Saturday, April 2, 2016

SL Video: "Garrett Wang Visits SecondLife (Ensign Harry Kim)"

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From CrowleyCorp, best known for his inworld ship battle game "Hull Breach." At the Second Life Science-Fiction Convention, he was on the scene of an inworld conference with actor Garret Wang, best known for his role as Ensign Harry Kim, "Steve Atlanta landed Garrett Wang, actor who played Ensign Harry Kim on Star Trek Voyager, for the 2016 SecondLife Sci-fi Convention for a Q&A session. He was incredibly nice and funny and spent a total of 4 hours of his Easter Sunday fielding questions from adoring fans at the SecondLife Sci-fi Convention 2016. I was lucky enough to be there and video a lot of the session! This video is part 1 though I missed the first 4 minutes."

During the open interview, in real life, his daughter and the family dog were "jockeying for position" on his lap, which on occasion provided for a few chuckles. While he had been in a number of conventions, this was his first one in a virtual world. "I always joke Kim is the love child of Uhura and Data" Wang joked about Kim's position of Ops, "I felt like the night manager of 7-11, keeping track of different departments." When asked if he could be any Trek race, Wang answered a Klingon.

Kim had never been promoted during the running of "Voyager." When he asked the writers why, the response was essentially, "Someone's got to be the ensign." While his character did get a promotion in "Star Trek Online," he reminded as an MMO, it wasn't really cannon. "Kim not being promoted is a joke … when you look at how other characters are promoted."

Of the Star Trek Online game, he'd been told they were trying to get in touch with him earlier. When asked about it's Delta Quadrant storyline, he told that he enjoyed doing it and would do further work if asked. He stated some bugs in the game early on had been worked out.

Despite his character being passed over for promotion, and a few other issues such as the show's executive producer only showing up on the set twice during the seven years of production and how the writers made his and other human characters a bit "wooden" in the first season, he considered himself fortunate to have been a part of the sci-fi TV series, the other actors being easy to work with, professional and fun. He had met many of the actors of the original series of "Star Trek," enjoying his encounters with most of them such as Leonard Nimoy, but felt William Shatner blew him off, "I am a fan of Captain Kirk, but I am not a fan of William Shatner."

He was also invited to take a tour of the ship of one of Second Life's Star Trek roleplays.

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