Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Eye on the Blog: SL Economy “Steady”

On October 28, LL released some of their economic statistics, with Nelson Linden giving a statement.

The Second Life economy continues to be steady, with nearly all key measures staying within a narrow range of just a few percentage points up or down over the last year. The largest changes compared to last year's Q3 were an increase of 7.2% in World Size, a decline of 11% in User Hours, and a 115% increase in Web Merchandise Sales Volume. Over the last year, the number of people participating in the economy has also been consistent, ranging from 480,000 to 496,000 (currently 486,000), as has L$ Supply, which has ranged from US$25.4 million to US$26.2 million, and was at a 12-month high in Q3.

Most of the statistics showed uneven to no growth. The exception was the total sales volume on Xstreet/ SL Marketplace, “Total sales volume on both Xstreet SL and the new SL Marketplace rose 8.5% from Q2 and grew 115.2% year over year.”

The response from the residents in the comments below was mixed, leaning to dim views, some commenting LL was using “steady” in place of “stagnant.” A minority did comment it was better than they expected, having heard no shortage of dismal predictions.

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