Sunday, May 24, 2015

SL Video: "Sub Lupina Build"

(Click here if the video fails to play)

Video by Laurina Hawks in May 22, 2015, "Sub Lupina Build - timelapse documentation by Kat2 Kit. Video by Matt Shapoff, aka Kat2 Kit, the little panda. You can see him in the foreground. It was during the 'Gold Digger Period' in Second Life, early 2007, when hordes of innovative artists and entrepreneurs realized fascinating projects. I met Kat2 Kit in my very earliest days, he used a female avatar (sic!) and we danced on a beach party :-) But only a few days later he came to me with his little panda ava, and never changed this as long as he was present in SL. Matt was always very consequent in his visions and followed them with a good piece of stubborness - as every artist need to have. We supported our projects vice versa. Although we both used SL as a medium, we lived in different universes. He also had a shop on my sims for his art pieces and his panda-propaganda. One of his specialities have been "time frame" movies, which he produced in incredible montages out of 1000s of still shots. He was a person who did a lot for others, his heart was full of love."

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