Sunday, May 31, 2015

Cartoon of the Day

By Bixyl Shuftan

Tales From Podex: Piece of Cake

By Bixyl Shuftan

 It was a fairly routine May day at the Podex Exchange. As usual, people were stopping by to get Linden dollars in trade for various global currencies. Their customers would sometimes mention what they intended to use for them. The spring was getting warmer, and the spring dates that were given as the reason for the Lindens were increasingly mixed with plans for heading to the beach with a new set of swimwear, surfboards, jet-skis, etc. And of course there was the Relay for Life, people getting Lindens to donate for their favorite team, or just the Relay in general.

The staff were enjoying a chat in a moment between customers when someone walked in. He was dressed all in white with a red tie, and had a hat with a tube base and a floppy mass on the top. In his hand was a frying pan.

"Um, can we help you?" a teller asked.

"Yes," spoke the man, "I seem to be in need of supplies, so I need to get a few Lindens."

"Well, you've certainly come to the right place Sir."

"Is it complicated?"

"Not really Sir. Just a few moments to fill out these forms. What currency will you be using in your transaction?"

"British pounds."

"All right Sir, just please fill these out ..."

It wasn't long before the forms were done, and the money was exchanged.

"Fantastic. Now I can get what I need."

"So you're going to get some flour, sugar, oils, and other stuff?"

"Oh no. I'll be getting wood, nails, paint, hammers, and more."

"What? If you're building something like that, why the chef's uniform?"

"I got this as I am among those working on the Second Life Birthday's Cake Stage." He grinned, "I thought it would be appropriate, considering the build."

The teller and the customer had a good laugh together, and the unusual builder went on his way.

The Podex Exchange is located at the Coda sim at (45, 218, 61), with a website at Jacek Shuftan is the CEO.

Note: The preceding is a fictional story, written for the dual purpose of advertisement and entertainment.

Bixyl Shuftan

Tales from Minecraft: Going "To The Moon" Tinkering With Iguanas

So what have the "Furry Gamers" group of the Sunweaver/Angels been up to when not in Second Life? Lately they've been spending some time in a new version of FTB Minecraft called "Resonant Rise," with mods "Tinkerer's Construct with Iguana Tweaks." The result has been a new kind of Minecraft mayhem, with new kinds of terrain to explore, more and extra powerful monsters to fight, and new ways to build tools. And for Jasmine, it meant her own space program in a quest to go to Minecraft's Moon.

Read more in Other Grids and MMOs.

Fortaelia Club (2008)

In this look back at the articles by the Newser's predecessor Second Life Newspaper, we look at a club Bixyl Shuftan wrote about in early 2008: the Fortaelia Club. Owned by Caelia Bailey and Fortunas Sands, the club lasted only a few months, but had a good following while it was around, appearing in some SLN cartoons. But the owners, particularly the lady, would go on to grander things.

Read the 2008 article in Design.

Saturday, May 30, 2015

Classic SLN Cartoon

From Sept 2007

A Day in New York City Block (2008)

Our looking back at Second Life Newspaper continues with a look at the New York City block sim. Built by real life Brooklyn resident Cheri Bing, unlike some other better known New York themed sims, this was built a little less to shop in and more for people to rent a virtual home in at one of the apartments. Dropping in one day in April 2008, Bixyl Shuftan caught a bit of the chaos that went on with the locals that could only be considered a conbination of Second Life wackiness and New York attitude.

See the 2008 article in Places.

SL Video: "A Tribute To The Late B.B. King"

(Click Here if the video fails to play)

From Jackson Redstar Photogrpahy on May 15, 2015, a Second Life Tribute to B.B. King, one of the best known Blues musicians, the day after his passing.

Note: Some profanity in the signs

Friday, May 29, 2015

Commentary: "Get a Job"

Some people in Second Life don't make much money in real life, or otherwise can't or won't buy Linden dollars. If you're one of these people, how can you afford that nice dress or that quality avatar, or that nice little home for rent? For Syndra (katakanna), the answer is obvious: get a job in Second Life. So what jobs are available? Plenty.

Read Syndra's commentary in Extra.

Avatar Review: The Anthroxtacy Shark

Second Life offers many kinds of nonhuman avatars for going about the land of Second Life. But what about the water? There is of course traditional mermaid avatars. But there's more than that. One other kind of aquatic avatar out in Second Life is the Anthroxacty shark. Although it's maker is no longer active in Second Life, there is a place where not only can one still get the avatar, but get it for free.

Read the review in Design.

News and Commentary: Avatar Trouble at the Basilique Linden Meet-Up

Earlier this month, the Linden meet-up for May 2015 took place. It was described as the most packed meeting of Lindens and residents since they were being held again. Taking place in the Basilique area, the Newser's Bixyl Shuftan received several requests to look into a certain issue about the event. However, none of these requests were about the Linden-sponsored music festival, the SS Galaxy, or other questions to the Lindens. They were about the sim's policy about nonhuman avatars.

Read more in People.

Press Release: Homes For Our Troops Bennefit This Sunday

CONTACT: Frets Nirvana in Second Life

Frets Nirvana and US Military Veterans Group announces the May 2015 benefit for Homes For Our Troops in Second Life! 

Frets Nirvana, the premier guitar artist in the virtual world Second Life and the US Military Veterans Group announce the the fourth benefit in 2015 in Second Life for the Veterans Support Organization, Home For Our Troops . 

Frets Nirvana states:  “HFOT is a privately funded 501(c) (3) nonprofit organization building specially adapted, mortgage-free homes nationwide for the most severely injured Veterans from Iraq and Afghanistan. Most of these Veterans are multiple amputees, paraplegic, quadriplegic or suffered severe traumatic brain injury (TBI).  These homes restore some of the freedom and independence our Veterans sacrificed defending ours, and enable them to focus on their family, recovery, and rebuilding their lives. Since its inception in 2004, over 90 cents of every dollar spent by Homes for Our Troop has gone to directly support Veterans. ”
Home for Our Troops benefit concerts feature premier Second Life talent monthly at Veteran’s Isle.  The concert on May 31, 2015 is scheduled from 5-9 PM PST.  Featured artists will be Chapman Zane, Grif Bamaison, Frets Nirvana and Red Heaven.  It will be held at the U.S. Military Center at Veteran’s Isle.

ABOUT HOMES FOR OUR TROOPS  - HFOT builds homes as a departure point for Veterans to rebuild their lives, and once again become highly productive members of society. Despite their life-altering injuries, many Veterans have embarked on new careers, completed their college degrees, or started families. Empowered by the freedom a mortgage-free and specially adapted home brings, these Veterans can now focus on their recovery and return to their life’s work of serving others. Many have embraced their roles as motivational speakers, sharing their messages of persevering through tragedy with groups and classrooms around the country; others take to a national platform to promote awareness of veteran suicide, homelessness and PTSD. Their incredible stories are the driving force for the work for HFOT.

To learn more about the Homes For Our Troops visit

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Caricavatars Political Satire Sim (2007/2008)

In our looking back at Second Life Newspaper, we take a look at a sim whose purpose was political satire. Caricavatars was created by Christophe Hugo, who displayed examples of builds and avatars that were often caricatures of notable people in politics. However for all his satire, which was often particularly biting, he himself could be a little thin-skinned to anyone he saw as insulting or annoying, such as Second Life Newspaper reporters Brutha Voodoo and Bixyl Shuftan when they dropped by on two different occasions.

Read more in Extra.

Dropping by M&M Creations

The other day, I dropped by our sponsor, M&M Creations. For years, they have offered quality content for sale, using sculpted prims. Since 2011, they've been offering mesh items.

In the past, 10 and Marcthur Gooson offered classes for those interested in learning how to build. Although they no longer offer the classes themselves, they still offer tutorials.

The largest of the feature items were the builder packs. The largest was the castle, made of 76 modular building parts.

Scripted, the doors made a loud creaking noise when opened. Quaint in the daytime, but at night, it would probably have an air of eerie spookiness.

The price for the castle building packs was 5500 Lindens for full perm, 3500 for just copy/modify.

Stairs allow one to get to the top of the tower areas.

The "Cottage Ma Mason," a rustic cottage set in a rocky hill, which is slightly more expensive than the castle, at 9500 Lindens for full perm, 3800 for just copy/modify.

 M&M Creations, with years of building experience behind them, your place for quality builds. and buildings.

DoubleMM (179/77/76)

Press Release: University of Hawaii, Institute for Astronomy Presents: "Laser Ranging at Haleakala"

By Dan O'Gara
Friday, May 29th at 9:30 PM PDT
Institute for Astronomy - U. Hawaii Astronomy Amphitheater

The use of lasers (laser ranging, or LR) to make precise measurements to natural and artificial Earth satellites is of immense value to geodesy. Information on the movement of Earth's tectonic plates, its gravity field, and its orientation in its orbit can all be accomplished with high accuracy via LR. More recently, LR is being used to produce precise orbits of Earth-sensing satellites that monitor changes in Earth's climate. This talk is about the history and future of LR at Haleakalā Observatories, how LR measurements are used by scientists, and the instrumentation used to make the measurements.

Alliance, CUH Alliance (49, 205, 4002)

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Cartoon of the Day

Taken at the Relaystock. It seems for one girl, one mud puddle was a little deeper than she thought.

Bixyl Shuftan

What sets Datemyavi apart from other dating services in Second Life?

Back in September of 2011 Zanidu Titian was having a chat with a friend. They were discussing dating panels in Second Life and how he was not a fan of the way they were set up. He felt they needed more options and he felt he could come up with a better design. His friend dared him and a few days later he created and opened where the singles could not only have the opportunity for others to see their in world panel, get brief information about them and "Like" their panel, but now they could also set up their own page on the website giving more information about themselves and what they are seeking. In world you can set up a panel that others can view and "like" and as a bonus option, on the site you can search, Vote (Hot or Not), Share blogs, search forums, chat and much more!

At this time the website has been going through a complete overhaul and once launched will be one of the most user friendly dating sites out there. The panels still continue and are constantly being updated but the greatest thing about the panels at DMA is the fact that they do not do an automatic "Match". No obligations, no trial. You can get the name of the person that likes you and if you are interested you can either like them back or just directly message them!

But, the matches don't stop there! For over a year and half DMA has been hosting Speed Dating. Five days a week, either afternoon or evening you can come over and participate in Speed Dating for a chance to meet that special someone. As well a prize can sometimes be won at the end! In fact tonight's winning prize was a Gift Card for a very highly discounted experience over at The Falls Restaurant, which is DMA's unique dining experience. The perfect place to take that date!

DMA has several other things to do and areas to explore on the sim such as an underwater movie theater, The Back Alley (Bowling and games), picnic areas, volleyball court, dancing and contest areas, several romantic cuddle spots, fishing and a nude beach.

So if you are looking for a potential significant other, stop in at Datemyavi and check out all they have to offer. They have a very friendly staff who are always willing to answer any questions you may have. And hey if you like the place enough, you can always talk to them about job opportunities. A great place to play and work!

Check out Datemyavi located at

Datemyavi is also on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and more

Leona Kitty

"Remembering Fimi" at The Happy Vixen

On Monday May 24, while some people were at backyard barbecues for Memorial Day, the Sunweavers/Angels gathered at the Happy Vixen Club to remember one of their own whom passed away several years before, but was still remembered fondly, Artistic "Fimi" Fimicloud.

Read more in Events.

Note: Edited slightly later in the day.

Bargain Bikinis for the Beach

After a few months of being on the back burner, our Fashion articles are back in business. Ladies, are you looking for a good bikini but are a little short on Lindens? As it turns out there are some stores where you can get some dare to bare swimwear for free or almost free.

Read the article by our new writer Syndra (katakanna) in Fashion.

Sci-fi Author Larry Niven & Artist Michael Whelan Appear in Second Life (2008)

Another article originally published in Second Life Newspaper. In 2008, Second Life was much better known by the public than it is now, and well known people such as published authors were more likely to come in for virtual appearances. Among them was science-fiction writer Larry Niven, known for novels such as "Ringworld" and the "Man-Kzin Wars" series. in late August 2008, he made an appearance at an Alzheimer's charity fundraiser, along with Michael Whelan whom illustrated many of his works. At one point, they took questions from the audience.

Read the 2008 article in Events.

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Events This Week at the Sunweaver Clubs

It's a week full of events at the Sunweaver clubs. At Cutlass, the "Is" have it with "Best in I," followed by "Black and Tan," and "80s Flashback." And things get a little daring at "The Vinyl" with "Barely There", just before "Topless Tuesday," followed by Silks and "Latex and Leather" on Thursday.

See details in Events This Week.

The 9/11 Anniversary in Second life (Sept (2009)

As Second Life Newser looks back at the days of it's predecessor, Second Life Newspaper, among the events covered were the September 11 anniversary events in 2009. With the tragedy more recent in peoples' minds, the memorials and remembrances were more, larger, and more detailed. The one at the New York City Block sim was featured in CNN.

Read Bixyl Shuftan's article, originally published in Second Life Newspaper on Sept 13, 2009, in Events.

Monday, May 25, 2015

Artistic Fimicloud Memorial Dance Today

Today at the Happy Vixen Beach Club, there will be an event by the Sunbeamers Relay for Life team in honor of their late neighbor and Relayer, Artistic Fimicloud.

It's been seven years (May 26) since Sunweaver Artistic Fimicloud passed away after a struggle with cancer. While many of us don't remember the little pink fox, for those who do she was a source of inspiration to keep on going. So in her honor, we're holding a dance in her name. Please come and help us celebrate and remember her. The party begins at the Happy Vixen Beach club at 4PM. Dusk Griswold will be the DJ for the event. Please join us.

Purrfection Estates (236, 219, 24)

Insilico: Roleplaying on Mars of the Future

The Newser has a new writer: Ozymandius (0zymandi). In his first article, he looks at Insilico, a futuristic roleplay area with a history that stretches back several years. Taking a look with the help of a guide, he found quite a lot, the sim needing multiple tiers of land to hold it all.

Read Ozymandius' article in Extra.

The Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Second Life (2007)

In November 2007, a replica of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial was opened in Second Life. This was a detailed replica of it's real life counterpart, often called simply "The Wall" due to it's shape, two black granite walls of a 50,000+ list of names of the dead and missing. SL Newspaper wrote about the event a few days later.

Read the republished article in Places.

The Western Front (2009)

Originally published in Second Life Newspaper in November 2009

*  *  *  *  *

By Grey Lupindo

To honor Veterańs Day, I visited the First World War Poetry Digital Archives at the Western Front exhibit. (219, 199, 646).

This site focuses on the First World War and how it was experienced by the British poets, soldiers, and nurses who served in it. The site has archived poetry, letters, interviews and photographs into an interactive exhibit.

At the point of arrival, the site requests that you change into one of its free uniforms, either a soldier or nurse, before you proceed into the encampment. I chose a nursés uniform for my tour. To enhance your viewing, it also gives directions on changing your sky to evoke the mood that existed near the front lines. This is easy to do and adds a lot to the experience.

The exhibit starts with a typical encampment of tents. As you walk through the sim, the sounds of marching soldiers and bugles can be heard. (Walk slowly because it takes time for the soldiers to rez.) When they do, you will hear interviews with the men who lived through that War.

The topics include typical war information on weapons and training, but also less common information on day-to-day life in the camps.

In addition to the figures that rez, there are blue and red boxes scattered around the site. The red boxes are archived interviews, images and videos of the veterans. The blue boxes are readings of the poetry by Edward Thomas, Siegfried Sassoon, and others, accompanied by images of the poets and their manuscripts. There is a teleport to the hospital tents, trenches, and front lines. Near the rear of the site there is a transport that will give you an aerial view of the trench system, but I couldń't get this to work. However, I teleported easily to the hospital tents and trenches. 

The interviews at the hospital were an interesting and sober reminder of the horros of  that war.  From here you can walk through the trenches to the front lines. Allow yourself time to go slowly through the trenches because many of the items are not initially visible.

Grey Lupindo 

*  *  *  *  *

Over five years later, the Western Front exhibit is still up at Frideswide (219, 199, 646). Grey Lupindo would be among the reporters founding Second Life Newser.

Memorial Day

Have an honored Veterans Day from the crew of Second Life Newser.

(picture taken at the Veterans Tribute at Kajam (218/37/35) )

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Relaystock 2015 Going on this Weekend

Yesterday was an active, and muddy, day at the Relay dAlliez sim for Relaystock 2015. DJs such as Madelyn Majestic and Fuzzball Ortega performed on stage as the Relayers danced in the mud, and less muddy spots on the ground, some in 60s period hippie style outfits. For those who haven't seen it yet, don't despair. The Relaystock continues on today.

To go directly to the stage, head here:  Relay dAlliez (120/185/22)

Remembering Kat2Kit

On Thursday May 21, the man behind Kat2 Kit, Matt Shapoff, had died. For the past several years, he had been active in Second Life. He had been using the virtual world to help advertise his line of blue cyanotype artwork, which he described as a cross between a 19th Century art form with 21st Century technology. But his journey in Second Life was more than that. From game shows to wildlife charities, he was involved in a number of events, twice mentioned in Second Life Newspaper.

Read more in People.

SL Video: "Sub Lupina Build"

(Click here if the video fails to play)

Video by Laurina Hawks in May 22, 2015, "Sub Lupina Build - timelapse documentation by Kat2 Kit. Video by Matt Shapoff, aka Kat2 Kit, the little panda. You can see him in the foreground. It was during the 'Gold Digger Period' in Second Life, early 2007, when hordes of innovative artists and entrepreneurs realized fascinating projects. I met Kat2 Kit in my very earliest days, he used a female avatar (sic!) and we danced on a beach party :-) But only a few days later he came to me with his little panda ava, and never changed this as long as he was present in SL. Matt was always very consequent in his visions and followed them with a good piece of stubborness - as every artist need to have. We supported our projects vice versa. Although we both used SL as a medium, we lived in different universes. He also had a shop on my sims for his art pieces and his panda-propaganda. One of his specialities have been "time frame" movies, which he produced in incredible montages out of 1000s of still shots. He was a person who did a lot for others, his heart was full of love."

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Kat2Kit (Matt "Cyanotype" Shapoff) Has Died

It was announced over Facebook on Thursday May 2 that Kat2 Kit, known there as Matt "Cyanotype" Shapoff, had passed away. He was 42. He is survived by his wife.

Stay tuned for details about Kat's history in Second Life. For now, one can stop by his store at Montauk New York (128/157/24).

ScarletCSkylaC Passes On

Daniel Voyager wrote on his blog that  ScarletCSkylaC (Amy) died on Thursday May 21. The cause of death was cancer.

ScarletCSkylaC was a friend of mine on Plurk and I enjoyed reading her plurks. ScarletCSkylaC had a really kind heart and soul that touched so many in Second Life/via Plurk. ScarletCSkylaC will be deeply missed and may she rest in peace. Much love to her family and all her friends at this time.

A memorial page has been set up for her on tumblr, "She Was Our Leaf in the Wind."

There will be a memorial service at her store "Alouette" on Sunday May 24 at 2PM

Plurk account

Press Release: The Great Race of Caledon 2015

The event is to be held on Sunday 24th May 2015, with a start time of 9am SLT. The organisers will do all they can to ensure that this time is adhered to, Grid willing.

There is an entry fee of 50L, payable on the day, to the RFL Kiosk that will be in the Assembly Area near the Start. Payment to be made prior to starting the race, please.

The race will start in Caledon Kittiwickshire, here;
Caledon Kittiwickshire , Caledon Kittiwickshire (61, 197, 22) - Moderate

Participants will be given a Map of the First Stage route, a Map to each successive Stage will be obtained at the Changeover points between Stages. There will also be a few helpful Markers placed along the route.

There will be Timing Gates at the Start, the Finish, and at each Stage Changeover point, these are simply to provide interesting Statistical Data, however in the event of a tie any Gates missed will be a factor in the Stewards deliberations.

The Four Stages of the Race are as follows;

Stage One; Foot Race - this means using your own 2 (or 4, or indeed however many you have) feet. The Stewards ask that any Steampunk roller/traction boots, jet skates, etc that are worn be DECORATIVE ONLY and offer no advantage in speed.

Stage Two; Ground Vehicles - these may be of any number of wheels, or rollers, or tracks, or indeed may even be hover-type vehicles, but they must not be fliers, and we ask that they be suitably Steampunk or Vintage (not later than the 1920s). No horses, unless it is a Steam Horse, this is a race of vehicles.

Stage Three; Water Vehicles - these may travel on or under the water, by steam or sail, but they must be in contact with the water AT ALL TIMES. No flying boats, either literally or the airplanes of that type. The only exception to this is of course a bad sim crossing, but if your Water Vehicle should become airborne, you are required to return it to the water as soon as possible. If you do not have a Water Vehicle, one will be available from the dockside rezzer at the start of the Stage.

Stage Four; Aeros - Steampunks generally use LTA fliers, but HTA types are also welcome. Once again we ask that you repect the spirit of the era of the Great Race and keep any 'planes to Vintage ones (no later than the 1920s).

The first 3 contestants to cross the Finish Line will receive a Trophy commensurate to their placing, and all participants will receive a Commemorative Medallion.

In the unlikely event of a tie for any of the first 3 placings, the Stewards decison will be final, and based on many sekrit criteria, including the size of any donations made to RFL as a means to curry favour.

Spectators are Heartily Encouraged to watch the proceedings, and Embolden the Daring Racers with Cheers and Huzzahs. However they do so AT THEIR OWN RISK, NO LIABILITY WILL BE ACCEPTED BY THE ORGANISERS WHATSOEVER FOR ANY DEATH OR INJURY OCCURRING TO ANYONE FOR ANY REASON DURING THE RUNNING OF THE RACE.

Caledon Kittiwickshire , Caledon Kittiwickshire (61, 197, 22) - Moderate

SL Video: "Don't Don SL Dance"

(Click here if the video fails to play)

By M2MaFang on Oct 2011

Friday, May 22, 2015

Antaris Gothly’s New Treehouse

Grease Coakes recently dropped by a friend of his, Antaris Gothly. She had recently built a new hangout, a treehouse. Antaris wanted something different from the hustle and bustle of music clubs, but a place where people could relax and engage in artistic expression, or just talk. And unlike a certain place Grease recently wrote on, all are welcome regardless of appearance.

Read more in Extra.

Berlin Wall Display in Second Life (2008)

For those of the Baby Boom and Gen X generations, Europe was a different place in the recent past that it was now. Following the Second World War, Europe was divided by the Iron Curtain, the Soviet Union and it's satellite states keeping it's people in with barbed wire, minefields, and border guards with orders to kill. The most visible spot was the Berlin Wall, which was set up around West Berlin, a spot of territory inside East Germany where citizens could live under a democracy. After it's construction, many died trying to cross it. In November 2008, a Christo Larsen built a Berlin Wall exhibition in Second Life, detailing the history around The Wall. The article was originally published in Second Life Newspaper that month.

Read the republished article in Places.

Giant Snail Races in Need of Sponsors

For years, the Giant Snail Races have been a weekly event in Second Life. Organized by RacerX Gullwing, part sport and part entertainment, this is the sort of thing that could appear only in this virtual world. With the huge snail avatars stumbling across the obstacle course, or along a cross-country track, the wackiness of it all has been enough to keep a following of fans, both those who watch every week and those whom keep occasional tabs.

Week after week, month after month, year after year, the races have gone on. So imagine the surprise when RacerX made this announcement, both in the inworld group and his Facebook feed:

The Giant Snail races may on it's last few months. Were gonna lose our sim soon . Well still do some specialty races I suppose for RFL or special events but could be the end of our weekly shows.

We had a good run 11+ years. Thanks everyone for your support.

When I IMed RacerX, he told me he'd be able to speak more on the matter later. And indeed a few days later, he had a few things to say, "Looks like we may be around a while longer. Mae Best was paying for the whole sim herself. But if we can come up with most of the money, we'll be able to stick around. now just We had a few people so far say they would. but no specific amounts yet."

"Here's what she said on Facebook: Emretta May Hinman - 'We need sponsors to pay for the Sim Tier starting in Aug. Unfortunately due to budget cuts in the Govt., and poor numbers in my company, it looks like my job is going away, and I am no longer able to do it alone as I am taking a lesser paying job elsewhere. YOU can help by sponsoring a small $ or L amount each month towards Tier fees!"

I'm hoping we can get 8 to 15 people to chip in so it's not to much for any one person

1,200L or $5 from 60 people per month = 300$
2,400L or $10 from 30 people per month = 300$
4,800L or $20 from 15 people per month = 300$
9,000L or $37.50 from 8 people per month = $300
18,000L or $75.00 from 4 people per month = $300

RacerX went on, " so hopefully well get a few more people. We have room for advertisers on our scoreboard and would be happy to advertise goods or services during our show." He thought they would make it for now. The long term depends on getting enough sponsorship money.

The Snail Races are at 11:00 AM on Saturdays at Gullwing Coast Racers (142/104/777), aside special cross-counry races at the last Saturday at the end of each month from March to June for the Relay for Life.

Bixyl Shuftan

Press Release: Caledon's 5th Annual Time Essential Airship Wreck Race

Greetings gentles all,

Saturday, May 23rd, sees the running of the 5th Annual Time Essential Airship Wreck Race, in aid of RFL of SL 2015, and fun:)

The race involves pilots flying between a series of aerial platforms, and leaving a prim from their vehicles at each station. I wish to reassure residents that the aerial platforms are temporary structures, that will be erected no earlier than is strictly necessary for setting up the course, and they will be removed within hours of the event being over. They will sited at carefully chosen locations, over Commonwealth land, and the surrounding areas have also been surveyed to make sure that no stray prims will cause any problems. There will only be a handful of prims dropped during the whole event anyway:)

The nature of the TEAWR means that Judges are required to oversee the platforms, one Judge at each. To this end we are seeking volunteers for this responsible and very fun duty - if you feel would like to volunteer, please message me for a notecard explaining what's involved, and then indicate your interest to Miss Darlingmonster Ember via IM or notecard.

The TEAWR is set to start at 9am SLT on May 23rd, so Judges will need to be on hand before this and ready to man their given stations by around 8.45am SLT. The time of the start has been chosen to give the greatest number of residents the chance to participate. More details on the TEAWR itself are to be found in this notecard;

We thank you for your interest and good nature toward this event, and welcome all to come and watch the spectacle that is The Time Essential Airship Wreck Race!

Solace Fairlady
Team Caledon RFL of SL 2015

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Dinner Dating in Second Life

Second Life Newser welcomes a new reporter: Leona Kitty. In her first article, she talks about one place to go on a date within Second Life: a dinner. It seems a bit odd to some, as avatars don't need to eat. But there's more to a date involved than just food.

Read Leona's article in People.

Linden Inworld Meetup in Basilique

Last week, Thursday April 14, there was an "inworld meetup" where residents could meet up with and ask a number of Lindens questions. Yours truly only arrived at the tail end of it, and heard only a few questions on the SS Galaxy that went unanswered. Daniel Voyager posted that there were also questions about the SL12B and SL 2.0 (or Project Sansar as the Lab calls it). Inara Pey called it the largest turnout for a Linden meetup since they resumed.

The meetup took place in the Basilique sim, of which one of the rules had a number of residents complaining. More about this complaint later.

Bixyl Shuftan

Classic SLN Cartoon

From a picture by Byran Dix in April 2007, "The owners of this villa had posted many signs saying 'No Parking or Else,' still there is always an idiot who ignores the signs and parks anyway!"

New Homeland For The Jews (2007)

The early Second Life Newspaper was at first much different than the newsletter it would become, with short posts with one or two pictures. But throughout 2007, it would publish more and longer articles. In May 2007, SLN reporter Miralee Munro covered the opening of the Jewish Historical Museum and Synagogue in Ir Shalom.

Read Miralee's article in Places.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Cartoon of the Day

From the Bay City Parade on Sunday. One of the cars in the parade had a glitch that reminded me of how they put on the brakes in one cartoon.

By Bixyl Shuftan