Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Second Life Veteran’s Tribute

Coming up soon is the 2010 SL Veteran’s Tribute which will be held from Sunday, November 7th to Saturday, November 13th. This is the 4th annual Veteran’s Tribute that we have put together.

We are looking for Guides to help guests, monitor for inappropriate activities and behavior as well as to answer questions regarding the event. The Guides help on a volunteer basis only and there is no pay for any person that partipates in the Veteran's Tribute. Guides will receive a free uniform to wear when participating at the events. Guides will also receive "training" that last approximately one hour.

The Tribute itself is non-political and serves one purpose and one purpose only and that is to honor all the men and women that have given willing of their time to protect the lives we enjoy today.

The goal of the Tribute is to provide a non-political, content filled, educational, interactive SIM inside Second Life where men and women of all walks of life can visit and provide remembrance and honor to those who have served or currently are serving in the Armed Services.

The tribute operates on a zero dollar budget and are non-profit; the entire tribute is built, funded, organized and executed on a purely volunteer basis. We have an organized group on SL called the “SL Veteran’s Tribute” if you would like to look it up. This group will be used as the basis of our planning and scheduling for the Tribute.

The SL Veteran’s Tribute also collect donations for Operation Uplink ( which provides pre-paid phone cards for military personnel stationed overseas.

Should you wish to be a guide for this years event or have any questions please feel free to contact Jurassic Moonites or any of the Tribute Coordinators listed below:

Wellhung Bagley
Wildroses Pevensey
Jill Mackenzie
Dena McMahon
Classy Patton

With Kindest and Best Regards,
The SL Veteran’s Tribute Group

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