Tuesday, November 23, 2010

TLE Educational Network Closes

The TLE Educational Network closed its sim earlier today, November 22, 2010. Its founder, Kitviel Silberberg, sent out the following message:

To All TLE Group Members:

To my sorrow, the TLE Educational Network will be closing today. I just wish to take this opportunity to thank each and every one of you, for helping to create a free educational environment in Second Life. This has proved that there is indeed a future for free, accredited education in the world of tomorrow. Future plans are in the works, but for now, since they cannot be implemented on a scale that I feel does the idea justice, the TLE Sim in Second Life must close its doors. I personally wish to thank Shay Blaisdale, aelwyn Fields, Eagle Himmel, AmandaLyn Donogal & Alas Zerbino for their incredible work at great sacrifice to themselves and their respective families. If anyone wishes to contact us please contact me in IM or @ kitviel@gmail.com. Perhaps in a few months, the TLE Educational Network will reappear in a much more "official" format to be able to grant free and real education for all.

As of today, Monday, Nov. 22, 2010 the SIM will be closed to all and no more classes will take place, nor will the sandbox be available.

Again I thank all of you for helping to turn a small experiment begun almost 3 years ago into a reality that according to all has proven itself many times over.

Kitviel Silberberg

The sim had re-opened last year in November, 2009, after having closed for reorganization. It had been located at http://slurl.com/secondlife/Raziel/128/130/24. This reporter attempted to immediately teleport there after receiving the message from Silberberg, but the sim was already closed to the public.

The sim had been an experiment in providing free education in a variety of subjects. At the re-opening last year, Silberberg had said, “TLE Educational Network has gone from an experimental beta project, where we paid close attention to our successes and even closer attention to our failures. The motto of TLE Educational Network remains "Where Knowledge and Education Are Always Free."

Grey Lupindo

(pictures by Bixyl Shuftan)

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