Saturday, April 30, 2016

Scenes From The Relay

The past week has been the scene of many Relay events. Not all of which yours truly could be at, but there were some, such as last Saturday's "Nevar Lobo's Birthday" party.

It is that time of year that we come together to celebrate my birthday by having a huge Relay For Life Party!  Each year, I use this time to dedicate my year and passion for celebrating more birthdays without cancer.  So This year ... A Team Strange Journey Event is starting at 2pm !!!! 2 PM - Lark Bowen will be taking the stage Live! 3pm - DJ Amethyst will take over and spin some of  my favorite tunes and yours!!!! Come join us !!!

Among those there was a girl in a Twi'lek avatar. But instead of "Star Wars" jokes were jokes about his age, "I need to dust off the walker!" "Don't forget the adult diapers" "You will be seated in the geriatric strap in chair and fed puree'd food and prune juice." "... not sure on the expiry date on the bengay" Nevar looked over to me, "SEE what I have to put up with Bixyl?"

One event that got some talk for some days before it happened was PrettyKitty Gumbo's "Bid Me Bald" event.

Oh the travesty of it!! Oh no... Relay Rockers want me to go bald!!  They are putting the kiosk out tomorrow.. I beg of you do NOT bid me bald. I like my hair!!   Oh why did I agree to do it.. I like my hair.  I repeat do NOT big me bald..  more on this tomorrow. ..sniff sniff. Please I beg of you do not bid me bald. Those Rockers have a kiosk up and they will cut my hair next week.. Oh I love my pretty hair... So please do not bid me bald!

And at 4PM on Wednesday April 27, PrettyKitty Gumbo was with Trader Whiplash and others at the beach on the Arinultra Cay sim. Trader was playing the "Hair" song, which is associated with "Fuzzball" Ortega. Someone thought "When You Get a Haircut" by Ray Stevens would be better.

Ertina Loopen, whom was bald herself, handled the scissors for the event, "... mmmmm maybe a little off the top, then the side? ... Trader said I have to start at the bottom. ... snip snip - Ooops that was close to the ear, but I missed. ... here's a towel to catch the bl... hair."

And eventually the deed was done, Ertina saying she needed to apply a little "Turtle Wax" at the end, "Man that sun does reflect off your head so nice." People were complementing her, "You look beautiful, Kitty!" "Thank you Kitty! Looking good." "Woot way to go Kitty!" PrettyKitty was saying it wasn't so bad in the end, "Thank you everyone! I think." She would later say, "I had people think I was really dreading it. ... They were sweet."

Keep on the lookout for more events by the teams of the Relay for Life in Second Life

Bixyl Shuftan

Minecraft Video: "Val-Halla 2 by Valkyrie"

(Click here if the video fails to load)

By Valkyrie McGill on April 28, Normally the Newser doesn't post videos from outside Second Life, but this was from Sunweavers' Valkyrie Ice/ Valkyrie McGill, whom has been building in Skylark Lefavre's "Feed the Beast: Infinity" mod of Minecraft. Here, she shows off "A hi-def walkthrough of Val-Halla 2 ... my underground city complex. Not quite finished."

Friday, April 29, 2016

Sunnny Awards Night at Cutlass

Last Friday, it was a night for the Sunweavers to honor five individuals whom had helped out the community. The reason for the event was one individual whom had recently stepped up several times to help out certain individuals, in addition to helping Rita Mariner and Nydia Tungsten with paying the fees to Linden Lab to get tier reduced, and therefore lowering the rent for everyone. But as the person was starting to feel a little embarrassed for feeling singled out, instead of just honoring him only, four others were also named to share the stage with him in an award ceremony.

Read more in People.

Facebook "Bitstrips" No More

Users of Facebook may be familiar with "Bitstrips," cartoons that some used posted on their pages, and would appear on their friends' public feed like other posts. Unfortunately, it seems the Bitsrip fun is over. Someone who was a regular user posted this on her page on April 25.

Yesterday, there were questions out of surprised confusion about the BitStrips situation.. the BitStrips app on Facebook has been stopped and it's over.. to dispel any doubt, and to provide a promised update, here is the picture that greeted me when i tried to access new BitStrips yesterday. sorry, folks.. and thanks for following with me. I hope you got as much enjoyment out of seeing them as i had making them.

But the bitstrip pictures she had already done and saved as pictures were still in her pictures section, as were those done by SL Enquirer editor Lanai Jarrico. The one she did of me as a joke was still on my page.

Bitstrips were created by Jacob Blackstock, whom described himself as having a "lifelong passion" for comics. He came up with the idea for Bitstrips in 2007, and launched it as a mobile app in 2008. With it, people can create "avatars" of themselves, then put them in customized comic-strip scenes on the Bitstrip site to create their own cartoons, with no drawing skill needed, "We kind of saw it as a Youtube for comics." Originally for mobile devices, when the Facebook application was made available in October 2013, the number of users jumped from 2 million to 30 million in a month. Bitsrtips user were at first able to create avatars of their friends, but after Facebook changed it's Terms of Service in regards to privacy, after April 2015 they were no longer able to do so.

Last month, Snapchat bought up Bitmoji, the company that owns Bitstrips, for $100,000. It's possible that the company is integrating the technology in it's own products rather than let it continue as a separate app on Facebook.

No doubt Facebook's bitstrip fans will miss doing the comics. Perhaps They could continue to do so using Second Life and MORPG screenshots using graphics programs.

Sources: Facebook, The Guardian, Techcrunch

Bixyl Shuftan

Dusk Griswold's "Bid Me" 2016

With yours truly's "Fox Avatar Challenge" up in a few days, another of the Sunweavers has stepped up for another "Bid Me" style event: Dusk Griswold. Once again, a number of kiosks have been placed in the Club Cutlass lounge, a total of five, one for each of the five avatars in which the highest one determines what look she'll have on for at least a week, depending on how much is raised.

DUSK GRISWOLD has put herself for a BID ME!  She will transform for a minimum of 1 WEEK, into a RED FOX, GAZELLE, BUNNY, FENNEC, SQUIRREL!  Any bids that go over 5K get another week and for 20K, she stays stuck that avatar until RFL weekend.  So if you want to pick DUSKs' PLUMP avatar, get bidding!  Kiosks located in CUTLASS lounge area. 

Dusk on occasion wears each of these avies, though the gazelle is the most recent one, popular among the Sunweavers due to the singing character of the same name in the movie "Zootopia."

The kiosks are in the lobby of Club Cutlass, at Sunweaver Bay (114/122/157).

SL Video: "Giant Snail Race #419 16 April 23 Star Wars Tribute"

(Click here if the video fails to load)

By RacerX Gullwing, The Farce was with him and his Giant Snail Racers as they had their Star Wars (and Spaceballs) Tribute on Saturdya April 23, "Star Wars tribute and Space Balls a little bit too. Some wonderful creations out on the track today.

"Announcers RacerX Gullwing, Mae Best, Oodlemi Noodle, Shayna Paine, Tindallia Soothsayer, Shayna Paine

"Giant Racing Snail Pros, Tindallia Soothsayer, Oodlemi Noodle, Alden Cortes

"Giant Racing Snails, Queeniepromise, LittleAbs (Abby Black), Lobbie riggles, Babypea, Lulee Babenco, Caleb Kit

"Some of our music we use during the race is by my good friend ,Alazarin Mobius, Credits music by Alazarin "

Announcements: The Science Circle

TODAY Friday 29th April
Title: Natmoud Island
Presenter: Benny Rigaux-Bricmont – Twilight Rhode
Time: 9 AM PDT
NOTE: Advance registration via IM to Jes or Nymf

Saturday 7th May
Title: The Role of The Elders in the Climate Change Dialogue
Presenter: Lynne Berrett – Lissena (Wisdomseeker)
Time: 10 AM PDT
Abstract & Location

More information Jes Cobalt & Nymf Hathaway              

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Misty Acres Amusement Park to Close, Sim to Be Sold

RacerX Gullwing yesterday contacted the Newser with some sad news. Tindallia Soothsayer, a valued member of his Giant Snails Racing team, would be losing her sim. And what a sim it was, having been in her hands for a decade, "Another long time sim is about to be gone. Misty Acres by Tindallia Soothsayer is in the process of being sold after 10 years. It's the home of an amusement park. Tindallia could tell you stories of when Lindens came in and made a ramp to get the bumper cars loose."

I contacted Tindallia, and she confirmed the place was indeed being sold, "I just can't afford to keep my sim any more. But after 10 years, (it) had a decent run. Lots of places in Second Life don't last half as long." Of it's origins, "I bought the sim in 2006, mainly as a home sim for myself. But after building the house, I had a ton of land left over. So I built a park. But still had room left, so I built the amusement park. (I) set everything there to free, because when I first started Second Life, I saw all this amazing stuff I wanted to do, but most were pay to play. And back then I had nothing. So when I built my park, I figured, no matter how much or how little anybody had, they'd have a place to come and enjoy. ... Plus I'd started sl as a child av. And back then, there weren't a lot of places like it nor safe places. So in building the park and amusement park I wanted to provide a safe place for children, families and all visitors to come and play in."

The number of visitors, "varied from time to time. Sometimes a lot would come, sometimes just a few. There were always people visiting though." The biggest gatherings were, "usually when I had changed the season on the sim to winter, changed everything to snow and ice, had ice skating and such. Or after I'd decorated the sim for Christmas, but it's generally around the same time and more people showed up then." No events in particular stood out, "just had ones centered around seasons and holidays."

The sim itself will not be vanishing as she has an offer. But the park will not be remaining, "completely changed, nothing I've done there will remain. ... There has been some reaction. Most are sad to see it go, as am I. It has had a definite positive impact on those that have visited. n the years I've had it, I've enjoyed providing a place people could come and play, I hope they enjoyed it too. I think they did. That I put a lot of work, a lot of heart and a lot of love in to it, and I will most definitely miss it."

(Click here if the video fails to play)

RacerX Gullwaing did a 25 minute video of the place, but you can still drop in until the place is transferred to see the park for yourself.

Bixyl Shuftan

Press Release: Announcing Windlight Magazine’s New Literary Journal, The Quill and Pen

Windlight Magazine is continuing it’s commitment to the arts and is pleased to announce the formation of The Windlight Quill and Pen Literary Journal. The Windlight Quill and Pen aims to highlight the voices of gifted and innovative writers in both real life and Second Life.

The first edition of The Windlight Quill and Pen will be released on June 15, 2016 and the second will be released on December 15, 2016. The publication will be released on the Windlight Magazine website and will be published in ebook format, so that all participants will have the chance to become published.

Categories in the journal include nonfiction, poetry, and fiction. Mini shorts also known as flash stories can also be submitted. Interested participants can find category guidelines and submission information at the following link:

Windlight Magazine’s founder, owner, and publisher Johannes1977 (John) Resident will be the editor in chief of The Windlight Quill and Pen. Co-Editors are Windlight Chief Operating Officer and The Edge Editor in Chief Eleseren Brianna and Windlight Lead Contributor and Living in a Modem World owner, Inara Pey.

About Windlight Magazine:
Windlight Magazine is an award winning publication about the art, cultural, and photography world of Second Life. The goal of Windlight Magazine is to support artists, photographers, galleries, and related events. Windlight achieves its mission via the Windlight Artist Fellowship Program and by providing free ebooks, photography and art tutorials. Windlight Magazine consists of The Windlight Art Gallery, The Edge (fashion division of Windlight Magazine), and 30/31 (artistic shopping event).

For More Information:

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Cartoon of the Day

Taken at the Sagan Planetarium during "Yuri's Night." Someone rezzed a mass of stormtroopers, but one was different, pink. Whether or not the Moff was a fan of "Operation Petticoat," or started recruiting women is unknown.

By Bixyl Shuftan

News and Commentary: More on The Trump Wall

With supporters of two different US Presidential candidates from two different parties making their presence felt in Second Life, one for Donald Trump and another for Bernie Sanders, eventually there would be some kind of problem between the two. And a large problem it was, in the form of a section of wall erected by supporters of Trump towering over the Sanders HQ. Since it's appearance, I've talked to the leaders of both groups. Besides a difference in opinion on who should get the nomination, the two disagree about the intent on what the "Trump Wall" is about.

Read the article in Extra.

Grendel's Owner's Computer Lost in Fire

Almost a year after being suspended by Linden Lab for technicalities, Flea Bussy, the owner of the noted Grendles' Children store, has found himself in trouble again. This time, the problem was a real-life one when the apartment complex he lived in caught fire. Thankfully no one was killed, and the damage to Flea's apartment was from smoke and not heat. But the smoke was enough to render his computer damaged beyond repair.

"The old one is toast," Toady Nakamura, Flea's partner and co-owner of Grendle's told the Newser. "He has an off-the-shelf one at the moment, which isn't truly his. But it's not enough to run well or fast in SL, and we're hoping to change that as soon as possible." Today thought that Flea could get a new computer in about a week, maybe less, if people bought more at the store, "we have some really great new avis, all mesh ... The Wing Chairs, which let you ride your friends along sitting in them. Really neat." Unlike the crisis last year, there is no real danger to the store this time, "We're fine on business. We have so much fun stuff that people keep coming to get it. The only request was to bring friends, buy stuff, take freebies, find the secret passage in the library which leads to the sleeping dragon, have fun."

Flea had been absent for four days before he had a chance to explain what happened through a phone call. His apartment complex is not a small one, but a "U-shaped" structure three stories high on one side and more on the other, with more than two hundred people. "He went upstairs to get someone out," Toady informed, "Way beyond what he needed to do to save himself. And got himself and the other down all the stairs and outside, then tried to persuade a pile of people who were plugging up the entry, because it was minus 20 degrees outside and snow, to exit before the smoke flared up into full flame. I think people who don't just save themselves are special. Especially how he described it, and of course everyone was sick with worry for not hearing from him for the four days he was in the Red Cross shelter before being let back in. Some people were rescued by the fire department off the balconies by the long ladders. It was one of those freezing cold fire events. ... Many of the building residents are elderly and so there was more than the usual pressure for rehousing and saving things."

Toady went on to say about half the apartments are occupied again. The other half will need repairs first, "everyone else is going to need to wait or move to a different apartment. ... I think they're moving as fast as they can given all the circumstances. Up where I live, that would be a huge disaster and people would be sleeping in RVs and barns because we couldn't rehouse 100 people overnight. But perhaps in a metro area, that is not much; it's all perspective."

Before going about her way, Toady reminded that she has been giving out building lessons at Grendle's, the times of which can be found in the store's blog:

Grendle's is at Avaria Tor (133/135/302)

Bixyl Shuftan

Lab Chat to Return May 6th

Linden Lab announced on the official Second Life blog that their next session of the "Lab Chat" show will be next week, on Friday May 6. Besides Ebbe Linden, the CEO of Linden Lab, Oz and Troy Linden will be there.

It’s nearly time for another session of Lab Chat - an opportunity to have Lindens answer your questions during a recording session taped in front of a live studio audience. 

This will be the third Lab Chat - and we have some special guests lined up for you. Joining Ebbe, we will have Oz Linden and Troy Linden available to take your questions about Project Bento and other Second Life development topics!

As Director of Second Life Engineering, and Senior Producer of Second Life respectively, Oz and Troy are two of the best people to ask about the development process, Second Life roadmap, and features for Second Life.

Residents from the Lab Chat production team will select questions to ask Ebbe, Oz, and Troy from this forum thread - so be sure to get your questions into the thread no later than Friday April 29th, 2016. 

This time, the Lab Chat recording will be an hour-long audio-only session, but you’re invited to join the studio audience at the Linden Endowment for the Arts Theatre where additional audience questions will be answered.

An audio recording of the show will be available shortly after Lab Chat wraps - so stay tuned!
We’ll see you on Friday May 6th at 10:30am SLT. Don’t forget to add your questions to the forum thread and mark your calendars to join us!

"Lab Chat" is a Q&A show developed after Linden Lab was pleased with the response from residents to the SL12B "Meet the Lindens" and VWBPE conferences. It first aired November 19, and the second episode was on January 21.

More info can be found on the Lab Chat blog at

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Perri Prinz Back at DJing

Club Cutlass had an offer for someone for someone to DJ in the afternoon of Sunday April 24. But the person never showed up. They were about to cancel when Perri Prinz, whom is still known in the Sunweaver community for her DJing before she went on hiatus stepped up. She played for the planned two hour set, and longer, going into the evening.

Does this mean her hiatus is at an end? She isn't saying. But everyone in the community was happy to hear she was feeling well enough to play again.

Events This Week at the Sunweaver Clubs

It's the last week of April, but the Cutlass clubs still have some exciting events to dance to before this month's showers turn to May flowers. At Club Cutlass, things are "Fine" and "Fantastic" as they have their "Best in F." Then they sing the Blues as they have their "Best in Blue." And the club ends the week (and the month) as the April showers let up with "Fun in the Sun." At the Happy Vixen, they hold a tribute to Prince who passed away last week with "Best in Purple. Then things are a little on the skimpy side with "Dare to Bare." And finally the place "toons in" to "Cartoons and Anime. And now the club has a new night for events, on Mondays, when "The Dazzlecat DJ," DJ Khyra, spins her tunage.

Read more in SL Clubbin'

Wedding Bells: Breezes Babii Gets Married

Longtime readers of the Newser may remember Breezes Babbii. Best noted for her "Breezes Thoughts" of our predecessor paper, the Second Life Newspaper, she would later write some for the Newser about the Tombstone community she was a part of and other subjects. On Saturday April 23, she and her new partner Atlore Osaya (also part of Tombstone) were married. The ceremony took place high above the Terra del Sole sim.

Afterwards, the couple and guests went to a reception, where they danced for a while.

We at the Newser wish the couple many years of health and happiness.

Monday, April 25, 2016

Fantasy Faire 2016: Bright Haven

This weekend was the start of the Fantasy Faire in Second Life. Among those checking it out was the Newser's Grey Lupindo. Deciding she had to start somewhere among the 14 sims, she chose Bright Haven. There, she found much to see and shop for, from breedable pets to dresses, and more. But there's more than just shopping here. The place is very well designed, and a pleasure to look at in its own right.

Read Grey's article in Events.

Rust Misdventures in Angel Island and Free Wood

A few months ago, I wrote about my return to the survival MMO "Rust," and how it's changed from when me and my Second Like friends last played it a couple years ago. Since then, we've been building, trying to avoid the bears and helicopter, dealing with the "PvP kiddies," and dusting ourselves off and rebuilding after "world killer" updates. A couple of us, including yours truly, also took a look at public servers, which had a different set of dangers than private ones.

Read the story in Other Grids, MMOs, and Games.

Some Events This Weekend

There were a number of events that took place across Second Life this weekend. The big event was the Fantasy Faire. Besides exploring and shopping around in it's fourteen sims, people also gathered for various other events, such as music concerts and readings, and a birthday party. Among the other events that took place were an award ceremony to honor several individuals of the Sunweaver community, there was a wedding of friend of the Newser Breezes Babi, Perri Prinz made a surprise return to DJing, and the monthly benefit at Veterans Isle took place.

Announcement: Registration Open for Raglan Shire's "ArtWalk 2016"

Registration is now open for one of the best-known annual art shows in Second Life, and the best known annual event in the noted Tiny community of Raglan Shire: ArtWalk 2016.

Residents of Second Life may show their artwork during this time.  Reproductions of RL artwork (painting, drawing, digital fine art, printmaking that can be imported and put on a prim) are encouraged, along with SL photography, manipulated photography and sculpture.(Full information - click Deadlines, Info, Requirements link below.)
Each year we have had over 100 artist participants exhibiting in spaces over several sims. This year, the 11th ArtWalk, we hope for a good turnout and will include space in the newly renovated Raglan Shire, in Heron Shire forest, and in other sims in the cluster if needed. The 2D artwork will be displayed along hedgerows around Raglan Shire, and sculpture in designated areas of the forest on Heron Shire.

Those interested can click on the following links:

Registration Form

Information and Requirements

Hat Tip: Daniel Voyager

SL Video: "The Drax Files: World Makers - Episode 37: Non Profit Commons"

(Click here if the video fails to play)

The latest episode of the "Drax Files," featuring Nonprofit Commons, "The barrier to entry in Second Life is very low and for people in the non-profit sector who want to reach a global audience we can make it even simpler!" says Rhiannon Chatnoir aka Joyce Bettencourt in RL, community manager at Nonprofit Commons.

"Over 60 international non-profit organizations with causes ranging from environmental awareness to LGBTQ activism, AIDS education and Parkinson's support, groups that fight to end homelessness or promote emotional healing with the help of horses, are gathered in the virtual world of Second Life to do everything from training to fundraising.

"For over 10 years this global community has been successfully showcasing the powerful force of SL to facilitate social good: at NPC in SL office space is given away free, agency over identity through avatars is a powerful facilitator and ideas for outreach and networking can easily be implemented in the digital realm before committing to them in physical reality.

"Joyce adds that despite lack of media coverage 'virtual worlds are very much alive because they let people connect and feel immersed in a way that is not available anywhere else, even with current virtual reality technologies. VR at this point is very solitary and frankly not very sophisticated in terms of empowering regular people on a small budget!'

"Susan Tenby, founder of NPC in SL and Director of Social Community & Strategic Partnerships at Caravan Studios,, which sponsors NPC, agrees: 'We have an ongoing community and that is key: technology in and of itself is not the answer and the reason why Second Life is so successful is because it brings people together. It just works!'"

For more information on Nonprofit Commons go to

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Cartoon of the Day: Trump Supporter in the Sanders HQ

Taken at the Sanders HQ, a Trump supporter struts around with his candidate's sign. Maybe he thought this would shock people. But when I tried talking to him, his attempts at banter were nowhere near this witty.

Politics can sometimes really stink.

By Bixyl Shuftan

"Fox Avatar Challenge" Results

And the totals for the kiosks of Team Sunbeamers' "Fox Avatar Challenge" are in. Three avatars got almost all the cash. The default, or "Stay a Lusk," received 2716 Lindens. The skunk avatar had 1810 Lindens donated to it. And the wiener, er, winner, is the Tokushi mesh tiny fox avatar. With a total of 7676 Lindens raised, looks like yours truly will be having a higher pitched voice than normal for eight days.

And no, that rumor of me being PrettyKitty Gumbo's hairpiece after her "Bid Me Bald" next Wednesday isn't true.

Stay tuned for more events from Team Sunbeamers.


SL Video: "Bryn Oh's Immersiva Sim - Singularity of Kumiko"

(Click here if the video fails to load)

By Krysta Ember on April 9, a look at noted Second Life artist Bryn Oh's "Singularity of Kumiko" exhibit.

Saturday, April 23, 2016

"Furry Tower" at Luskwood

From March 1, 2008. It used to be in Second Life that avatars could "stack" on top of one another. And at Luskwood on occasion we'd try making a "furry tower." This one was eleven avatars high. I've heard stories of towers as high as two dozen people high before someone crashed or had to leave. But eventually the physics of Second Life were modified so avatars could no longer stack on one another so easily, and the "furry tower" activities became a whimsical memory of Luskwood's past.

SL Video: "Bo Carter Plays 'Purple Rain'"

(Click here if the video fails to play)

From March 2012, filmed by musician Bo Carter as he played "Purple Rain," one of the more well known songs by singer Prince, whom passed away this week.

Friday, April 22, 2016

Bernie Sanders' Second Life Headquarters

In recent weeks, interest in politics in Second Life has heated up with the "Trump Manor" getting attention. Less flashy, but still there and getting results in the form of donations was the "Bernie Sanders Second Life Headquarters." Owned by Macaria Wind, the location can be found in the Caspoli sim. Second Life Newser took a look at the location, and interviewed the owner. Since first hearing about the place, there have been a few changes.

Read the story in Places.

Theater on the Hill

Gemma Cleanslate recently traveled to a place of which it's events are sometimes written about, but it was time to write on the location itself: Theater on the Hill. Taking up two sims, Pure Luxury and Theater Stage, as a theater and location for events, it is expertly contsructed and very much suited for it's task. But there's more to the area than the theater. Outside the building, there are a number of paths to walk around. Plus there's an art museum, and a shop where a lady can get a dress.

Read Gemma's article in Design.

Two More Days For the Fox Avatar Challenge

Today and tomorrow are the last days for the "Fox Avatar Challenge," the Relay For Life's Team Sunbeamer's answer to the "Bid Me Bald" events by other teams, Such as the Relay Rockers, and your chance to make your favorite "Fox Reporter" into another fox avatar for a certain amount of time, depending on how much gets donated (5000 Linden dollars for one week, and each additional 2000 Lindens getting another day), and which choice of avatar the winning kiosk is.

The kiosks are in the lobby of Club Cutlass, at Sunweaver Bay (114/122/157).

Fantasy Faire Opens

Yesterday was the first day of the Relay for Life spinoff event, the 2016 Fantasy Faire. This event promises much to see and do, shopping for items of which proceeds from go to charity, events such as music concerts, and well-designed exhibits and builds.

Among the events at the Faire is "Litfest," at the Pavilion in Otherworld, (article by Inara Pey).

There are fourteen sims to go about, so there's a lot of territory to cover. And it's not just flat land. Like any good Fantasy story, expect to travel across land, sea, and air. If you can't get there right away, check out a few pictures on the Fantasy Faire Flickr page.

(Click here if the video fails to play)

The Fantasy Faire lasts until May 1. The sims should be up for a few more days afterwards, but once they're gone, all that will be left are memories, videos, and screenshots.

Image Credit: Wildstar Beaumont  

Reaction to Nydia's Tragedy

After the announcement of the passing of Nydia Tungsten's mother on Tuesday Night, friends from around Second Life have given her messages of condolences on her Facebook account. Among her Angels group in Second Life was this announcement by Ranchan Weidman:

I have been asked to pass this along to all Angels. Nydia's mother has passed on.  She expresses her love of all the angels, and cherishes every one she has met.  

In this time of full mourning, please remember to keep Nydia and her real life family in your thoughts and prayers.

We are here for you Nydia. 

Next to Nydia's home, Mouse Hold Manor Sora Anubis Kraditzio Shizuka (jamestkirk2323) and Umbra75 Bigbear erected a cross for the mother of their friend and her real-life family. Several people left candles and flowers at the base. The memorial is at Sunlight Bay (230/51/24).

Nydia's problems have only grown recently when her mother's funeral insurance suddenly told she and her family they would not be paying for the actual burial, threatening an expense they can barely afford. With this latest development, talk about how to send flowers has turned into how they can help their valued friend and neighbor.

Bixyl Shuftan

Announcement: The Science Circle - “Measuring the Universe With Machine Learning Methods”

By Giuseppe Longo – Giulon Ragu

10 AM SL Time
Modern digital sky surveys produce terabytes of high quality data which can be used to achieve a panchromatic view of the Universe of unprecedented depth and complexity.

Hundreds of millions of galaxies are observed and the parameters describing their morphological and spectral properties are stored in large databases which are often accessible to the astronomical community at large.

One of the key issues to pursue the scientific goals of these surveys is to estimate with accuracy the distance (or the redshift) of these galaxies: a fact which cannot be done using traditional spectroscopic techniques but requires advanced methods capable to estimate the redshifts using photometric data alone.

A difficult task which can be achieved only exploiting the possibilities offered by the modern computer infrastructures and methods derived from the machine learning methodology.

The talk will outline the main problem of evaluating galaxy distances and will focus on the most modern methods used to derive the so called “photometric redshifts”.

The Science Circle (139/206/95)

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Sunny Award

RECoyote Mindes has become quite the hero in the Sunweaver community in recent days. Besides helping the Sunweaver and Angel sims by paying the fee to Linden Lab to lower their teirs, and therefore lower rents, he's helped two members by getting them computers and high-end tablets designed for artistry. One of them, the Newser's Becky Shamen, felt that a simple felt that a simple thank you was inadequate. Her idea to acknowledge REC's contributions: the Sunny Award.

Read Becky's story in People.

Peace Valley Pet Cemetery

Deaflegacy Darkbloom recently stopped by the Peace Valley Pet Cemetery. A place for residents to set up memorials for their pets in real life which have passed away, Deaflegacy was impressed with how well the place was well done, from the placement of the trees to the church setting.

Read Deaflegacy's article in Extra.

Press Release: Relaystock 2016



MAY 21 - 22, 2015

ONLINE Registration:
Its a weekend of Peace Love and Hope, Great Music and yes, lots of MUD!

The Relay Rockers invite everyone to join them on May 21 & 22nd at Relay dAlliez, for our 3rd Annual multi-team Relay For Life of Second Life event RelayStock 2016.

The event will feature live performers and great DJs,  'Team Tents and Party Vans' and other events all built around a 60s style festival stage.  Teams are invited to bring Kiosks and Vendors, host 2 hour DJ segments on the stage and participate in one the most popular events of each relay year. The Rockers anticipate room for about 60 teams this season, so don't wait to reserve a spot!

Relay Rockers team captain Trader Whiplash said "Since 2014 RelayStock has been a huge hit as a multi-team event!more than 50 teams each year have participated in RelayStock."  The original RelayStock event raised more than L$ 1.5 million and more than 50 teams participated and in 2015 both teams and fundraising increased.  "You bring the kiosks and vendors, we'll bring the sim and the mud and we will all bring the party!!" added Trader.

The event will once again be held at Relay dAlliez.  Relay dAlliez is dedicated to the memory of Alliez Mysterio, who with Nuala Maracas and Trader Whiplash,  helped found the Relay Rockers team in 2005. Alliez was lost to breast cancer in 2013.  The sim was first made available in 2014 to any team to hold Relay For Life events. There are still several prime weekend dates open.  Team representatives can visit the Relay dAlliez InfoHub for more information and to submit a reservation request.

RelayStock Reservations: 

Teams may reserve the stage for their own DJs during the following times


Saturday May 23

TEAM STAGE 2 Hr. SLOTS (Team Kiosks)
8am to 4pm


    Saturday BYOK Fever  featuring:
5pm - 7pm - Madelyn Majestic -  T1Radio
7pm - 9pm  - Fuzzball Ortega -  T1Radio

Sunday  May 24
TEAM STAGE 2 Hr. SLOTS (Team Kiosks)
8am to 3pm


5pm - 8pm  T1Radio's TIme Machine the 60s - Trader Whiplash

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Political Feud Between New Trump and Sanders HQs

While writing my long-delayed article on the Bernie Sanders HQ, I decided to drop in on the place. It seems not only has the place expanded and moved to another spot on the sim, but it has a new neighbor: Trump supporters.

With Trump's call for a wall across the US-Mexico border, it seems a few of his supporters have bought some land next to the Bernie Sanders area in Caspoli, and constructed a wall standing 180m from sea level, with barbed wire on top and fireworks exploding around. The Trump side shows one large American flag painted onto the concrete. The side toward the Sanders HQ shows both US flags, Trump campaign signs, and a picture of Donald Trump pointing over the wall. A word balloon over the image taunts Macaria Wind, the owner of the Sanders HQ, saying hundreds got to the Trump HQ by clicking on the wall, "We have twenty times more traffic! I keep winning! You can't stump the Trump!"

The owner of the wall, whom is listed as different from it's creator, had this in her profile: "I do not endorse any political candidate in this jank arse election. I just help friends that do." One of the neighbors in the Sporminore sim to the south reacted by erecting a picture of some creature, labeled "Trump."

Longtime users of Second Life might recall "The War of the Jessie Wall" (New World Notes), which happened very early in Second Life's history and what Hamlet Au described as "what happens when cultures clash and territories are disputed; when people misinterpret rules, or misapply them. It's about political debate, and what we believe to be political at all, depending on where we're from, and what assumptions we take with us, when we come here. And because you often learn the most about yourself when you come into conflict with others, it's also about the Second Life community's first challenge to define themselves." While there were no signs of shooting, it seems the verbal debate is being expanded into a virtually physical one, at least with walls.

The new and expanded Sanders HQ is at Caspoli (45/37/46). Turning around, you should be able to see the wall some distance away from there.

Bixyl Shuftan


Grey Lupindo is back. After a hiatus to deal with some matters in real life, she's back to writing about the places in Second Life. Her first location to write about is Casablanca. Set in the Nantucket Island sim by Sommer Shepherd, the place is depiction of the French Moroccon town in the classic 1942 movie of the same name, set a year earlier when the US had not yet entered the war and an American was running an upscale bar and gambling den. Grey Lupindo took a look around at this virtual replica of the setting of Bogart's best known film. Even if one isn't familiar with the movie, the place still has much to offer.

Read Grey's article in Places.

Updating the Crew Page

We've been so busy writing about Second Life, well, it took the return of one of our founding writers to update our Crew Page. Besides Grey Lupindo out of the hiatus list, Deaflegacy Darkbloom now has her (overdue) entry among the staff.

Sad News About Nydia Tungsten

Nydia Tungsten has made a name for herself in the Sunweaver community over the past several years. Part wild child, part wise woman, one wasn't always sure which side they'd run into, or a little bit of both. Her mixture of naughtiness, wisdom, humor, and a willingness to always listen to one's friends in their moments of need, has long earned the "little white vixen" a place in the hearts of many. Because of her name and steadfastness, she's sometimes been called the "Steel Vixen."

But even the strongest of steel bends when the weight is just too much.

In recent months, her mother has been in poor health, and recently it has taken a turn for the worst. Days ago, the doctors sent her home so she could face the end with family. She was not expected to survive much longer. Circumstances that have left Nydia in tears. To complicate matters, her pets knocked her computer off her table, breaking it. She has been keeping in touch with friends via Facebook, email, and g-chat though an old laptop that simply can't handle Second Life.

Finally on Tuesday night, her mother passed away, leaving the family in mourning.

Between these events, she has told her friends that she does not know when she will be back.

The Sunweavers, and the Newser, wish Nydia all the luck and strength in these most trying of times.

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Events This Week at the Sunweaver Clubs

It's a week full of events at the Sunweaver clubs. At club Cutlass, things get "excting" and "energetic" as they hold their "Best in E." Then it's with the suits and gowns with the "Formal Night," and the club ends the week on a sci-fi note with "Spaced Out." At the Happy Vixen, they "hop to it" with "Bunnies," followed by a little "cat and mouse" with "Predator and Prey," and finally they "sing the blues" with "Best in Blue."

Get the schedule in SL Clubbin'.

Updated 10AM SL time.

Announcement: Caledonian Nights Presents The Medieval Dance

We will be making a road trip to the Hungry Dog Tavern In Absinthe, Winterfell. There we will have a themed Medieval dance. So pull out that long hair and dust off those dresses. or come as you are.

The Hungry Dog Tavern.12 Autumnset Street, Winterfell Absinthe (32, 142, 23)

SL Newser Editor in Sci-Fi Serial "Spectral Shadows"

For some time now, Perri Prinz, my friend and neighbor of the SL Newser office in HV Community, has been given me a cameo appearance in her "Spectral Shadows" sci-fi serieal novel. In one of the more recent chapters, The character named after and based on me, gets quite a surprise from one lady. Who is she and what does she want with the fox reporter? Check in the chapter to find out.

As it turns out, Spectral Shadows may soon be on hiatus. Perri has several more chapters finished or close to being so. But lately it has become quite tiring to write certain scenes. She posted recently on Facebook, "Sadly things are not getting any better for me as far as my ability to continue writing is concerned. It is still taking me far to long to get into a state where I can work with the story ... Hopefully at some point I will regain my health ..."

Perri did put up a Pateron site to help support her site, but so far it's only gotten a little support. In real life, Perri has been under no shortage of pressure on several matters, and feedback from readers, even if it's a simple, "I like your work" matters a lot.

Hopefully things will be improving for her soon and her work continues.

Art by "Tigers Kitten"

Monday, April 18, 2016

SL13B Now Open to Applications

For those interested in performing on stage at the Second Life Thirteenth Birthday event, or having an exhibition there, or speaking at the auditorium, or being one of the volunteers helping out, good news. The applications for performers, exhibitors, auditorium presenters, and volunteers are now open on the SL13B site.

Application for exhibitors and volunteers will remain open until May 13, and those for auditorium presenters and performers will be open a week longer to May 20. Exhibitors will begin to receive notifications sometime between May 23 and May 25, with May 25 also being the day the sims are open to exhibitors. Performers will be notified of their schedules on June 10. And the Opening Day of the SL13B is scheduled for Sunday June 19.

The Newser itself has enjoyed the privilege of having an exhibit at Second Life Birthday events since 2011 (it was formed in June 2010, after applications were closed). Quark Allen built the exhibits from 2011 to 2014, and the 2015 exhibit was constructed by Ranchan Weidman.

Hat Tip: Daniel Voyager

Scenes From Yuri's Night 2016

Last week on Tuesday April 12, the "Yuri's Night" in Second Life took place. This celebration of the anniversary of the first manned launch into space was attended by a number of avatars, and was held at two locations: Spaceport Bravo and the Sagan Planetarium. Second Life Newser was there, and took a few pictures of  the "World Space Party" in the virtual world.

See the pictures in Events.

Events This Weekend

This weekend had a number of happens. There were the weekly Giant Snail Races. There were a number of Relay for Life events, such as the last events of the "Family Fun Fair," including the talent show (picture above). There was also the monthly talk at the Aether Salon, this month's given by Klaus Wulfenbach on earthquakes. There was the unveiling of an exhibit of poetry and artwork at the Itaca Art Gallery.

We'll get to explaining more about these when we have time.

Press Release: Once Upon A Song

Sign up to be a Contestant on Sing for a Cure (use your SL name)
Dates are May 3, May 10, May 17, May 24 & May 30, at 4:00 PM SLT
Finals will be held on June 25 with the two winners from each Tuesday night (fundraiser & popular vote).

* * * * *

We will be holding Sing for a Cure competition every Tuesday in May.. the winners from those will go on to Finals on June 25th. Plan to meet with Jay Sparrowtree prior to your time on stage to work on your voice quality. We will be using skype or your stream for the event. There will be two winners.. Popular vote and the Fund Raiser winner... Winners will be given bragging rights and a nice trophy (Sponsor Donation would also be appreciated). Professional singers and amateurs can compete side by side. See if you can make the leap. You can sign up for more then one Tuesday time permitting. Five minutes will be allotted for each contestant our time is from 4PM to 6 PM with breaks for the announcer and PSA's for relay. We hope to get many contestants. The event will be on the Whip Radio sim and at the Castle Contest Event Sim the final will be at the GTS sim during GorFest This will be open to all of SL so please dress accordingly.