Saturday, May 23, 2015

Press Release: The Great Race of Caledon 2015

The event is to be held on Sunday 24th May 2015, with a start time of 9am SLT. The organisers will do all they can to ensure that this time is adhered to, Grid willing.

There is an entry fee of 50L, payable on the day, to the RFL Kiosk that will be in the Assembly Area near the Start. Payment to be made prior to starting the race, please.

The race will start in Caledon Kittiwickshire, here;
Caledon Kittiwickshire , Caledon Kittiwickshire (61, 197, 22) - Moderate

Participants will be given a Map of the First Stage route, a Map to each successive Stage will be obtained at the Changeover points between Stages. There will also be a few helpful Markers placed along the route.

There will be Timing Gates at the Start, the Finish, and at each Stage Changeover point, these are simply to provide interesting Statistical Data, however in the event of a tie any Gates missed will be a factor in the Stewards deliberations.

The Four Stages of the Race are as follows;

Stage One; Foot Race - this means using your own 2 (or 4, or indeed however many you have) feet. The Stewards ask that any Steampunk roller/traction boots, jet skates, etc that are worn be DECORATIVE ONLY and offer no advantage in speed.

Stage Two; Ground Vehicles - these may be of any number of wheels, or rollers, or tracks, or indeed may even be hover-type vehicles, but they must not be fliers, and we ask that they be suitably Steampunk or Vintage (not later than the 1920s). No horses, unless it is a Steam Horse, this is a race of vehicles.

Stage Three; Water Vehicles - these may travel on or under the water, by steam or sail, but they must be in contact with the water AT ALL TIMES. No flying boats, either literally or the airplanes of that type. The only exception to this is of course a bad sim crossing, but if your Water Vehicle should become airborne, you are required to return it to the water as soon as possible. If you do not have a Water Vehicle, one will be available from the dockside rezzer at the start of the Stage.

Stage Four; Aeros - Steampunks generally use LTA fliers, but HTA types are also welcome. Once again we ask that you repect the spirit of the era of the Great Race and keep any 'planes to Vintage ones (no later than the 1920s).

The first 3 contestants to cross the Finish Line will receive a Trophy commensurate to their placing, and all participants will receive a Commemorative Medallion.

In the unlikely event of a tie for any of the first 3 placings, the Stewards decison will be final, and based on many sekrit criteria, including the size of any donations made to RFL as a means to curry favour.

Spectators are Heartily Encouraged to watch the proceedings, and Embolden the Daring Racers with Cheers and Huzzahs. However they do so AT THEIR OWN RISK, NO LIABILITY WILL BE ACCEPTED BY THE ORGANISERS WHATSOEVER FOR ANY DEATH OR INJURY OCCURRING TO ANYONE FOR ANY REASON DURING THE RUNNING OF THE RACE.

Caledon Kittiwickshire , Caledon Kittiwickshire (61, 197, 22) - Moderate

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