Employment at the Newser?

Want to join the finest team of news reporters covering Second Life? We're always open to new talent. Contact Editor Bixyl Shufan, either by email or inworld IM, and he can arrange  the time and place for an interview.


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    1. Hi, my name is Kalaya Karringten and on Second Life, it's DeafLegacy DarkBloom. I would like to join the team.

  2. Hello,

    I am xRaivex Resident (Richard Tempo) on SL, and I left a post on the Inworld Employment section of the SL forums indicating I was looking for work. I was approached by Mylie Foxclaw on the forums and told to apply this way, so here I am, hoping to meet with you soon. Looking forward to it!


    xRaivex Resident

  3. Dear xRaivex Resident,

    You should contact Bixyl Shuftan in-world in Second Life.Or you can send me ( Wesley Regenbogen ) an IM in-world.

    Bixyl Shuftan is the Editor of SL Newser.

    Hope to hear from you soon and you can join our team of reporters soon.

    Sincere greetings,

    Wesley Regenbogen
    Virtual Journalist for SL Newser

  4. i cant wait to report for you thanks and ill wait to hear from you