Tuesday, May 5, 2015

SL Video: "The Drax Files World Makers - Episode 29: Insilico "

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From Draxtor Despress, " 'I was raised in the Native American tradition to never lose my awe of the world' says designer and storyteller Stark Osterham who runs the sprawling cyberpunk city Insilico together with a handful of other managers. Stark honors this tradition by expanding on a world within a world: the universe of Second Life has hosted Insilico on 4 sims since German artist Skills Hak originally created it in 2008.

"Role-players from all over the globe continue to expand the already complex backstory of Insilico with its colorful races, cyborgs and a political system dominated by corporate corruption every day by contributing to the archives. If you work in Insilico as a security guard, battle the cruel D'naa on Mars or dwell as a homeless half-human somewhere on the lower tier of town, the intensity of the immersion is powerful.

"As general manager and city reporter StarRavenSAT puts it: 'Everyone has a different interpretation of the future. This one is real because it is ours!' And everyone is invited to participate: SL photographer Harlow Heslop for instance is a frequent visitor to the city and Stark's own teenage daughter is inspired to continue the family tradition of actively shaping reality rather than passively accepting it.

"Question: What is better than reading a book or watching TV? Answer: writing your own story, creating your very own world!"

For more information about Insilico check out http://insilico.gemini-cybernetics.net

"Big thanks to Marianne McCann and all the great extra actors who participated in making this episode."

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