Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Club Simple Paradise

Second Life has a number of clubs. But how many offer you a swim to cool off or a romantic dining experience for a date?

Isabella (vortice41) recently opened up Club Simple Paradise. "My club is a place where the people can relax," she told me, "have a lovely dinner, or having fun." She first showed me one of the dinner booths, that were on the edge of the club grounds. They had a table with seating for two, with two seats and dishes, with flowers and a champagne bottle, along with a couple paintings on the wall "here a couple can eat in private spaces, talk and dance together." Pointing to the plate, "touching the dish a guy/girl (will) find three menus." Clicking on them gave options of soup, a meal, or dessert. There was also the option of just sitting there, as if having dinner conversation, or an eating animation.

"I wanted something different from the other spaces in Second Life," Isabella told me, "a place where a person can relax, have a lovely date." She told me the club was new, just a few weeks old. But already word was starting to get around, "Some people come here in the morning, when there isn't a party, for a moment of peace." She told me the name of the club comes partly from what the people dropping by have been calling it, "The people told me that the place is simple, and nice." She then took me to the pool area. It wasn't a simple basin and water, but had a small bar set up in the middle of it, "for a coffee," and presumably a few other drinks. She told me she was still looking for a swimming HUD giver, but should be able to find one soon. Besides the deck chairs alongside the pool one could relax in, there were small tables nearly where one could have a little breakfast.

For now, the club has only music and dance events one day a week, at 10 AM and 12PM SL time.  She tells me she'll have more days once she has more staff, "My idea is to do a theme a day," for instance Latin one day, 80s music the next. for now, she has two DJs, "Robina Ewing and T-DJ Milena, "They spin Wednesday, 10AM to 12 Milena with deep house, and after 12-2pm Robina with house, and trance." If anyone had a request for a tune, that usually wouldn't be a problem. One could also rent the club out for a private party.

So for a club with a dining experience and a place to swim, head over to Club Simple Paradise.

Your Place for dance with our Djs.
Your Place for have a dinner with your love.
Your place for relaxing in our pool with bar and lovely table for breakfast.
Enjoy us.

Club Simple Paradise, Surreal Gold (237, 44, 21)

Bixyl Shuftan

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