Monday, November 1, 2010

Skin Burn

Gemma Cleanslate's time as a ranger at the "Skin Burn" on Saturday October 30th was interesting to say the least. Contrary to what one might expect of an event that asked everyone to leave their clothes behind, there was very little nudity. Gemma remarked she saw more on a typical day of Burn 2. As people could wear textures, the effect was more like the avatars became living canvases (virtually living anyway).

Gemma provided Ranger Leondra Larrson's Flickr account link for her Burn2 pictures: Click Here, as well as providing the link of popular Second Life Singer Debi Latte's Skin Burn Flikr pictures: Click Here,

For Ranger Leondra Larrson's of Burn2 pics, Click Here.

For Debi Latte's Flckr Burn2 pics, Click Here.

*Addition* SL Newser made a typo in this article, which has been corrected.

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