Advertise With Us

Advertorial - This is an article written with the purpose of advertising the subject, such as a place or business. A place whose main purpose is to make money will normally be charged an advertorial fee if they want us to write about them. The story will appear in the paper like other articles, and remain in the archives for all to see.

An advertorial, or advert, normally has a fee of 1000 Linden dollars. While we may on occasion write about a mature-themed subject, the article has to be "workplace safe."

* * * * * * * * * *

Classified -  Small ad written by the purchaser shown in our Classifieds page. They may be up to 100 words in length. No pictures. They may be mailed to us, or handed over via notecard in SL.

Classifieds have a fee of 500L, paid in advance. Updates are every Monday. If one wants to bump their classified ad to the top of the page the following update, it can be done for another 500L.

 * * * * * * * * * *
Sponsorships - Sponsorships are the paper's best form of advertising. A banner of the sponsor's choosing goes onto the main section where readers will see it when first looking at the paper. Unlike advertorials, sponsorship banners stay near the top of the newspaper. At the sponsor's request, they may have a link to a webpage.

Sponsorship banners currently have a fee of 15,000 Linden dollars for a three month period. The banner can be kept up by purchasing more time.

Secondary Sponsorships -These are much like Primary Sponsorships, but are on other sections other than the main one (People, Places, Events, etc.). These are currently 5,000 Linden dollars for a three month period, extendable by purchasing more time.

We plan to have more options in the future, such as smaller-sized banners for smaller three month fees.