Thursday, October 31, 2019

Cartoon of the Day

From Club Cutlass. Yes, "Dracula Disco" is an actual song. 

By Bixyl Shuftan

Halloween Events Today

It's Halloween. In real life, besides "Trick or Treating," there are Halloween parties and other events for people to go to. In Second Life, one of the larger ones will be the "Creepy Crawl," organized by Linden Lab. This is a four hour event taking place from 10AM to 2PM or longer SL time, starting at Bay City's Hay Maze at North Channel (128/128/24). But for those who can't make it, or looking for more, there's many more parties.

For space fans, the  National Space Society is throwing it's "Spooky Space" Party

Celebrate Halloween with the National Space Society's Spooky Space playlist on the audio stream. Come dance or hang out and tell spooky space stories.  Spacesuits or SciFi costumes are encouraged but not required ... just please keep it PG-13.

The event is from 4 to 6PM SL time, and is at National Space Society (128/152/1261)

One friend of the Newser, Safra Nitely, is hosting a Halloween party at her Devon Dream sim. The event will be at the Heels n' Hoofs Club. The event starts at 1PM, with no ending time scheduled.

Devon Dream (208/44/3993) (A)

The Happy Vixen's Haunted Carn-Evil will be having three events over a six hour period. At 4PM is the main Halloween party, with DJ Jazzy providing the tunes. At 6PM is the "Scary" party with DJ Geerkil. At 8PM, "Horns and Hooves" takes place with DJ Snowbuns.

Purrfection Estates (236, 219, 24)  (A)

The Furry Fashion Lounge is holding two events over four hours. At 6PM is Halloween, at 8PM is "Fangs and Claws."

 Furry ( 98/33/4002) (A)

For those whom haven't had enough of Halloween, or want something a little different, there is one "Dia de los Muertos" (Day of the Dead) party planned, at the Confederation of Democratic Simulators.

Come one! Come all. You are invited to the CDS celebration of Dia de los Muertos. Friday, November 1 from 2-4pm slt. Calli is DJing for us. Dia de los Muertos in celebrated in Mexico and other Latin America countries. This year it is October 31-Nov. 2.

The party is on Friday, November 1, from 2PM to 4PM SL time

Neufreistadt (158/182/157)

Scenes From Second Life: "Gemma Explains Halloween"

Taken by Gemma Cleanslate at The Valley in Linden Realms. Gemma says she was explaining Halloween to the Moles and rocks. It looks though one rock is making things a bit heavy for one mole.

Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Announcement: Lacy Musketeer's Memorial Service This Saturday

After a few months following her passing, the inworld memorial service of Lacy Musketeer will finally be held. It will be this Saturday, November 2, at 2PM SL time.

Hi folks, we're finally ready to do the memorial for Lacy. It will be held at 2pm on the 2nd of Nov. We'll send out LMs a little while beforehand. If you have a group that she was involved in or who would like to show your support, please contact Oscelot Haalan to see about having yoaur group logo placed on a banner for the ceremony. We look forward to seeing you all there!

The event will be hosted by Lacy's SL sisters, Oscelot Haalan and Amehana Ishtari

Official "Creepy Crawl" Schedule

For the past several years, Linden Lab has organized a "Creepy Crawl" event, a Halloween-themed venue crawl, every October 31st. This year will be no exception. Yesterday, Tuesday October 29, the Lab posted the schedule on the official blog.

10:00 AM : Bay City's Halloween Hay Maze - North Channel (128/128/24)
10:30 AM : Dreadvill - Halloween at Cay's - Spice Cove (110/56/3008)
11:00 AM : Sanctuary at Rock - Serena Nightingale (39/76/1999)
11:30 AM : All Hallows - Moochie (170/200/23)
12:00 PM : Club End of Days - End of Days (233/245/503)
12:30 PM : Shenanigans Music Cafe - Ocean Of Orchids (81/64/25)
  1:00 PM : I Am A Rock- Au Paradis (176/60/21)
  1:30 PM : Ambrosia Dance Club - Ambrosia Dance Club (185/121/686)

The event is often crowed and the sims packed. So those having trouble TPing to the next venue in the crawl may want to head to the one after.

The End Of The Ice Cream At Luskwood

Since late August, the "Big Tree" at Luskwood had a dark dysutopian look, with toxic-looking water, grafitti, propaganda from a "Council" with leaflets proclaiming "rebellion" occasionally plastered on them, and a suspicious-looking ice-cream factory. There would be two more bulletins from the Council, one resembling L Ron Hubbard's Sea Organization advertisements, the other looking like Soviet propaganda.

On Saturday October 26 at 8PM SL time was a "Victory Day" party. As no one from the Newser was there, and there are no known pictures of the event, all that there is to go on what happened are the scenes of wreckage at the Big Tree, with clean water flowing this time, and eyewitness reports. There are multiple reports of a giant crab having wrecked the place, although one man claiming to be with the rebellion was saying he had a hand in the ice cream factory exploding, claiming that the substance was flammable. There was no sign of the crab, other than a much smaller one skittering around.

And the "Council?" Reports on what happened to them vary, from getting killed at the event to hospitalized. but it appears their rein over the oldest active community in Second Life is now over.

Note: There was no actual griefing. This was part of a plotline by the residents of Luskwood.

Bixyl Shuftan

Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Halloween Attractions at Caledon

It's Halloween week, and time for lots of scary fun across Second Life. Caledon is getting into the act not just with themed parties, but also some spooky games and other attractions one can enjoy. Yours truly went there to have a look at some, including a small amusement park.

Read the story in Design.

Events This Week at the Sunweaver and Montecito Bay Clubs and Furry Fashion Lounge

It's Halloween week, and here's what's being scared up at the Sunweaver, the Montecito Bay clubs, and the Furry Fashion Lounge

Cutlass: Halloween (3 hours), Disney, Pink and White

The Happy Vixen: Trick or Treat, Cartoons, Halloween, Scary, Horns and Hooves, Fall Colors, Wolves and Vampires, Wings, Sexy, TBA

Club Zero Gravity: TBA

Montecito Bay: TBA

Furry Fashion Lounge: CAYA, Halloween Ball, Horns, Hooves and Wings, Halloween, Fangs and Claws, Monster Mash (Hybrids), Black Parade (Gothic), Good vs Evil, Spooky Lewdness, Bats and Cats and Rats, Fantasy

Read the schedules in SL Clubbin'.  

Press Release: 2019 IDRAC Schedule

This year’s annual IDRAC conference will be held on Friday and Saturday, November 1 and 2. It has the theme “We help each other, we help ourselves.”
Read about the conference here:

The conference is held in the Sojourner Auditorium on Virtual Ability island.
The SLURL is

Here is the schedule.

NOTE All times are given as SLT or Second Life Time, which is the same as Pacific time in California. You should use a converter such as to confirm your local time.

7 am SLT Mari Kimura (PCORI)
“The Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute (PCORI): Mission and Successes”
8:30 am SLT Arleen Ionescu (Shanghai Jiao Tong University) and Anne-Marie Callus (University of Malta)
"Reading the Personal and the Social in Disability Studies and Trauma Studies"
10 am SLT Catalin Brylla (University of West London)
“Disability and Media Representation”
11:30 am SLT Frederic Fovet (Royal Roads University)
“UDL in Higher Ed: Shifting access from the remedial to the proactive”
1 pm SLT Nohemi Lugo, Maria Elena Melon, Maria Concepcion Castillo (Tecnologico de Monterrey, Mexico)
“The representation of autism in the narratives of Affinity spaces as an opportunity for the negotiation of meaning”

6:30 am SLT panel “Hearing Our Voices” with Alyssa Hillary (blogger and advocate), Rob Castellanos (Syndio Health) and Kirk Munsch (Rare Patient Voice)
8 am SLT showing and discussion of the video “The Bench”
9 am SLT Fleur Heleen Boot (Radboud University Medical Centre, the Netherlands)
"Which factors influence access to assistive products for people with intellectual disabilities?"
10:30 am SLT Sunil Deepak (AIFO, Italy)
"Challenges and Opportunities in Community-based Rehabilitation and Emancipatory Disability Research"
Noon SLT Katherine Breward (University of Winnipeg)
"Disability Accommodation and Intersectional Identities: Evidence for Differential Requesting and Accommodation Rates"
1:30 pm SLT Lydia X. Z. Brown (advocate)
"The Autistic People of Color Fund: Building Networks of Mutual Aid by/for Negatively Racialized Autistic People"

Monday, October 28, 2019

More Halloween Places in Second Life

It's just a few more days until Halloween, and Gemma Cleanslate has sent in what will probably be her last article on Halloween places here in Second Life. She took a look at three. The first was "The Secret Laboratories of Dr. Waxen and Prof. Grey" in Tseshkovsky. Next was the Haunted House at Creations Park. Last but not least, an old favorite that's still around, Nance Clowes' "Haunted Mansion Ride and Haunt Park."

Read Gemma's article in Places.

SL Video: "Lab Gab With Xiola and Strawberry - Episode 5 - The Return of Spooky Second Life"

Here's the most recent "Lab Gab" from Linden Lab, "Episode 5 - The Return of Spooky Second Life," broadcasted last Wednesday. Here, Xiola and Strawberry Linden discuss Halloween. Much of the first 15 minutes is discussing about some amusing real-life Halloweenish tidbits, then they get more into what Second Life has to offer. After 22 minutes, they leave their studio to check out some spooky places.

Halloween Party in Bellisseria Fairgrounds.

From Noon to about 6PM on Saturday October 26, The Bellisseria Fairgrounds were the scene of a large Halloween party. Dropping by in the middle of the event, the sim was packed with close to fifty present. A musician sang from the stage while others danced around below. Some just came as themselves. Some were in costume. It was definitely a party to do the "Monster Mash" in.

Sunday, October 27, 2019

Cartoon of the Day

Taken at the Happy Vixen's Haunted Carnival

By Bixyl Shuftan

Login Issues Keep Many Residents Offline

If you're having trouble logging in today, it's not just you. Today at 11:48AM SL time, it was announced on the Grid Status Report that there was an outage going on with parts of Second Life.

Some Second Life services are currently experiencing an outage. During this time, some Second Life services may be unavailable including, but not limited to: logging in, teleporting, and object rezzing. Please refrain from rezzing in-world, in addition to transacting in-world, on the Marketplace, or on the Lindex during this time. 

This follows an Unscheduled Inventory Maintenance on Friday October 25, in which some residents had similar issues.

Although much of California is expecting brownouts and blackouts due to massive wildfires, which could affect as many as two million people, San Francisco, where Linden Lab is located, is not expected to be affected.

Addition: As of 4PM SL time, the Lab is still trying to fix the issue behind the outage.

Source: CNN, San Francisco Chronicle

Saturday, October 26, 2019

Halloween Party Fundraiser at Caledon Downs

It's late October in Second  Life, and that means Halloween parties. The steampunk-themed community of Caledon recently held two to both relax, and to raise a little money for Caledon Oxbridge University. The second of these was at Cynthia Farshore's Goblin Cave in Caledon Downs. What happened was music, jokes, and lots of fun.

Read more in Events.

SL Video: "Happy Halloween"

(Click here if the video fails to play)

From Furry SLife on October 2018

Friday, October 25, 2019

Announcement: Mod Monday at Montecito Bay

It's that time again! Mod Monday! This time, we're gettin' EXTRA SPOOKY with all these awesome Halloween themed mods! Your modders this month is Bullseye, SugarNova, Elephant Graveyard Inc and Little Things!

Starts next Monday the 28th at 6pm! Don't miss out!

Announcement: This Saturday in The Science Circle - "Science books for a Popular Audience"

"Panel: Science books for a Popular Audience" by Matthew Burr

Saturday October 26
10AM to 11:30 AMSL time

Mike Shaw : "Hallucinations" by Oliver Sacks
Stephen Gasior : "Your Inner FISH" by Neil Shubin
Phil Youngblood : "Lab Girl" by Hope Jahren
Keith Eric Grant : To be determined later

Read the announcement in full here (link).  

Thursday, October 24, 2019

Wolf Ridge Asylum

The Newser recently interviewed one of the staff of Wolf Ridge Asylum. As far as haunts go, this isn't a simple spook house with things that pop out and say "boo!", but a nerve-wracking three-floor experience that will have you tiptoeing with care as you try to navigate it's dangers. Located in Geerkil Lands, you can win up a whopping 10,000 Linden dollars depending on how many key items you find.

Read the story in Design

Announcement: SLCS Spooktacular October 27th for Making Stride for RFL

SLCS is welcoming all ghouls, goblins, and generally all Halloween lovers to 12 hour concert for RFL's Making Strides Campaign on October 27th. Listed below are  a list of the performers also showing up at the SLCS funday on the 30th.

9-10 Lisa Brune
10-11 Harmonia Trefoil
11-12 Jeff (kjjeff.kohn)
12-1 Lyric Serendipity
1-2 Madmax Huet
2-3 Jimmy Soundz
3-4 Kris electricteeth
4-5 Laidback Celt
5-6 Hojo Warf
6-7 Phemie Alcott
7-8 Lark Bowen
8-9 Ronnie
9-10 Lisa Brune

Announcement: M and M Creations Sale

We have a rainy day and found it a good time to clean up our shop and listings.
We took a broom and wiped away some very old products which we even forgot we ever made them.
We also found many items which do not reflect current pricing anymore.
So we lowered a lot of prices, some items even up to 50%.

Feel free to visit us on marketplace or inworld for a fresh discovery of our products.

Enjoy, we keep on swimming today (smile)


Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Cartoon of the Day: More Boneheaded Humor

For those who don't know, when Wild Bill Hickok was shot dead in a card game, his hand at the time was aces and eights. That became known afterwards as the "Dead Man's Hand."

By Bixyl Shuftan

EOTB: "Second Life Destinations - Halloween Hot Spots"

Earlier this week, there was another Second Life Destinations video in the official blog, "Halloween Hot Spots."

It may be 10 more days to Halloween, but numerous grid-wide celebrations are already underway in Second Life. This week’s Second Life Destinations video explores a handful of these haunted experiences -- but daring adventurers will want to check out a few more of the 75+ spooky spots featured in the Haunted category of the Destination Guide including haunted houses, dark rides, and other creepy places.

Among the haunted highlights featured in this week's clip are Snuggles, Gooseberry Lake, Whymsee, Halloween Town, Trick or Treat Lane, Salem, and Madpea City.

The video was made by Draxtor Despress.

Announcement: Homes For Our Troops October 2019 Benefit

Frets Nirvana and US Military Veterans Group announce 2019’s October benefit for Homes For Our Troops in Second Life! 

Frets Nirvana, the premier guitar artist in the virtual world Second Life and the US Military Veterans Group announce the 2019 October benefit in Second Life for the Veterans Support Organization Home For Our Troops. 

Frets Nirvana states:  “HFOT is a privately funded 501(c) (3) nonprofit organization building specially adapted, mortgage-free homes nationwide for the most severely injured Veterans from Iraq and Afghanistan. Most of these Veterans are multiple amputees, paraplegic, quadriplegic or suffered severe traumatic brain injury (TBI).  Since its inception in 2004, over 90 cents of every dollar spent by Homes for Our Troop has gone to directly support Veterans. DURING THAT TIME HFOT HAS BUILT OVER 274 SPECIALLY ADAPTED HOMES NATIONWIDE FOR WOUNDED VETERANS.”

In 2018 the community in Second Life sent over $13,000 to Homes For Our Troops, thanks to may kind hearts and great Second Life performers.  HFOT built 34 homes for extremely wounded veterans in 2018.  We hope to help them exceed that in 2019!

Home for Our Troops benefit concerts feature premier Second Life talent monthly at Veteran’s Isle.  The October concert on August 25, 2019 is scheduled from 4pm to 8 PM PST.  Featured artists will be DJ Waya Snowpaw, Thunder LovenKraft, Dudecansing and Sultry Sonata.

Sponsored by Frets Nirvana and the U.S. Military Veteran’s Group of Second Life.  To learn more about Homes for Our Troops visit

Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Events This Week at the Sunweaver and Montecito Bay Clubs and Furry Fashion Lounge

Here's what's going on at the Sunweaver, the Montecito Bay clubs, and the Furry Fashion Lounge

Cutlass: Best in 'U' and 'V', Red Hot, 70s Flashback

The Happy Vixen: Halloween Colors, Topless, TBA, Villains, Horns and Hooves, Orange and Black, Creepy vs Cute, Wings, Undies, TBA

Club Zero Gravity: TBA

Montecito Bay: TBA

Furry Fashion Lounge: CAYA, Fandoms, Horror, Murder Mystery and Monsters, Throwback Thursday, Sci-fi, Memes, Anything But Clothing, Late night, Cute

Read the schedules in SL Clubbin'.  

Sneek Peek: The Wolf Ridge Asylum

The Newser recently interviewed one of the staff of Wolf Ridge Asylum. As far as haunts go, this isn't a simple spook house with things that pop out and say "boo!", but a nerve-wracking three-floor experience that will have you tiptoeing with care as you try to navigate it's dangers. Located at Geerkil Lands, you can win up a whopping 10,000 Linden dollars depending on how many key items you find.

We'll have more on the place soon. While we'd normally suggest heading over to it's location at Geerkil Land (165/122/2251), next to Club EFS, the Asylum is open only from Thur-Sun, 5-10PM SLT and anyone heading there when it's closed will be spirited back home by it's ghosts. But don't worry, we'll explain shortly just what you'll be facing at this monstrously fun haunt.

Eye On The Blog: Destinations Video - Haunted in Second Life

A few days ago, Linden Lab had the latest of their Second Life Destinations videos, or "Destinations Video" as they called it this time: "Haunted Second Life."

Oh, there are strange ( and stranger) things afoot, and all over the Grid, Residents and Creators alike are brewing up some Halloween mischief. It is -- after all -- one of the most exciting and celebrated holidays in Second Life!
All Hallows Eve, Samhain. Hallow E’en - a time when the spookiest, kookiest, and most mystical of mayhem rolls into our world like a thick and possibly sentient fog. The veil between the living and the departed grows thin, and everywhere you look, you see pumpkins, skeletons, ghosts, and ghouls. And don’t forget the treats, and sweets, and tricks and broomsticks - it’s magical!
This week’s destination video highlights just a few of the scarier Regions you can experience in Second Life, and while many embrace the spookier side of things all year round, be sure to haunt the Haunted category of the Destination Guide, throw on your favorite costume, and explore. Then join us on Halloween from 11 am to 2 pm SLT for our annual Creepy Crawl. More details on the schedule for that are coming …

Three locations were shown in the video: Arranmore, Everwinter, and Pendle Hill

Monday, October 21, 2019

Remembering Tai'lahr Winnikow

Some residents are well-known for their accomplishments. Others, little word gets out about what they do. A few days ago. the passing of Miss Tai', or Tai'lahr Winnikow. As it turns out, she was a builder who worked behind the scenes in events such as the Fantasy Faire and Fallen Gods. But she was a private person who shied away from attention and preferred anonymity. But with her passing, people whom were once quiet began openly talking. So who was Miss Tai'? I would hear what she did from a few people, most notably from her close friend Kerryth Tarantal.

Read more in People.

CDS Election Season

While October is simply Halloween in most places, for the Confederation of Democratic Simulators there's more going on. Once again, it's election season there.

Our community has celebrated its 15th birthday this fall but to grow and stay successful we need your participation!

If you own land a CDS citizen in good standing please consider to run for an office as member of our government.

For those not familiar with the CDS, the community bills itself as Second Life's oldest experiment with democracy. Twice a year, it chooses it's Chancellor and the members of their Representative Assembly. To be able to run for office, or to be able to vote, one has to own land there. Those interested notify the Dean of the Scientific Council by Tuesday October 29 at Noon SL time.

So far, three people have declared their intentions to run for the 32nd Representative Assembly: Cathy Sabre, Rosie Gray, and Tanoujin Milestone. As of now, the incumbent Chancellor Kyoto remains unopposed.

The campaigning of the candidates for Chancellor and RA officially starts on Saturday November 2, and will most likely have rules on where signs can and cannot be placed. There will also most likely be opportunities to meet the candidates and hear where they stand on issues. Recent elections have shown a remarkable lack of drama compared to some in real life.

The polls open on Saturday November 9 at Noon SL time, and will remain open to Friday November 15 at Noon SL time. Shortly afterwards, the Dean of the SC will announce the winners.

"Grove Walk of Fame" Raises 227,000 Lindens

From 8AM to 4PM SL time yesterday, Sunday October 12, was a special Relay event, the "Grove Walk of Fame" at the Grove Greenhouse. The musicians performing were Aleykat, Lisa Brune, Zachh Cale, Phemie Alcott, Djembe Dragonfire, Lunciano, Samm Q, Levi Zuzu, and Jeffah. People were requested to dress in 1940s fashion. This was not part of the Making Strides events, but was an off-season fundraiser for the Relay.

At the end of the eight hour event, quite a total was raised, with a picture showing over 200,000 Linden dollars. The final total raised was 227,000 Lindens.

Thanks to all who came to the Walk of Fame for RFL today and donated so generously!  Today, thanks to all of you, we made a difference to the tune of L$227,000!  You are all fantastic!  I’m always amazed at how this world comes together to make a difference!  And MANY thanks to all the singers who were so amazing!  They are all true stars!

Picture from Cynthia Farshore

Announcement: This Week at the Seanchai Libraries

It's 12 days till All Hallows and Seanchai Library is in in Full Story Deployment. There's lots of "great" to go around! Then join us this week for stories LIVE in #secondlife, and on our properties in #kitely, live in voice.

Check out the stories and the storytellers at

All stories told in open voice unless otherwise noted. All times SL/PT

*MONDAY, October 21st, at 7pm:  Spider Robinson and Robert Heinlein's VARIABLE STAR continues with Gyro Muggins.

*TUESDAY, October 22nd, at 7pm:  THE SPOOKY CLASSICS: E.F. Benson with Caledonia Skytower, live on stream.

*WEDNESDAY, October 23rd, at 7pm: THE MYSTERIOUS WOODS OF WHISTLEROOT concludes with Fairie Maven-Pralou.

*THURSDAY, October 24th, at 7pm: Eldritch Black's ONE DARK HALLOWS EVE.  Shandon Loring presents live in stream (Also in Kitely!  Find teleport from the main Seanchai World

All sessions held at the Seanchai Library in Second Life unless otherwise indicated. Schedule subject to change.  

Burn2 Festival Ends

The Burn2 art and music festival is now over. Over the weekend, the Burning of the Man and the Temple Burn (above) took place. The events are over, but the sims will be up for another day or two. For those who want one more look, or haven't been there yet, head over and see the exhibits before the artists clean them up and "leave no trace."

Sunday, October 20, 2019

Saturday, October 19, 2019

The Happy Vixen's 2019 Halloween "Carn-Evil"

Usually the Happy Vixen beach club offers fun in the sun in an open-air club next to the water. But when Halloween rolls around, it offers something else for spooky fun. This year, the venue is offering a haunted carnival, dubbed the "THV Dark Vixen's Carn-Evil." Built by Jasmine Dawn, the place offers a number of thrills and chills.

Read the article in SL Clubbin'.

SL Video: "In The Dark"

(Click here if the video fails to play)

By Furry SLife in Nov 2014

Friday, October 18, 2019

Halloween Town And Moochies

Gemma Cleanslate has been on the lookout for more Halloween themed places, and places now sporting a spooky look for the season. In her article for today, her travels took her to two such places. The first was an old favorite: Halloween Town in the Townies sim. It has shops with many items for the holiday up for sale, a pumpkin-carving contest, and a haunted house with lots of scenes. Next was Moochies, which is celebrating with it's wooded area offering shadowy areas for travellers to brave when the sun goes down, and has a contest of it's own.

Read Gemma's story in Places.

Press Release: Scare Me Silly 2019 Event, Oct 18 to 26

The 4th Annual Scare Me Silly event returns in support of Team Diabetes of Second Life! This event, is the first fundraising event for Team Diabetes of Second Life and features two hunts, live performers, dj’s, an art show, shopping, and lots of tricks and treats!

Team Diabetes of Second Life is an official and authorized team of The American Diabetes Association. The mission of Team Diabetes of Second Life is to raise awareness, tolerance, and funds for diabetes in the virtual world of Second Life. According to the World Health Organization (2016): 422 million adults in the world have diabetes and 1.5 million deaths are directly attributed to diabetes each year.

Participating merchants include: ::Pharmacist:: , !!Firelight!!, *DBS* Designs By Soosy, ANDORE, Bad Dragon Clothing, ChiC buildings, Chiffon, Cosmos Boutique, Couture Chapeaua, Halloween Delights, HJM Designs, ikr!, Just imagine… by Vita Theas, Just Ordinary, Kalani’s Designs, Kiliki Bikini, Kitty Creations, Kittycat Creations, Lady Dragons Design, LC Fashion, Lunar Seasonal Designs, Mara’s Mysteries Boutique, Muircastle Motors & Parts, Park Place Home, Pixelancer, Potomac Signature Homes, Redangel Designs, Roped Passions, Simply Shelby, Spyralle, Strawberry Gashes, SynCo, The Emporium, The Pumpkin Head, TRS Designs, TYLAR’S TREASURES, & Xplicit Designs

Participating artists include: Belua Broadfoot, DreamMakerXDreamBreaker Resident, ettalaineteichmano resident, Eucalyptus Carroll, ilyra chardin, IsarValdetaro Resident, Isis Desmoulins, Jamee Sandalwood, JolieElle Parfort, ladyonia, Marcel Mosswood, MTH63 (Matt),  Sophie72 Congrejo, & Theresa Firelight

DATES: October 18 to October 26, 2019

About the American Diabetes Association:
The American Diabetes Association’s mission is to prevent and cure diabetes and to improve the lives of all people affected by diabetes. The American Diabetes Association leads the fight against the deadly consequences of diabetes and fights for those affected by diabetes by funding research to prevent, cure, and manage diabetes.

The American Diabetes Association delivers services to hundreds of communities and provides objective and credible information and resources about diabetes.

Free resources are available in English and Spanish at and 1-800-DIABETES (1-800-342-2382).

For More Information:

Team Diabetes of Second Life’s American Diabetes Association Page:
Team Diabetes of Second Life’s Website: