Monday, November 29, 2010

JessicaBelle Aeronautic Projects’ Focke-Wulf Fw 190 "Butcher Bird"

A new maker of Second Life aircraft, JessicaBelle Aeronautic Projects, recently began marketing its first plane, the Focke-Wulf Fw 190 fighter. Easy to fly and versatile, the airplane is very good for both dogfighting and casual flying.

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  1. This plane is what serious aeronauts call "hovercraft" or "pennyturner" due to the lack of realism on the scripting part. It still stays in air at almost no speed refusing any kind of stall behavior, the turnrate makes is spin on a radius smaller than it's own size. Generally said it's made for fast, cheap ownage rather than delivering any flying experience.
    The model is obviously based on perfabrica's FW 190 using photosourced textures, which btw is frowned upon by every serious modding community, not to mention any potentially copyright or eula violations.

  2. One of the team, Sky Phydeau, is a real-life pilot, so I believe that qualifies him as a "serious areonaut."

    Also, there were these comments by Vickster Khun, of Jg-2 and the Flying Tigers:

    There has been some bashing of aircraft on our group chat, particularly about Shana Aircraft's Fighters.

    Some people are calling them penny-turners, uber fighters, or whatever.

    Shana Aircraft are not penny-turners when flown at the proper speeds. Shana Aircraft, like many in SL, have a reduced turn radius at low speed.
    Our sim rules mandate a minimum throttle setting of 70%. Flown at that speed Shana Aircraft are no longer penny-turners, but they are wicked fast and fun to fly!

    Quit whining and fly!

  3. here's a direct quote from the owner of Sonic Aviation,that was posted on the review page:
    Killer Plane

    Posted November 27, 2010 by Jolene Wingtips 5 stars

    I have purchased over 100 Planes in secondlife, and I have built many planes myself, and I will tell you that the FW-190 Butcher Bird is the best plane I own, the flight scripting is superb, the nose guns are deadly, and if I'm in the Butcher Bird you better turn tail and run, becuase this plane can fly like nothing else you have ever tried before. Also I have been a pilot in SL for over a year, and I know my planes, and I have flown and used practically every plane there is in SL, and nothing compares to this one. Five Star Rating, for this sculpted Plane *****

    SO I thank you for the hot air Anonymous,if I make a balloon I will look you up.Until then I would love to see fine examples of your products.

  4. "is a real-life pilot": people in Second Life claim to be whatever in real-life and there are not very much possibilities to approve it. Looking at the software market for flight simulation products, including freeware, and having a real-life pilot's choice come to Second Life is controversial.

    "Flying Tigers": mentioned brand is known for being banned from this group's regions in the past.

    "are not penny-turners when flown at the proper speeds": therefore they are penny-turners when NOT being flown at the proper speeds. Further they can be flown at NON proper speeds.

    "Our sim rules mandate a minimum throttle setting of 70%": workaround instead of getting a solution for the problem. It also gives an unfair disadvantage to all other products being scripted for proper flight behavior.

    "they are wicked fast": faster than modern jets and we are talking about a world war 2 fighter plane.

    "Sonic Aviation": linked primitives with freebie scripts. You can easily find comparable products in every puplic sandbox or freebie market.

    "purchased over 100 Planes": some people buy anything without having any preferences. Their opinion is nonrepresentational.

    "if I make a balloon": if you get your team back doing it for you, like this plane you are calling your work. You can take over the script from your plane and rotate the linear motor vector, the hover behavior is already in. But don't forget to decrease the thrust or you go offworld few seconds after takeoff.

    "love to see fine examples of your products": it's hard to miss them regardless where you go.