Tuesday, October 31, 2023

Annoucement: Halloween Party at Caledon Downs


Tonight it's time for the Caledon Downs Halloween Dance at 6pm till 8pm and the official end of the ghost hunt. The cash prizes for the Ghost Hunt winners will be awarded at the end of the dance. Prizes are 1st place L$1500, 2nd L$1000, 3rd L$500 and 4th L$250. Music will play sim-wide so the hunt can continue during the dance without missing the music. 

Events This Week at the Sunweaver and Montecito Bay Clubs, and Furry Fashion Lounge

Here's what's going on at the Sunweaver and Montecito Bay clubs, and the Furry Fashion Lounge.

Club Cutlass: 70s Flashback, Wild vs Tamed, Silver and Gold

Happy Vixen: DJ Maliit, DJ Arooo, DJ Char, DJ Snowy, DJ Mattie, DJ Scratch, DJ Nydia , DJ Khyra

Club Zero Gravity: Fall Colors

Bouncing Bunny Beach Club: TBA

Xanadu: DJ Jesse 

Club Squeaks: DJ Squeaks
Montecito Bay:  CAYA, After Dark

Furry Fashion Lounge: Angels VS Demons, Halloween CAYA, Space/Aliens, Katurday CAYA, Fur VS Scales

Read the schedules in SL Clubbin'

Reader Submitted Picture: Extra Scary Costumes

 From Cynthia Farshore at Club Cutlass. For adults with little time to watch horror movies or read scary stories, vampires and werewolves might not seem so frightening. But the IRS, that's something that strikes fear in the heart of every American: "Wait, we need to audit you!"

Monday, October 30, 2023

Reader Submitted: Rock Band Tribute Concert At Steelhead

Steelhead made news a few years ago with it's rebirth as an example of a community that came back. Since then, things have been somewhat quiet. But recently, some things have been happening at the place. Among them was a Scorpions band tribute concert. Fuzzball Ortega, the town's mayor, took a few pictures and sent them to the Newser with a brief account.
Read Fuzzball's reader submission in Events

Halloween Goings On

It's getting close to the end of October, and Halloween season is in full swing. There's been various Halloween events and parties. 

At the Premier Business Center at Friday October 27, a surprise rezzday party turned into a Halloween bash. The event had almost fifty people.

There have been numerous smaller Halloween parties, such as the one at Club Scorn on Saturday the 28th, with DJ Charlee, DJ Mallit and DJ Gwen.

Bellisseria Fairgrounds has been the scene of "Hammiween" and its parties, such as one on Sunday the 29th.

There's also various Halloween events going on. There's the Bellisseria Trick or Treat. Furry Fashion is having a Halloween Hunt.

There's "Haunted Nawlins Howloween." There's a "Crypt Crawl" going on as well. 

You'll find plenty of other spook-tacular places in the Destinations Guide too.

However you spend your Halloween season, make it a good one.

Bixyl Shuftan

Sunday, October 29, 2023

Cartoon of The Day: Crashed Witch

 A decoration of a witch having crashed into a tree. Just what would distract someone on a flying broomstick to this point?

By Bixyl Shuftan

Saturday, October 28, 2023

SL Video: "Thriller At Olrich Estates"


 From Olrich Estates on Oct 2014, "The ghoulish community of Olrich Estates in Secondlife celebrate Halloween with a nod to the King of pop's classic Thriller."

Friday, October 27, 2023

New Fantasy Linden Home Option: Treehouse

For those waiting for the next style of Linden Home, there's now a new option, at least for those who have signed up for Fantasy style houses. There are now options for treehouses. 
Patch Linden would post about them on the official forums, and Flickr. The forum post had a funny story about Magellan Linden ordering their construction, followed by:

Introducing new Fantasy Treehouses! With panoramic views across the stunning fantasy regions. 

2 completely new models with regular and open floorplan versions, available to both new and existing Fantasy homeowners in Bellisseria. 

One with a spiral staircase leading to a loft and built in bookcases.
Another with clean lines for those who want more freedom in their decorating choices.
Both come with an outside deck, panoramic views at treetop level across the Fantasy landscape and a climbable rope to get from ground level up to the deck.

The new homes should be available to rez on the menu on the house Controller throughout the day today.
I dropped by the demo homes at BeliHub and WelcomeHubLindenHomes. The houses looked pretty fun. One had the option of flying up to them, or clicking on the rope, and your avatar would shimmy up the length. But these demos weren't quite perfect. I ended up hovering off the floor and was unable to walk inside. 

On Flickr, Patch himself would say "Please, be patient. The team is working on that. Everything will be fixed as soon as possible." As mentioned, in the forums he stated there were two models, one with smaller rooms, one with fewer but larger ones. Bellisseria chat was abuzz with comments about them on Thursday October 26, some people with Fantasy homes trying out the theme, and loving it. 

To check out demos of the new treehouses, head to  WelcomeHubLindenHomes (161,59,26) and BelliHub (163,242,22)

Bixyl Shuftan

Sunweaver Resident Sets Up Gofundme For Help

One of the Sunweavers is having some problems.
It was recently posted in Discord, and later as a Sunweaver group notice, "Hey, I don't know if you remember a Kattywampus Oh in Second Life, but she's needing financial help, in a pretty bad situation. Also a member of the Sunweavers.  But if you could take a look at her GoFundMe and pass it around, I would appreciate it.  https://gofund.me/2495d614 "
Hi, I'm Katty, and I hate to ask for help!
But this time, I really don't know what else to do.

I am a 45-year old BIPOC artist and bluecollar grunt surviving on a parcel of land in the desert around Three Points, AZ.

Here's part of my story: I ended up camping in a small unincorporated area about 22 miles from Tucson, AZ last year, due to how ridiculous the housing market is. I eventually moved into a 5th wheel RV after living in some hotels, a van, and a tent. After an abusive situation including my spouse and my landlord a few months ago, I ended up in my friends' 45 year old RV you see in the banner image.

If you've ever been at your wit's end with a loved one with a severe addiction issue, you unfortunately know where my money went. I was determined to keep going, getting professional help for my PTSD, anxiety, and suicidal depression. I started doing great at work and enrolled in night classes that my employer paid for, in order to attempt to score a juicy promotion! 
Katty had a goal of $10,000 for her fundraiser. As of the writing of this article, almost $2000 had been raised, close to half from one anonymous donor.
Bixyl Shuftan

This Saturday at The Science Circle

 Saturday October 28

    At 10 AM PST   

    Hope On The Horizon
    By Dr. Steven Van Hook
    The Science Circle (225,230,28)
    At 9 PM PST   

    United Nations Day
    Jes Stannard
    The Science Circle (72,129,30)
    NOTE: Non-members required to register once
    IM Jes Cobalt or Nymf Hathaway

╚══════════════════════════════ The Science Circle (72,129,30) ═╝

Thursday, October 26, 2023

Ad: Charlee's Gachas

 Looking for a place to get some gachas? Well, for some at bargain prices, check out Charlee's Gachas. You'll find that the variety is large, and the prices are small.
For Halloween, there are a number of items you can get. You can find pet baby bats.  You can get a spooky cake. You can get a Black Widow top. Or perhaps get a trick or treat teddy bear

To start browsing the Marketplace store, Click Here

It Came From Bellisseria Chat: "Scary Shark"

In a discussion about Halloween outfits, Kira Skydancer would say, "I'm trick-or-treating as a scarrry shark." Then she posted this picture of a dog in a costume that was more cutsie than scary. It got some positive remarks, "Haha! Noice!" "Sweet." "That's adorable." 
She would post a close-up of the avie's eyes being partly covered, "keeps running into things 'cause her hat keeps falling over her eyes. ... Spent some time being scary, needed to be cute today."

Wednesday, October 25, 2023

Cartoon of The Day: Skeleton With Umbrella

 Taken at Club Scorn. The host was cracking jokes, including one similar to this.

By Bixyl Shuftan

Love Valley Halloween And The Bradbury Project

It's Halloween season, and a feeling of spookiness is in the air. Gemma Cleanslate went to take at two Halloween-themed places. One was Love Valley Halloween, with rides and scary sights. The other was the Bradbury Project, from the Seanchai Library, which has you looking for a "Mr. Lurky."

Read Gemma's article in Places.

It Came From Bellisseria Chat: "Fishing Buddies"


 From Achilles Audion on Bellisseria community chat, showing a couple dark characters by the fishing pier, "Everyone meet my fishing buddies, Jed and Bubba."

Exactly what "Jed" and "Bubba" were fishing for wasn't mentioned. 

Tuesday, October 24, 2023

Events This Week at the Sunweaver and Montecito Bay Clubs, and Furry Fashion Lounge

Here's what's going on at the Sunweaver and Montecito Bay clubs, and the Furry Fashion Lounge.

Club Cutlass: Sun & Surf, Pink Purple and Blue, Halloween

Happy Vixen: DJ Maliit, DJ Arooo, DJ Char, DJ Snowy, DJ Mattie, DJ Scratch, (no event) , DJ Khyra

Club Zero Gravity: Halloween

Bouncing Bunny Beach Club: No Event

Xanadu: DJ Jesse 

Club Squeaks: DJ Squeaks
Montecito Bay:  CAYA, After Dark

Furry Fashion Lounge:  Spooky Sexy Witchy Me, Creepy vs Cute, Murder Monsters & Mystery, Halloween CAYA, Horror

Read the schedules in SL Clubbin'

It Came From Bellisseria Chat: "Addicting Halloween"

From Valencia Skydance who posted this in Bellisseria community chat of her doing the Trick or Treat, and having reached the "444" mark, "It's an addiction."

Monday, October 23, 2023

Luna's Empire Ghost Hunt For Halloween 2023

"If there's somethin' strange, in the neighborhood, who you gonna call?" That's the tune the ponies and visitors at Luna's Empire have been singing lately as the sim holds it's Ghostbusters-inspired "Ghost Hunt" game. The Newser wrote about it last year. But there's been enough changes to do a follow-up article. So if "bustin' makes you feel good," whether or not you're a pony fan come check out out. 

Read the story in Design.

It Came From Bellisseria Chat: The Scariest Trick or Treat Pumpkin

 Shown in the Bellisseria community group chat. People were talking about some pumpkins in the "Trick or Treat" being a bit difficult to get to or in curious places. Traci Quandry-Marabana (Traci Quandry) would post an animation of a shark swimming around the waters one pumpkin was in, "This was the scariest."

Sunday, October 22, 2023

Cartoon of the Day: Laggy Halloween

 Taken at Club Scorn. Sometimes it can take a while for someone to fully rezz. And at this time of year, a half-loaded avatar can look a little like a Halloween appearance.

By Bixyl Shuftan

Saturday, October 21, 2023

SL Video: "Burn2 - 2023 - Animalia - Temple Burn 1"

From B2TV on Oct 17, "The Phoenix Temple Burns, for the Burn2 'Animalia' 2023 event, in the Virtual World of Second Life. This Machinima was performed, streamed and recorded Live."

Friday, October 20, 2023

This Saturday at The Science Circle

Saturday October 21
Observe The Moon Week (Oct 21 to 28)

    At 10 AM PST   

    Artificial Intelligence in Medical Image Diagnosis
    By Karthik P.
    The Science Circle (225,230,28)
    At 9 PM PST   

    Observe The Moon Night
    Jes Stannard
    The Science Circle (72,129,30)
    NOTE: Non-members required to register once
    IM Jes Cobalt or Nymf Hathaway

╚══════════════════════════════ The Science Circle (72,129,30) ═╝

Newser Office Getting Ready For Halloween

 Halloween is less then two weeks away. And Gemma Cleanslate has been decorating the office. Dropping by, there was a dancing jack o' lantern and some fuzzy monster going about. 
Something to remind us to "scare up" a good story.

Happy Halloween

Bixyl Shuftan

Science Circle Announcement: Observe the Moon Week


Saturday October 21 to Saturday October 28

Do you remember how The Science Circle ( https://www.sciencecircle.org/ ) celebrated International Observe the Moon Night ( https://moon.nasa.gov/observe-the-moon-night/ ) last year? We had presentations about the Moon and our relationship with it throughout history, live images from Kass’s telescope in Switzerland, a planetarium show, and a scheduled tour of the International Space Museum.

This year we decided to celebrate in two ways. One is a presentation for Science Circle EAST participants about this event (see https://www.sciencecircle.org/event/observe-the-moon-night/ for details). The other is a display in Second Life on Science Circle Island (see https://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/The%20Science%20Circle/72/129/30 ) explaining the phenomena of solar and lunar eclipses, during which the Earth’s Moon plays a pivotal part.

>> This is a week-long event, open to visitors from Saturday, 21 October, through Saturday, 28 October 2023.

The eclipse display is on a platform on the water between the Amphitheater where SC WEST presentations are held at 10am SLT Saturday and the underwater site where SC EAST holds its events at 9pm SLT Saturdays. You can walk to it on bridges from either the Moon Base Group site or the peninsula where other exhibits on SC Island are located.

Educational posters in the display provide information about International Observe the Moon Night, The Science Circle non-profit organization, the Moon Base Group (our year-long celebration of our 15th Anniversary), and an explanation about eclipses.

    The Science Circle (72,129,30)

Thursday, October 19, 2023

Angels Beach Land Rentals

At the Angels Beach Land Rental Agency, you can find a great new home in Second Life. With many sims to choose from, in the Sunweaver Estates, Hidden Valley, and Purrfection, you can choose from a variety of environments.

We offer places with friendly and interesting neighbors. Some places have a tropical island look, others more temperate. Some of the sims have access to enough water to boat around in. And there are plans later on for an open water sim for even more water activities. The sims are home to a number of quality clubs, such as Cutlass, Zero Gravity, Xanadu, the BBBC, and the Happy Vixen Beach Club. In one sim alone there are two quality clubs that work together so there is no lag from them. There are also some small shopping areas available.

The sims range from Mature to Adult, but the purpose of the adult rating is for a relaxed atmosphere in which couples can relax. The places do not allow for harassment, and while there are vendors that cater to mature tastes they are discreet about it. Spaces available range from small plots to a full homestead that will rent out for only $30,000L's per month. Most of the sims break the parcels down into 512 Sqm parcels and and most have a sliding rent scale, so the more you rent the cheaper it gets. Our prices are VERY competitive here in Second Life.

And if you bring a friend to an Angels Beach area, you get more than just a good neighbor. Anyone that refers a renter to us and they rent land, they will receive 10% of the first months rent. And if someone you know needs help renting out land on his/her sim, bring them to us. Renters who bring in a sim owner needing administration, we will give 10% of our first check.

To learn more, please contact Nydia Tungsten, Brandi Streusel, Jasmine Dawn (Jasmine Knickers), or Matoazma Kazyanenko.

"We pride ourselves on on not just renting land but renting our customers the land you want. We listen to what you tell us on what you are looking for." 

At "Scare Me Silly"

 On Sunday October 15, I dropped by the "Scare Me Silly" event in Water Haven. This is an ongoing Halloween-themed fundraiser to get donations for the American Diabetes Association. The place had a misty autumn, slightly spooky look to it, with shops all around. And there was a live event going on.

 It was a little past 1PM, and Steven Dobias was performing with his guitar, wearing a mask. He was performing before a crowd, which included Vee Tammas Shocker, one of the volunteers of the event whom is often seen volunteering for the SL Birthday events as well. 

 For the live music schedule and more information, check out https://teamdiabetessl.org/2023-scare-me-silly-event/
Bixyl Shuftan

Wednesday, October 18, 2023

SL Video: "Burn2 - 2023 - Animalia - Man Burn 1"


From B2TV on October 17, "The Man Burns, at the Burn2 'Animalia' 2023 event, in the Virtual World of Second Life. This Machinima was performed, streamed and recorded Live."

Cartoon of The Day: Devils Food Cupcakes

 Charlee had gotten some Halloween decorations for the kitchen. As for what recipe was used, guess "the devil is in the details."

By Bixyl Shuftan

Tuesday, October 17, 2023

Events This Week at the Sunweaver and Montecito Bay Clubs, and Furry Fashion Lounge

Here's what's going on at the Sunweaver and Montecito Bay clubs, and the Furry Fashion Lounge.

Club Cutlass: Things With Wings, Ears and Tails, 70s

Happy Vixen: DJ Maliit, DJ Arooo, DJ Geerkil, DJ Snowy, DJ Char, DJ Frost, DJ Squeaks, DJ Khyra

Club Zero Gravity: TBA

Bouncing Bunny Beach Club: DJ Snowy

Xanadu: DJ Jesse 

Club Squeaks: DJ Squeaks
Montecito Bay:  CAYA, After Dark

Furry Fashion Lounge:  Fantasy, Animation, Rave, Devil Appreciation Night, Cryptids

Read the schedules in SL Clubbin'

Announcement: Hammieween IV

 For Hammieween IV, we are heading back to the summer camp of our youth! Set in the early to mid 1980's. You will find yourself surrounded by familiar sights and a touch of nostalgia!

There are many stories of unsettling and scary events that have taken place at Camp Carrot Lake over the many years it has held it's annual traditions. Summer after summer, the camp counselors would gather. Getting everything ready for the arrival of dozens of excited guests. An entire summer, spent at the lake, enjoying the water, learning survival skills and of course, scampering through the vast woodlands that surround the property.

Every season, just like clockwork. There would be whispers of rumours quietly circulating amongst the staff. Tales told around the campfire late at night, about former counselors who had vanished in the darkness. Simply gone without a trace, never to be heard from again...

Yet for the past year, the camp has sat abandoned. Eerily quiet as it rested in the woods, seemingly undisturbed... Perhaps the horrors that once took place here have ceased to exist? Perhaps ... it's safe to return to Camp Carrot Lake once again?

We suppose there is only one way to know for sure .. Do you feel brave enough to find out?

🎃 👻 🍬 💀 🍂 👻 🎃 🎃 👻 🍬 💀 🍂 👻 🎃 🎃 👻 🍬 💀 🍂 👻 🎃 🎃 👻 🍬 💀 🍂 👻 🎃

Camp Carrot Lake will be open from Saturday, October 14th - Tuesday, October 31st. to host a very special camp event!

As usual, we will be holding many gatherings. Including dance parties, bonfire hangouts, game events for those who enjoy a little competition. And in usual Belli Hamster style, lots and lots of treats!!

The general theme is - whatever Halloween represents to you! Some ideas might be Halloween costumes, early 1980's attire. Maybe even one of Camp Carrot Lake's very own counselors! The sky is the limit

Monday, October 16, 2023

Keeba Tammas To Retire From Performing

 Some sad news for fans of Keeba Tammas and the Tiny Maniacs. Keeba will soon be retiring from the music scene. Sunday October 15 was one of her last performances with the band, where the crowd gave them well wishes.

"Well, its just time," Keeba told me, "My health isnt that well, i need to relax and have less stress." She would say she had been with the band for 14 years. She had, "struggled with the Tinies for some time--some people dun like em. However, they will be going on."
Keeba's last concert will be in Raglan Shire on Saturday October 21st at 1PM.

Reader Submitted: Halloween on Caledon Downs

This month, spooky things are happening at Caledon. At Caledon Downs, ghosts have descended onto the land, and people are asked to help in making them go away. A mysterious train has been making the rounds, with rumors it takes passengers through the depths of Hell. And there's the pumpkin hunt. There was also a Halloween party last week as all this was starting. Cynthia Farshore, the owner of the sim, had a few things to say and sent a reader submission.

Read Cynthia's story in Places

Burn2 Events Conclude, Exhibits Still Up (For Now)

 This weekend, the Burn2 art and music festival in Second Life came to it's climax with the Burning of The Man and the Temple Burn. Several minutes after 12 Noon on Saturday October 14, "The Man" went ablaze in front of a crowd of onlookers, both Burners and others dropping by.

The fire started not at the base, but at the effigy's feet. The result was for a couple minutes it was just it's legs on fire, one onlooker giggling, "Looks like he has smoke bloomers on!" But the virtual flames went higher, someone commenting they were making a face over the wicker cage of a head.

After about half an hour, it was over, and people were invited to dance on the still-glowing embers. There would be a repeat at 6PM that night.

Sunday October 15 had the Temple Burn, once again taking place in front of an audience at 12 Noon SL time. Before it's burning, the censer inside read the messages of those who sent them as they burned, "Yes, we are imperfect and vulnerable and sometimes afraid, but that doesn’t change the truth that we are also brave and worthy of love and belonging. " "To my family, near, far, and no longer with us on Earth... no matter where you are know you are loved and treasured, even when we can't see, hear, or feel each other, we are all still together now, until we see each other again, & long long after." "Always believe in yourself." "Dad. You were a great dad. Thanks for watching down on all of us. I hope to see you someday."

Some expressed mixed feelings at such a well-designed build going down, "All those beautiful birds burning (sigh)." But the people enjoyed it. It was also notable some of the songs were appropriate, "Rise Like a Phoenix."

The last official events took place following the Temple Burn repeat at 6PM, ending at Midnight. But this isn't truly the end of "Animalia." The exhibits will be up for a few more days, and there should be a few scattered impromptu music events. And word has it the Burn ONe group will be launching it's Renegade Burn soon.

"Welcome Home."

Bixyl Shuftan

Reader Submited Pictures: DJ Squeaks at Burn2

 On Thursday October 12, DJ Squeaks (Brandi Streusel) made a performance at Burn2. 

The show took place at the Cherry Land camp at 6PM SL time. 

Sunday, October 15, 2023

Cartoon of The Day: Skunk Siesta

 Taken at White Vixen Enterprises. It's siesta time for this skunk dressed up like a mariachi band member, but the chair doesn't accommodate a large tail easily. So her sleeping position isn't the most comfortable one.

By Bixyl Shuftan

Saturday, October 14, 2023

SL Video: Villain

 From Nydia Tungsten on October 12, her entry for the SL Halloween video contest. 

Friday, October 13, 2023

Haunted Neighborhood and Bellisseria "Trick or Treat"

 Two of the Lindens' annual Halloween goodies in Bellisseria are back. One is the Haunted Neighborhood, in the Millbank sim.

The Millbank region has undergone a spooky overhaul, with numerous Linden Homes getting a haunted horror theme. Visit the many haunted houses, and see the scary sights! Take a step inside the homes while you’re at it: there are such sights to show you!
Once again, Bellisseria's spooky neighborhood is back, with all sorts of creepy sights, and sounds. A dingy trailer park has sounds of chainsaws going and screams in the background. One houseboat is full of slime and has a spooky shrine inside, and just what is that gurgling underneath the water. One house has the sounds of kids giggling, but no sign of them other than toys and a ball that seemingly is rolling by itself. There's a creepy cemetery with a freshly dug hole that when you walk past just seems like a tempting spot to rest for those tired. And one place with a "for sale" sign will collapse in a cloud of dust and debris. 
Some places have traps in them, and if you're not careful a heavy bookshelf might fall on you or a blade might shoot out at you. There is a flashlight available near the official start area, though it aids your vision just a little, and sometimes being able to see things slightly better isn't always a good thing in this place. Oh, and you can also grab the balloon for a quick tour. But is letting a haunted balloon guided by a sinister-sounding ghost steer you around a good idea?
To get to the Haunted Neighborhood, head to: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Millbank/216/40/23 

Also going on is the Bellisseria "Trick or Treat" event. For the third year in a row, residents will be able to go trick or treating around the neighborhoods of the Linden Home continent. 

Creep or crawl over to Bellisseria this Halloween season to snag some candy and win prizes! This is an interactive event open to *everyone* where Residents living in Bellisseria can host Candy Buckets on their parcels. You don’t want to miss the paranormal partygoers and creative costumes throughout Bellisseria during this virtual Trick-or-Treat.

To play the game head over to the Haunted Neighborhood at Milibank (216.40.23) and head to the place with the three signs near the flashlight and balloon. The one on the left will get you the HUD for the game (image left) and will be all you need to get if you just want to play. For those wanting to take part, grab the pumpkin from the sign on the right. You'll need to be the owner of a Linden Home to take part. And it's not recommended you have a teleporter to a private skybox near where you set the pumpkin.

The game takes place only on the continent of Bellisseria, and all pumpkins can only have a piece taken from them only once. There are prizes for getting lots of candy, especially for those to take 200 or more.

There was a video about the Trick or Treat event by Linden Lab, featuring Magellan Linden and Punky dressing up as each other, or in Magellan's case trying to. 

For more information, check out this forum post by Patch Linden. There's also a list of homes available to help trick or treaters search for candy. The one at Clean Getaway also has a huge cutout of Patch Linden where one can grab a messful of SL candies, "There are 100+ candies and other gifts inside Patch now. Touch him to get them Clean Getaway (92,158,32) The haunted house also gives candy, and there's punch, too."

Trick or treat.

Bixyl Shuftan