Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Fantasy Faire: "Pawlice Corruption"

Although the Fantasy Faire is over, people are still looking back at it with fond memories. As serious as cancer can be, people did try to have fun and joke at the Faire, as well as writing about it. In one article on the Faire's blog, Sonya Marmurek wrote a fun article, "Pawlice Corruption," about supposed corruption in the ranks of the dinkie police tinies.

Every Faire visitor knows that the peace within the Fairelands is guarded by the fiercely wafflesome Tiny Sheriffs Association, led by the Commandant Xavian Starsider. The Tiny Sheriffs guard and protect the Fairelands, catch and imprison the miscreants for the general justice, allowing the Faire Folk to operate as the judge and jury. The bails can be paid straight into the RFL kiosks, and should it be high enough, the Tiny Sheriffs might benevolently free the criminals and pad away in search of more waffles wrongdoers. Surprisingly the worst offenders tend to be found amongst the world builders and creators. Perhaps it is a much needed balance after all the selfless work for the greater good, or perhaps there’s something more afoot here, something much more sinister and — dare I say? — corrupt!

Read the rest of the article (here).

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