscious Giano. The last DJ of the event from 11 PM 1o 1 in the morning was DJ Voodoo Cooperstone.

Chatting with him, Voodoo commented, “I'd just Like to say thank you to all the people that made this event possible, and a great big thank you to all our vets and active duty service men, and women overseas and here that make our country so proud.” (smile) “A lot of effort goes on that many don’t realise. It’s truly an honor to do this, I’ve been doing this for 2 years and will continue for as long as I am breathing.”

Wellhung Bagley gave his "heartful thanks to everyone" the following morning, “Well, sadly another SLVT has come to an end. We already have some ideas from people for next year. So everyone knows, we logged 1391 visitors for the week, almost 200 a day. Wed the 10th was out busiest day with traffic right at 24,000. Again thank you all!!!!”

As of Midnight SL time, more than 213,000 Lindens had been raised, which will go to Operation Uplink (http://www.operationuplink.org/) for pre-paid phone cards for vets overseas. This was short of their goal, but still considered a success.

“Mission Accomplished.”

“Don’t ever take vets for granted. ... You’ll get your a** kicked! Ha-ha!”

Bixyl Shuftan

Mystery Throws Surprise Party for Owner Tygeria Mirabeau

Mystery sim owner Tygeria Mirabeau had a birthday coming up, but her friend and manager Amythe Moonlight wanted to give her a surprise party she and others would not soon forget. The result was an event-filled couple of hours with great music and quite a bit of “creative misbehaving” going on.

To read what happened, go to Events.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Classic Club from 2004, Club Fur, Returns

Nydia Tungsten recently met up with me with some news, “some big changes are coming. It is well known that Illusions is our sister club. Well, we are now teaming up with SpiritValley to help revive SL's oldest furry dance club ... Club Fur. So the four clubs are going to be working together. From what I have been told, it is Second Life's first furry club.” Nydia went on to say, “the four clubs are going to be working together.”

Club Fur has been owned for the past year by Alynna Vixen, “I always had the ability to make this club rock. I just don't have the ability to run it alone. ... We're kinda joining a conglomeration of clubs. ... Hopefully the new staff will do more with it.” Nydia responded, “Well, we are forming it.”

Alynna was told by the previous owners the club was built in 2004, which makes it one of the oldest clubs in Second Life regardless of genre. Club Fur’s wiki (started in 2005), states that it’s form “was partially inspired by the work of Frank Lloyd Wright,” at one time sitting over an ocean, much of the floor was made of glass plate so people could see under the water. The wiki describes an interesting history, supposedly at one point rescued from an old home "two minutes before they leveled the place." Before Alynna, it sat in Furnation Prime. She described it as not being used very much. When Furnation Prime closed, she was given the club, where it was moved to Kitsuhana, a sim of the Sunweaver Estates.

Located high above the ground, the club looks like it’s in the middle of space, a neon cat’s face on top slowly rotating. It’s glass wall gives a clear view into the interior from one side. Inside, the middle and back of the club is illuminated with neon lights and whirling beams of color. To the side of the club is a bar with the front end of a hot rod mounted on a wall. Near the front window are a few arcade machines, including Vectorzone, which can be played between parties. In two of the corners, people can sit around a table, where a dancer can perform if she likes, Alynna explaining, “the table dancers do not have to be in (the club) group to use the tip jars above them. The stage poles still require group membership.”

Late Saturday night, Nydia had a “pre-opening” party for a few friends of her and Alynna. The club had its first. On Sunday night was the “Rock Out” party, in which the club was officially open.

Club Fur is located at the Kitsuhana sim at (136, 84, 2007).

Bixyl Shuftan

The Roaring 20's Chicago RP Sim

Some of you may remember Lizzy Arriaga from Second Life Newspaper. She recently returned after about a year's hiatus from Second Life, and to her surprise found her old newspaper gone. Finding out about us, she wanted to get back into writing, and it wasn't long before she came across a joint that can only be described as "the cats meow." So don't be a "pill," get your suit and tommy gun, and head on over to the Roaring 20's Chicago RP sim.

To get a piece of the action, go to Places.

Later Today: Classic SL Club to Return

A club that first appeared in 2004, but whose original owners had to move on, and found itself passed on a couple times, is finally being brought back into service. Second Life Newser will have more on this story later today.

Stay tuned

Sunday, November 14, 2010

SL Poetry - Intimate Moments and Thoughts of Us

Shellie Sands recently had another visit from her muse. Today, we have another poem from her: "Intimate Moments and Thoughts of Us."

Read the poem in Extra.

Sunday Cartoon: WW2 RP Area

By Bixyl Shuftan

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Veterans Tribute Events on the US Marines’ Anniversary

Besides being the birthday of the US Marine Corp, Wednesday Nov. 10 offered a few events at the Second Life Veterans Tribute. Among them were a Coast Guard rescue, and a dogfight in the skies.

Read the story in Events.

Friday, November 12, 2010

SL Chess Grandmaster Boris Alterman

The Grand Master Boris Alterman will challenge and play the best chess players in Second Life in Roselinda’s Paradise. Eymerich Lane arranged this simultaneous exhibition. The Arbiter of the event will be Jiraiya Teskat.

You are invited to visit the event from 1:00 pm sl on November 14, Sunda. Boris Alterman is well known around the chess world for his numerous wins and coaching abilities. You can read more about him at http://www.balterman.freeservers.com/ To enter the tournament room in SL use this path: Roselinda's Paradise (105, 45, 1501).

Gemma Cleanslate

CARP Announces the Release of Metaverse Art Books

The founders of Artspace Diabolus Cybernetic Art Research Project (CARP), Josina Burgess and Velazquez Bonetto are pleased to announce the publication of "Metaverse Art", a series of four books available via print on-demand. The production of the four volumes is a collaborative effort between CARP and Nazz Lane, the noted author of Lane's List a popular Second Life blog. The four volumes of Metaverse Art bring to light the creative minds of many of Second Life’s notable artists and content creators. These are the cutting edge creators, who are utilizing the virtual worlds to extend art into this newest space of human existence, the Metaverse.

In his forward to the book, DC Spensley asks, “What makes Metaverse Art interesting and important?” This is a very important question DC asks of the reader to which he provides an answer, discussing the evolution of information age media, social media and the integration them into an artistic community located in virtuality. He then concludes his forward with,”The shared virtual space for art is no less than revolutionary in that it creates a conceptual location for the next wave of art movements … this is the culture of confluence, hybridity and syncretism.”

Metaverse Art Book 2008-2010 01 210 pages 32,95 euro

Metaverse Art Book 2008-2010 02a 184 pages 27,95 euro

Metaverse Art Book 2008-2010 02b 212 pages 32,95 euro

Metaverse Art Book 2008-2010 03 172 pages 27,95 euro

A publication of the Artspace Diabolus Cybernetic Art Research Project (CARP) 2010 copyrights: Artspace Diabolus Cybernetic Art Research Project (CARP) 2010
Josina Burgess aka. Jose den Burger (Amsterdam Holland)
Nazz Lane (USA)
Velazquez Bonetto aka. László Ördögh Diabolus (Stuttgart Germany)

Forward: DanCoyote Antonelli aka DC Spensley (USA)

Metaverse snapshots:
Helfe Ihnen
Igor Ballyhoo
Josina Burgess
MillaMilla Noel
Tyrhel Byk
Alizarin Goldflake
Chrom Underwood
Velazquez Bonetto

All media inquires contact: Nazz Lane in Second Life or virtualnazz@gmail.com

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Some Veterans' Day/Rememberance Day Places in Second Life

Besides the Veterans Tribute, there are numerous other locations which had a memorial to veterans. Some of these were recreations of real life memorials, and there was one Veterans' community sim.

To see the locations, go to Places.

Veterans Day/Rememberance Day

To those who served to defend Democracy, thank you from Second Life Newser.

Breezes Goes Home

A week ago, our dear colleague Breezes Babi was rushed to the hospital. Thankfully she recovered, and is now home in real-life, safe and sound.

Welcome back, Bree.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The Post That Should Not Be Ignored

Facebook has been an interesting way for friends and I to keep in touch, those in and out of Second Life. And in some cases, a chance to stay in contact with friends taking a break from the Grid, though games and an occasional shared joke.

Because of it’s volume, we occasionally hear about Facebook posts in the news. A few weeks ago a student left a short suicide note as a post before jumping off a bridge. It was certainly strange. One seldom if ever believes any post that shows up on your page will be anything like that.

So imagine the surprise when I logged on, and find that one of my Facebook/Second Life friends posted, “Goodbye. Please forgive me, I love you all.”

The post was hours old. Fortunately, she had a number of friends, at least one whom she entrusted her address. It was this friend whom within minutes of the post dialed 911 and alerted her city’s emergency services. They found her, overdosed, but caught it in time, and rushed her to the hospital. She was safe.

This isn’t the first time someone I knew brought up suicide. Once in real life and once in Second Life, a friend talked about doing away with himself. People whom have often leave warning signs, such as this. And what one should do is take such talk seriously, talk to them, and get them to change their minds. For someone in Second Life, with whom contacting real life help might not be an option, one can get in contact with a therapist or a group therapy group. Even if the friend won’t see them, one can talk to the therapist for advice (Industria Dowler was the one I contacted for advice on my friend). It can take a while to get a depressed friend to turn around, but it can be done.

For now, I can be thankful my friend was found in time, and is now in safe hands.

Bixyl Shuftan

Rescue by the SL Veterans Tribute Pilots

Today the family of SLVT Pilot Rhea Thor can rest easy thanks to a rescue operation conducted this morning. Rhea, a Swiss pilot, on loan from the Flying Tigers, was on a secret mission over the Dream Seekers Estates sim when her aircraft suddenly lost power. Fortunately Rhea was not injured when she was forced to conduct a low altitude ejection from her crippled plane. SLVT personnel responded immediately when word reached their headquaters. Wellhung (James) Bagley and Xabriana Porthos were hand picked to conduct a covert rescue mission behind enemy lines. Rhea, having already been on the ground for almost 24 hours, was located using the ultra secret SL mini-map satellite network. Agents Bagley and Porthos conducted a daring and challenging early morning HALO (high altitude low opening) jump from a SLVT Coast Guard C-130. Within hours of the jump, a SLVT Bell UH-60 extracted the two Agents and the downed Pilot.

Celebrations honoring the Agents and Pilot will be conducted during the Marine Birthday Ball on November 10. A buffet lunch will occur during the ceremonies.

SLVT Team Press Release